How To Dispose Of Old Watches

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If you own a watch that is already dead and is of no use to you then you must be willing to get rid of it. However, before throwing it out you must properly check it because there must be some life left to it. Even if the watch is completely dead you have better options than throwing the watch away in the garbage.

In this article, I shall share with you some ways through which you can better dispose of your old watches. So let’s get started, shall we?

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How To Dispose Of Old Watches

Apart from throwing away your old watch in the bin and make it a complete waste, you can rather make good use of it and donate it to charity. Also, you can be creative and recycle it, or simply repair it and use it for some more time.

Let’s discuss some better alternatives you have than throwing your watch away in more detail.

donate your watch

The first and best way to get rid of your watches is to donate them to charity. Some nonprofit organizations accept old watches, they repair them and sell the watches for some money. The amount raised from selling the old watches is used for better causes.

By donating your watch you’re not just saving your favorite old watch from going into the bin but also making it useful for someone. Also, if you don’t find any charity around you then you can find a watchmaker who can use the working parts of your watch in some other old watches. By doing so you are doing a noble job of keeping veteran watches alive whose parts are not easily found.

2. Recycle It

If your watch is not working anymore and you don’t feel like throwing it away because you have lots of good memories with it then you can recycle the watch and use it in any other way. You can be creative with it and use your watch as a picture frame, bookmark, or do any other craft with the watch. Also, if you have a gold watch you can take it to a jeweler and turn it into a piece of jewelry.

There are endless ways in which you can recycle your old watch and make it useable again so that you don’t have to throw it away. If you are not very creative, you can take the help of this video for some watch recycling ideas.

3. Contact The Watch Manufacturer

Some eco-friendly watch brands allow their customers to return their watches once it is of no use to them. These manufacturers use some working parts of the watch in making new watches. Also if the watch is properly maintained and is in better condition then they may also refurbish it and sell it at a discounted price.

Even if the watch is completely dead the manufacturer would dispose it by following the right protocols which are good for the environment. So before throwing away your watch you must check with your watch manufacturer, whether they accept old watches or not.

You would be glad to know that Apple is one such manufacturer that allows you to give your watch back to them when it is out of life. If your watch is in good condition you will be given a credit for your next purchase. Even if your watch is not in a good condition Apple will recycle your watch for free. So, overall it’s the best way to get rid of your old watch because you don’t have to do anything, the manufacturer will do everything on your behalf and you may earn some credit in exchange.

4. Repair And Reuse Your Watch

repair the watch

Most of the time the watch which is no more working is not fully dead and with a small repair, it can be brought back to life. People generally consider a watch dead if it stops ticking but it may be due to a faulty or discharged battery and after charging the battery the watch will work smoothly again. You can even change the old strap of the watch and replace it with a new one that gives the old watch a new look. Once the watch is repaired you can reuse it and never have to throw it away.

5. Sell Your Watch At Lower Price To Less Privileged

Everyone dreams of wearing a classic luxury watch on their wrist but not everyone can afford it. So if you are generous enough you could repair your old watch which you were about to throw away and sell it at a low price to someone who always wanted to buy one but could not due to their poor economical condition. You can even sell your watch at online shopping platforms like eBay which help you donate the money made by selling the watch to a charity.

6. Properly Disposing Of Your Watch

dispose your watch

If your watch is beyond repair and recycling and you have no other option than to throw it away then it’s better you dispose it. But you need to be very careful while throwing away your watch or any other electronic device that has batteries in it because disposing of batteries carelessly can cause environmental hazards. You need to look out for centers in your city that disposes of batteries. You can also call the electronic recycle management of your city and you may get a free pickup service from them.

Benefits Of Donating And Recycling A Watch!

There are lots of benefits when you’re recycling a watch or donating it. Most importantly you are not throwing away your old watch in the trash. Secondly, you are making your home clutter-free because you are getting rid of the old junk from your home. By donating your watch you are also supporting a charity and encouraging them to do good work for society.

Also, when you give your old watch to a watchmaker you are helping in keeping vintage watches intact in the world that is dominated by smartwatches. And not to forget when you recycle your old watch you are saving the environment. So overall, there are unlimited number of benefits when you recycle or donate your watch.


What Can I Do With Old Watches That Don't Work?

There's a lot you can do, you can recycle it or donate it to charity. You can even reuse it by repairing the watch.

Does Anyone Take Old Watches?

Yes some charities take old watches. If your watch is in working condition you can also trade it with a watch enthusiast.

Are Old Watches Worth Anything?

It depends on the watch itself, if it's vintage or antique watch in good condition then it's definitely worth a lot.

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