Do Garmin Watches Have ECG? Which One Should You Consider?

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Are you looking for a Garmin smartwatch that can measure ECG? Do you want to know which Garmin watch has ECG?

If you want to buy a new smartwatch with ECG feature and prefer Garmin watches then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will tell you whether Garmin watches can measure ECG or not. Not only this but I will also tell you which are the best watches that come with ECG feature.

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Do Garmin Watches Have ECG?

Do Garmin Watches Have ECG

Smartwatches these days are coming with a host of health tracking features. From tracking your heart rate 24*7 to measuring how well your body is using oxygen during exercise, smartwatches can do it all.

However, if you want to keep track of your heart’s health or are suffering from a heart-related illness then the feature that you must be looking for is ECG tracking.

Garmin is one of the best health and fitness tracking smartwatch brands that people love around the world. If you are one of them then you must be wondering: Do any Garmin watches have ECG measuring capabilities?

Sadly, no Garmin smartwatch or fitness tracker can measure ECG as of now. Even the latest Garmin Fenix 7 series and the Garmin Venu 2 Plus do not have ECG. Therefore, if you need to have the ECG feature on your smartwatch then you will have to look for any other smartwatch brand.

Why Garmin Smartwatches Do Not Have ECG Feature Yet?

As I said, Garmin is well known for health and fitness tracking around the world. So the next question that you must be wondering about is: Why do Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers can’t measure ECG?

Well, Garmin is working to put ECG capabilities on its smartwatches. But there are mainly 2 reasons, according to me, due to which we haven’t seen any Garmin with ECG. those are as follows:

  • Weak Demand: Garmin is mainly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. And for them, measuring ECG is not as important as for someone who is suffering from heart disease. The percentage of people actually needing ECG is very small compared to people that do not need ECG. Therefore, Garmin may not be putting as much effort to put ECG into its watches as it should.
  • FDA Approval: Launching a smartwatch with ECG monitoring needs FDA approval. Until and unless the smartwatch or fitness tracker is approved by FDA, it cannot be launched with ECG monitoring. Apparently, Garmin has not got FDA approval to put the ECG feature on its smartwatches and fitness trackers.

So these are the two reasons, according to me, because of why Garmin has not launched any watch with ECG measuring capabilities yet.

Will Garmin Watches Measure ECG In Near Future?

Yes, Garmin will launch ECG monitoring watches very soon. Garmin has been working on its proprietary technology of measuring ECG with a single lead. According to rumors, Garmin has also filed for the patent of its proprietary ECG measuring technology. In fact, if rumors were to be true then Garmin would have launched the ECG feature on its Fenix 7 series and the newly launched Venu 2 Plus. But apparently, Garmin did not get FDA approval at the time of launching these smartwatches.

Therefore, you can very well see a Garmin smartwatch with ECG feature in the near future. If you only want a Garmin watch then you can wait for the Garmin smartwatch with ECG. However, there has been no update from the brand yet as to when they will be launching a watch with ECG. It can be a few months or can be a few years.

Which Watch Is Best For ECG?

Now that you know there is still uncertainty as to when we will be able to see a Garmin with the ECG feature. So the question that arises is: What to do now if you need to have a smartwatch that can measure your ECG whenever you want?

Do not worry, I will tell you two of the best smartwatches that can measure your ECG, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Apple Watch Series 8. If you want then you can also look at my list of best smartwatches that can take your ECG.

Before you go, let me tell you in brief about Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch Series 8, so that you can know what they are offering.

1) Apple Watch Series 8

Which Watch Is Best For ECG

Apple Watches Series 8 is the latest smartwatch by Apple and is considered to be one of the best smartwatches with ECG. It allows you to take ECG whenever you like. It cannot be used as a medical device, but if you have any heart disease then it will be nice to keep an eye on your heart health. And many people around the world have reported that their Apple Watch was able to notify them in advance of any possible heart attack, which turned out to be a lifesaver for them.

Other than ECG, Apple Watch Series 8 can also keep track of the following health parameters:

  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • High and low heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Temperature, and much more.

Moreover, this smartwatch has fall detection as well as crash detection features. These really come in handy if you are old or planning to gift a watch to your grandparents. Other than your health, Watch Series 8 can also track your workout sessions. As a result, you can keep track of health as well as fitness.

If you like to do adventure trips then also you are going to like this watch. As it has passed the military standard test and comes with a 50M water resistant and IP6X dust resistant rating. The watch also features an always-on display and has a peak brightness of 1000 nits. As a result, you will be able to read everything clearly even under bright sunlight.

If you like shopping then your shopping experience is going to be fun as this smartwatch supports NFC payments. Therefore you can make payments on the go from your wrist. Moreover, this smartwatch supports fast charging, which kind of compensates for its 1-day battery life. You will have to charge it frequently but it gets charged quickly.

Overall Apple Watch Series 8 boasts every feature that one can ask for. And if you own an iPhone then this is the best ECG smartwatch for you. However, if you have an Android, then this is not the watch for you as it does not pair with Android devices.

The Good
  • 24*7 heart rate monitoring
  • Irregular, low, and high heart rate tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • NFC payment support
  • Fast charging
The Bad
  • Does not pair with Android smartphones
  • Lasts for only a day on a single charge

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2) Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

As I said, if you own an Android then Apple Watch Series 8 is not for you, for you, I have Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Like Watch Series 8, Galaxy Watch 5 is the latest smartwatch by Samsung. It comes with a host of health tracking features and ECG monitoring is one of them.

You can use Galaxy Watch 5 to spot-check your ECG anytime you want. Other than ECG, it has the following health features:

  • Blood pressure monitoring, which not many smartwatches in the world can measure
  • Sleep tracking
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Body fat percentage measurement
  • BMI, and whatnot.

Moreover, when it comes to fitness tracking, the Galaxy Watch sports modes list contains more than 90 workout modes. As a result, you can track whichever sports you play. Its inbuilt GPS even lets you track your outdoor running and cycling sessions.

You can enjoy your workout sessions by listening to your fav songs as this watch supports Spotify. This smartwatch has a built-in speaker, as a result, you can either listen to music by connecting Bluetooth headphones to it or you can listen to them directly from the watch’s speaker. You get an inbuilt microphone in this watch, which lets you make and answer calls from the watch itself.

Galaxy Watch 5 is also one of the fewest smartwatches that come with sapphire crystal. This makes it very strong, and even if you bump hard into the corners of your table or bed, this watch is not gonna break. You can check out other smartwatches that feature a sapphire crystal here.

Overall, like Apple Watch Series 8, Galaxy Watch 5 comes loaded with health and fitness features. If you own an Android device and are looking for an ECG monitoring smartwatch then this is the best watch for you.

The Good
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Sleep and heart rate monitor
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 90+ workout modes
  • Supports Spotify
The Bad
  • Not compatible with iPhones
  • Battery life does not even last for 2 days

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Which Garmin Watch Has An ECG?

No Garmin watch has ECG as of now.

Do Garmin Watches Record ECG?

No, Garmin smartwatches can record ECG.

Can Garmin Fenix Do ECG?

No, even the latest Garmin Fenix 7 series cannot measure ECG.

Does The Garmin Venu 2 Plus Have ECG?

No, Garmin Venu 2 Plus does not have ECG.

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