Do Rolex Watches Tick? Yes And No

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When you are looking to distinguish between a real or fake Rolex watch the first word of advice you get is to hear for the ticking sound. This is because it’s believed that a Rolex watch doesn’t tick. But is it a myth or a truth? Let’s find out!

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Do Rolex Tick?

do rolex tick

Yes, Rolex watches do tick, it’s just that they tick so fast that they don’t seem to be ticking. How is that possible? You may ask! Well, a Rolex watch ticks approx 8 times per second which creates an illusion of gliding instead of ticking. Whereas a regular quartz watch ticks one time per second which makes the tick more noticeable.

So the next time whenever someone says that a Rolex does not tick you have a valid response to tackle them.

Do Real Rolex Watches Make A Ticking Sound?

A real Rolex watch does not make a ticking sound, well even if it does, it’s not audible to human beings with normal hearing abilities. The ticking sound in a regular watch is produced by the moving gears inside the watch. However, in a Rolex, the movements of the gears are so well crafted or synchronized that watch hands sweep silently and smoothly without making any noise.

If you hear a ticking sound coming from a Rolex, most probably it’s a fake Rolex watch that is powered by a quartz movement instead of mechanical movement. Some fake Rolex watches also have a mechanical movement but the tick is still audible due to the poor craftsmanship.

Is There Any Rolex That Tick?

You will be surprised to know that there was a time when Rolex used to produce quartz watches which used to tick just like a regular watch. These watches were produced under the Oysterquartz series which were produced between 1977 to 2003.

Rolex ticking watch


Rolex watch from the Oysterquartz series used to tick like any regular quartz watch. Also, you can hear a ticking sound from these Rolex watches. So be careful, not all Rolex watches that tick is fake.

How Long Does It Take For A Rolex To Stop Ticking?

As you know a Rolex watch be it Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, Submariner, or any other watch is mostly a mechanical movement watch. Hence they cannot be ticking always like a solar or a battery-powered watch.  A mechanical watch if not winded regularly will stop ticking in 24 to 48 hours. Some Rolex watches may keep ticking up to 72 hours without winding but after that, they will stop ticking.

How Do I Keep My Rolex Ticking?

If you are having an automatic watch then it will wind itself when you have worn it on your wrist. However, the time you take it off the wrist it starts unwinding, and slowly it stops working after you have not worn it for a few days.  In the case of manual winding watches, you have to keep winding the watch at regular intervals to keep your Rolex ticking.

If you have multiple collections of Rolex watches which you wear periodically then you should invest in a watch winder box. These boxes have motors inside which keep rotating the watch so that they are always winded and ticking.

Do Rolex Watches Tick Or Sweep? Conclusion

A Rolex watch ticks very fast at the rate of 8 ticks/sec and hence creates an illusion that the second hand is sweeping or gliding instead of ticking. Also due to the smooth working of the Rolex movement, there is no ticking sound which makes the illusion seem ultra-realistic. And hence people tend to believe that Rolex watches don’t tick, but now you know the reality.

If you love the ticking sound of the watch and want to get a Rolex watch that ticks then you can get a Rolex Oysterquartz series watch. These watches were discontinued almost 20 years ago so they are very rare. However, if you try you can find them online.


Do Rolex Hands Sweep Or Tick?

They tick but seem like sweeping because they tick at a very fast rate.

How Can You Tell If A Rolex Is Real Or Fake?

If you notice the Rolex watch is ticking or hear the ticking sound then most probably it's a fake.

Why Does A Rolex Stop Ticking?

A Rolex watch stops ticking when it completely unwinds. If you have winded the watch and it is still not ticking then it may be due to a loose string or a broken gear inside the watch.

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