Does Amazon Sell Fake Watches?

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Are you planning to buy a brand new watch from Amazon? But are wondering whether you will get an authentic watch or not?

Do not worry! In this article, I am going to tell you whether Amazon sells fake watches from the brands like Tissot, Rolex, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Invicta, Fossil, Citizen, G-Shock, Bulova, etc, or not. Not only this, but I will also tell you why watches are cheaper on Amazon and how can you spot a fake watch.

So keep reading!

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Does Amazon Sell Fake Watches?

Does Amazon Sell Fake Watches

Amazon has crossed over a trillion-dollar valuation mark. Now just imagine and answer this question. Will a behemoth like Amazon jeopardize its reputation by selling fake products like watches which generally cost a few thousand dollars?

No, Amazon does not sell fake watches. In fact, Amazon takes the selling of counterfeit products on its platform very seriously and has some very stringent anti-counterfeiting policies in place.

However, there are some loopholes.

Are Watches Sold On Amazon Authentic?

So Amazon makes sure from its end that fake products are not sold on its platform. But does it mean that all the watches sold on its platform from the brands like Rolex, Tissot, Apple, Citizen, Fossil, Seiko, Tag Heuer, etc. are real?

Sadly, this is not true and there are some loopholes. To understand the loopholes, we will have to understand the working of Amazon a little bit.

There are basically 3 options available for buying products on Amazon:

Why Are Watches On Amazon Cheaper

1) You can buy products from third-party sellers that do the fulfillment themselves
2) Buy products from third-party sellers for whom the fulfillment is done by Amazon
3) You can also buy products that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon itself

So if you buy products that are fulfilled by Amazon, then the chances of fake watches or products getting sold are almost negligible. Because Amazon has control over the products and it can check the watches before shipping them.

But if you buy products that are fulfilled by a third-party seller, then there is a very small amount of chance that the seller can ship a product that is not original. So there is a slight possibility that a very small fraction of watches sold on Amazon are not authentic, irrespective of the brand.

What To Look For When Buying A Watch From Amazon?

Now that you know that a very small fraction of watches sold on Amazon can be fake, so the question that arises is what all things that you need to look for when buying a watch from Amazon?

1) Fulfillment Options

The first and foremost thing that you need to look for is the fulfillment options. Try to buy the watches that are fulfilled by Amazon.

2) Seller Rating

Check for seller ratings and reviews to know what kind of seller are you purchasing the watch from. If the ratings and reviews are not good then look for another seller.

3) Watch Images And Description

Check if the watch images are clear and also check if there is enough and a clear description about the watch. To do this, you can check the particular brand’s official website for the watch’s features and images. And then can compare them with the things mentioned on Amazon.

4) Check Watch Rating And Reviews

Do not forget to check the rating and reviews given by other users. Look for the critical reviews and check if anyone is complaining about the watch being fake.

Moreover, you can check our used watch buying guide if you’re considering buying a preowned watch on Amazon.

Why Are Watches Cheaper On Amazon?

Why do people prefer to buy watches and other products from Amazon over other sources?

Because watches are cheaper on Amazon, right?

But why are watches cheaper on Amazon? Does it mean the watches sold on Amazon are not real and that is why they are available for a cheaper price?

No, if a watch is available at a cheaper price on Amazon that does not mean that it is not original. Having said that, if the price is too good to be true then you should probably do a background check of the product and the seller.

A watch can be available on Amazon at a cheaper price because of the following reasons:

1) No Sales Staff Required

When sellers are selling on Amazon then they do not need any sales staff. As a result, they can save on the salaries of the sales staff. This in turn reduces their expenses and this saving can be passed on to the customer as a discount.

2) No Store Needed

Other than the sales staff, sellers also do not need to have a physical store to showcase their products. This again saves their expense in the form of rent, electricity bills, maintenance, etc. This again can be passed to the customer.

Therefore, when the seller accrues less expense then they can pass the benefits to the customer without sacrificing their profit margin. And this makes the watches and products sold on Amazon cheaper.

Is It Safe To Buy Rolex On Amazon?

Why Are Watches On Amazon Cheaper

I think by now you must have an answer to this question. But if you are still wondering whether you should buy luxury watches from the brands like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Tissot, Movado, etc. then let me help you out.

Yes, it is safe to buy luxury watches from the brands like Rolex on Amazon.

However, do not forget to check things that are discussed in this article earlier before making the purchase. Also, read my how to tell if a Rolex is real article to know how to check the authenticity of a Rolex watch.


Are Watches Sold On Amazon Original?

Yes, watches sold on Amazon are original.

Should You Buy Watches From Amazon?

Yes, you should buy watches from Amazon. You can get a pretty good deal on Amazon.

Are Seiko Watches Real On Amazon?

Yes, Seiko watches are real on Amazon. However, do not forget to check the seller and watch reviews and ratings.

Are Amazon Fossil Watches Real?

Yes, Fossil watches on Amazon are real.

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