Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery Faster?

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Have you recently purchased a new Apple Watch? Did you notice a drop in your iPhone’s battery life after pairing your Apple Watch with it?

If yes, then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will share whether Apple Watch drains iPhone battery life faster or not. Not only this but I will also tell you why it happens and how you can stop your Apple Watch from draining your iPhone battery.

So keep reading!

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Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery Faster?

Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery

Your iPhone was giving you the usual battery life, but then you purchased an Apple Watch or updated your Watch OS, and suddenly your iPhone is not lasting like it used to. Now you are wondering whether your Apple Watch is killing your iPhone battery or not.

If you can relate to the above lines then first of all let me tell you, you are not alone my friend. Every Apple Watch and iPhone user has been through this phase. Even some users in the Apple forum have complained that their Apple Watch is draining as much as 30% of their iPhone battery overnight.

So, yes, Apple Watch does drain the iPhone battery. Your doubt was right all along, the culprit here is your Apple Watch.

Why Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery?

As discussed, having an Apple Watch does drain your iPhone battery. Let us now look at the reasons why it happens.

1) Connection

The first and foremost reason behind Apple Watch consuming your iPhone battery is the connection between the two devices. Both of your devices stay connected and share data with one another 24*7, right? This connection is done with the help of Bluetooth. If you do not know then let me tell you, Bluetooth sends and receives signals in order to communicate with other devices. Needless to say, sending and receiving signals continuously consumes the battery life of your iPhone.

Therefore, when you connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you will notice a drop in the battery life of your iPhone.

2) Watch App Running In The Background

Another reason behind this is the Watch app on your iPhone. To make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone and you receive all the notifications instantly, the Watch app keeps running in the background. When an app runs in the background then it keeps using your cell phone’s resources. And the resources further consume the battery of your iPhone to keep the app running in the background.

Does Apple Watch GPS Drain iPhone Battery

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes, your Apple Watch GPS will drain your iPhone battery if both devices are connected. Once connected, your Apple Watch will send the GPS data continuously to your iPhone. This will make your iPhone battery drain faster.

However, if your Apple Watch is not connected to your iPhone then your watch’s GPS will not drain your iPhone battery. Because Apple Watch comes with an inbuilt GPS and it does not use the GPS of your smartphone. Therefore if you use GPS on your Apple Watch without connecting it to your iPhone then only the battery of your smartwatch will get drained.

How To Stop Apple Watch From Draining iPhone Battery?

How To Stop Apple Watch From Draining iPhone Battery

Now let me tell you how you can stop your Apple Watch from draining your iPhone battery.

1) Disconnect Your Apple Watch & iPhone

The first thing that you should do to make your iPhone last longer after purchasing an Apple Watch is not to keep them connected all the time. You can use your Apple Watch without keeping it connected to your iPhone all the time. Use it for a day then sync them once so that all your Apple Watch data gets synced with your iPhone. Because let’s face it we do not keep looking at the data all day, right? We just look at it only once or twice a day. So you choose to connect your devices only when you need the information.

This way, you will not have to keep your devices connected all the time and will get the information that you want as well. However, the drawback of this method is that your watch will not show you any notifications if it is not connected to your iPhone.

2) Update Software

Apple is constantly working to improve the battery life of its iPhone and watch. And whatever improvements it does, it rolls them out in software updates. Therefore, you should keep your iPhone as well as your Apple Watch’s software up to date. Updating your device’s software will make your devices last longer.

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Does Apple Watch Affect iPhone Battery?

Yes, Apple Watch does affect your iPhone battery life.

How Can I Make My Apple Watch Drain Less iPhone Battery?

You can disconnect your Apple Watch and iPhone to make sure your Apple Watch consumes less iPhone battery.

Does The Watch App Drains iPhone Battery?

Yes, the Watch app on your iPhone keeps running in the background of your iPhone and drains its battery.

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