Does Samsung Watch Have Hard Fall Detection?

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Are you thinking of buying a Samsung smartwatch or fitness tracker for seniors or your elderly loved ones? Do you want to know if Samsung Galaxy Watches have a hard fall detection or not?

If you want to gift a Samsung smartwatch to your parents or grandparents then this article is for you. In this article, I will not only tell you which Samsung watch has fall detection but will also let you know how fall detection on Samsung Watch works. And if you want to know how you can set up fall detection on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, 3, Active 2, etc. then you will find the step-by-step instructions to do that too.

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Does Samsung Galaxy Watch Have Hard Fall Detection?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Watches come with a hard fall detection feature. In fact, Samsung Watches are very few of the smartwatches that come with fall detection.

So if you want to gift a Samsung smartwatch to elderly or vulnerable people then you are on the right track. But the questions that arise are: Which Samsung Watch has fall detection? Do all Samsung smartwatches come with a fall detection feature?

Which Samsung Watch Has Fall Detection?

The hard fall detection feature was first introduced by Samsung in the year 2020 on its Galaxy Watch 3. So if you are thinking to gift Watch 3 to your loved ones then there is good news for you.

It was then introduced to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 as well by a software update. Therefore Watch Active 2 also has a fall detection feature, but what about Galaxy Watch 4?

Does Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have fall detection too?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a hard fall detection feature. In fact, it is the best Samsung smartwatch that comes with fall detection. It is best because Samsung introduced hard fall detection to its earlier watches through a software update. But Watch 4 has enhanced hardware as well as the watch operating system to perform to its fullest.

Therefore if you are looking for the best Samsung smartwatch with fall detection then Galaxy Watch 4 is the one you should choose. You can watch my detailed review video below to know more about Watch 4. I have made this video after using the Galaxy Watch 4 for over a month.

To sum it up, the following Samsung smartwatches come with a fall detection feature:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

How Does Fall Detection Work On Samsung Watch?

A smartwatch has a lot of sensors, right? You must have seen green lights on the back of your Apple Watch or other smartwatches. Those green lights are also kinds of sensors too.

And the name of one such sensor is the accelerometer. This sensor is basically responsible for tracking and measuring the movement of your body. All the activities and exercises that you do are measured by the accelerometer.

So this accelerometer on the Samsung Galaxy Watches detects a hard fall whenever the wearer falls down. Once the hard fall is detected, it then alerts you for 60 seconds with vibration and a sound. You can either turn it off or send the SOS message to your emergency contacts right away. This way, if you are okay then you can choose to not send an SOS message.

However, if you fall down and are unable to respond to the watch then too you don’t have to worry. The Samsung Watch will anyway send the SOS message and call your emergency contacts after 60 seconds.

How To Setup Fall Detection On Samsung Galaxy Watch?

There are two methods to set up fall detection on Samsung Galaxy Watches be it Watch 4, 3, or Active 2. You can either set it up through your smartwatch or you can set it up through your connected smartphone. Let me tell you both one by one.

Note: For demonstrating the process, I am using my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. However, the process is the same for Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2 as well.

Setup Fall Detection On Samsung Watches Through Smartphone

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to Watch Settings.Does Samsung Watch Have Hard Fall Detection
  3. Select Advanced Features.How To Setup Fall Detection On Samsung Watch
  4. Tap on SOS.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 3
  5. Turn on the When Hard Fall Detected option.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 4
  6. Tap on the Continue button on the pop-up.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 5
  7. Now tap on the Agree button on the next pop-up and give all the permission that it asks.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 6
  8. Next, you will be asked to add emergency contacts, you can either create a new contact or you can select from your contacts saved on the smartphone. Choose the option that suits you, you can add up to 4 contacts.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 7
  9. After adding the emergency contacts, you will be asked to choose one contact to whom you like to make an SOS call out of the 4 contacts. Once selected, tap on the Save button. You can also make changes to your contacts later if you want.Fall Detection Through Smartphone Step 8

That’s it, you have successfully set up hard fall detection on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Setup Fall Detection On Samsung Watches Through Smartwatch

Now let me tell you how you can set up fall detection from your Samsung Galaxy Watch itself.

One thing that you need to note here is that you can’t set fall detection from your Galaxy Watch alone and you will have to use your smartphone. And before you start this process, you must connect your Galaxy watch to your smartphone.

  1. Open the Settings on your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Go to Advanced Features.Which Samsung Watch Has Fall Detection
  3. Select SOS.Fall Detection Through Smartwatch Step 3
  4. Turn on the When Hard Fall Detected option.Fall Detection Through Smartwatch Step 4
  5. Now open your smartphone and follow steps 6 to step 9 mentioned in the above method.Fall Detection Through Smartwatch Step 5

Does Fall Detection Work Without A Phone?

I hope now you know which Samsung Watches come with fall detection and how you can set it up. Before you go and finalize your decision, there is one more thing that you should know.

Hard fall detection on Samsung Watches will not work if you haven’t connected your smartphone to it. The main thing about the fall detection feature is that your emergency contacts get informed about your hard fall. However, if you have not connected your smartphone to your Galaxy Watch then it will detect if you have suffered a hard fall or not but it won’t be able to inform anyone. And this kind of defeats the purpose of having fall detection.

So always make sure that your loved ones take their cell phone with them while going out. Needless to say, the phone should be connected to the smartwatch.

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