Fake Richard Mille Vs Real Watch: How To Spot A Replica?

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Have you come across a too-good-to-be-true deal on Richard Mille watches? Do you want to know how you can spot a fake Richard Mille?

In this article, I will tell you how you can differentiate between a Richard Mille replica and an original one. Not only this, but I will also share how much is a real Richard Mille watch worth and if they are made in Switzerland or not.

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Fake Richard Mille Vs Real Watch

Fake Richard Mille Vs Real

Richard Mille has really grown in popularity in a very less amount of time. Nowadays, you will see many athletes and celebrities wearing Richard Mille watches. Bubba Watson the golfer wears the watch from Richard Mille, this watch is known to be specifically designed for golfers. And there are various other athletes and celebrities that adore the brand.

However, because of its increasing popularity, the market is also flooded with fake Richard Mille watches. There is a huge waiting list to buy an original Richard Mille watch and if you too are in line for a Richard Mille then you are at the right place. This article will make sure that you do not end up buying a fake Richard Mille in impatience.

How To Spot  A Fake Richard Mille Watch

So let us look at the factors that can differentiate a replica of Richard Mille from its original counterpart.

1) The Cost

The first and the most differentiating factor between a fake and a real Richard Mille watch is its cost. If it is a real Richard Mille then the cost of its cheapest model will make the prices of the watches from the brands like Rolex, Omega, etc. seem like pennies. The cheapest Richard Mille watch will cost you somewhere around $85,000.

Therefore, if you are getting a Richard Mille watch any less than this then move on right away. It is not an original Richard Mille watch, especially if you have found a Richard Mille watch on Wish, then stay away from it because Wish is known to sell fake watches.

2) Warranty Card

Like any other luxury watch manufacturer, Richard Mille watches come with a warranty card. According to Richard Mille, its every watch comes with a unique warranty card that has a holographic seal embedded in it. It is also dated and signed by the official Richard Mille staff when someone buys the watch.

Therefore, if it is an original Richard Mille then it must come with a warranty card as described above. If there is no such warranty card, then it is a replica of Richard Mille.

3) Weight Of The Watch

The material used to make the watches of Richard Mille are the most precious, strongest, and lightweight in nature. As a result, Richard Mille makes some of the lightest watches in the world. It even has produced a watch that weighs less than 20g even with the watch strap.

So if it is a real Richard Mille, then it should be very light in weight and if it is not then it will be comparatively heavier.

4) Second Hand Movement

All Richard Mille watches generally have handmade mechanical movements. So its watches do tick but with a naked eye, it will seem like they are not ticking. You will feel like their second hand is moving in a continuous manner.

So if you find the ticking effect on a Richard Mille then I am sorry to say but it is not an original watch.

5) Fit And Finish

As discussed earlier, the cheapest Richard Mille costs around $85,000. Therefore, you can imagine the time and attention that must be given to the fit and finish of these watches to make them worth the price that they are asking. On the other hand, people who are manufacturing fake Richard Mille watches do not pay much attention.

Therefore you will find rough edges and poor fit and finish when you look closer at a fake Richard Mille watch.

Richard Mille Original Vs Fake: Pro Tips To Not Get Fooled

Richard Mille Watch

Now that you know how to differentiate between a fake and original Richard Mille watch but there are chances that you can still get fooled. Because some of the replicas of Richard Mille are so good that even the watch aficionados can’t tell the difference. So let me give you some pro tips so that you can never get fooled.

1) Never Be Impatient

First of all, never be impatient. People make foolish decisions in impatience. So never be tempted to offers that you know deep down are too good to be true and never make a buying decision in haste.

2) Take It To Expert

The next thing that you should do is take the watch to a watchmaker or an expert. A horologist does have more experience than you when it comes to watches, right? So take the watch to a watchmaker and they will help you identify whether it is a real Richard Mille or a fake one.

3) Always Buy From A Registered Dealer

If you do not want to get stuck with a fake Richard Mille watch then you should always buy the watch from a registered Richard Mille dealer. It does not matter how good of a deal you are getting from other sources, remember that you are buying a watch that costs a fortune. So you should always buy it from registered sources.

How Much Is A Real Richard Mille Watch Worth?

We have already discussed how much you will have to pay for the cheapest Richard Mille watch, right?

But let me now tell you how much a real Richard Mille generally costs. If you are looking to buy a good Richard Mille then you can expect to spend between $150,000 to $220,000.

I know you must also be wondering about the most expensive Richard Mille watch, right? Let me put this wondering of yours to rest as well. The most expensive Richard Mille watch will cost you somewhere around a whopping $2,000,000.

The price of Richard Mille watches is the main reason why people prefer wearing fake Richard Mille watches.


Are Richard Mille Watches Swiss-Made?

Yes, all Richard Mille watches are Swiss-made.

How Much Is The Lowest Richard Mille?

The cheapest Richard Mille watch costs around $85,000.

Does Richard Mille Tick?

Yes, Richard Mille watches tick. But their ticking is so fast that they seem like not ticking.

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