Fitbit Alta HR Vs Inspire HR: Which One Should Be My First Choice?

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Just blindfold yourself and randomly put your finger on any of the Fitbit products. Now, unfold your eyes and whatever be the product, you’ll going to love it for sure. This is the quality of products that Fitbit offers to its customers.

No matter if it’s a fitness band, smartwatch, or a clip-on tracker; if it’s Fitbit, then you’ll fall for it.

Every range of Fitbit has a plethora of products and all of them seem to be of top-notch quality. Well, this is something to be appreciated but on the contrary, it confuses the buyers as to which product is better than the other.

That’s why today you are here and reading this article and want to know which one is best for you, Fitbit Inspire HR or Fitbit Alta HR.

We have done a detailed comparison of both the products based on different factors like features, pricing compatibility, and so on.

Finally, at the end of the article, we’ll see which fitness band takes the win. But we’ll suggest you read the complete article to make a decision based on your need.

Fitbit Alta HR Vs Fitbit Inspire HR

Design, Dimension, And Screen Quality Of Inspire HR

inspire hr fitness tracker

Be it a smartwatch, hybrid watch, or a fitness band, design matters a lot while choosing any of the wristwear.

A fitness band should be lavish so you can wear it all day, and at the same time, it should be slim, lightweight, and easy to wear, to fulfill your fitness needs.

Fitbit Inspire HR is just 20 grams in weight which makes it a very lightweight fitness band. In fact, it’s one of the lightest fitness trackers ever manufactures by Fitbit.

If you judge from the looks of both the fitness bands, you’ll select the Fitbit Alta HR as being lighter. But in reality, Fitbit Inspire HR is lighter in weight.

Despite the reduced band size, Fitbit somehow managed to maintain a good screen size of their Inspire HR band. The screen of the band measures 37 x 16 mm.

With the touchscreen OLED display of the band, it becomes easy to look at the time and other stats with just a quick glance.

Design, Dimension, And Screen Quality Of Alta HR

fitbit alta hr

Alta HR fitness band is slimmer as compared to Inspire HR. The dimensions of 9.45 x 0.59 x 0.41 inches make the band easy to go with all your fitness activities without causing any troubles for your wrist.

The band weighs 29 grams which makes it slightly heavier than the Inspire HR band. But still, it’s not like, the extra 9 grams of weight will cause any trouble for you. Just like with Inspire HR, you can easily carry on your fitness tracking with Alta HR too.

The band has an OLED display so you can monitor your activities even on a sunny afternoon.

The dimension and screen quality of both products is more or less the same. The major difference can be seen in the screen design.

Inspire HR has a screen with a broader width with a side button for operations. On the other hand, the screen of Alta HR is slimmer and there’s no side button, it’s fully touchscreen.

Compatibility Of Inspire HR Fitness Band

The good design, countless features, and cheap pricing of a product don’t matter if it’s not compatible with the device you are using.

So this section needs a keen focus.

As per Fitbit, their Inspire HR band is compatible with more than 200 devices which include devices from Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

It’s a normal thing to provide the services for Android and iOS smartphones. But the compatibility of the band with Windows 10 cell phones is what makes it appreciable.

Compatibility Of Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Band

Coming to the Alta HR band, according to Fitbit, the band is adaptable to 200 plus cell phones running on Android, iOS, and Windows. Unlike the Inspire HR band, the company is not focusing on Windows 10 but the complete Windows operating system.

This might mean that the Alta HR fitness tracker is easy to go with other versions of Windows phones as well.

Besides cell phones, the band is also easy to go with your PC and Laptop, making itself purchasable for those you prefer using PC’s to monitor their activities.

It’s easy to conclude that Alta HR has far better compatibility with devices as compared to Inspire HR. And if you’re a Windows cell phone or PC user, this section is of utmost importance for you.

Features Of Inspire HR

fitbit inspire hr vs fitbit alta hr

Released in March 2019, Inspire HR is a newer band as compared to the Alta HR band. So, being a newer product makes the band a little overwhelming for those who want their fitness tracker packed with countless features.

The list of features of Inspire HR obviously includes common features like heart rate monitor, steps counter, sleep tracking, calories burned, distance calculator, and so on.

But the list of advanced features is what makes this band a top-notch fitness product.

With its cardio fitness level calculator, the wrist band gives you a cardio fitness score. This score is a measure that how fit you are.

On a stressful day, this band will help you calm your mind with its guided breathing sessions. These sessions are specially personalized for you by the band, based on your heart rate.

The thought of purchasing a fitness band can only pop up in the mind of a fitness freak. And a fitness freak is as much concerned for their diet as they are for their training sessions.

To assist you in your diet plan, Inspire HR helps you log your meals and keep a track of the calories you consume.

Another characteristic that makes Inspire HR band worth buying is its ability to bear the water up to 50 meters. So if swimming is your thing then Inspire HR can surely be your choice.

Other triggering features of the wrist band include female health-tracking, smartphone notifications, reminders to move, and 5 days of battery life.

Features Of Alta HR

alta hr fitness band

Alta HR was released in March 2017. Being an older band, it surely lags behind Inspire HR when it comes to the feature part.

It solely focuses on providing normal features of a band like heart rate monitor, steps counter, distance traveled, calories burned, hourly activities, stairs climbed, and automatic activity recognition, etc.

Despite being an older version, the band gives you access to cell phone notifications like calls, calendar, and text alerts.

The section where Alta HR gets an upper hand is battery life. The band works for 7 days after a single charge as compared to Inspire HR that works for 5 days.

Pricing Comparision Of Fitbit Inspire HR And Alta HR

Price matters a lot, rather we would say, it matters the most while making a decision regarding the purchase of any product.

Purchasing a fitness band with hundreds of features at the price of a leg and an arm is useless. On the other hand, if you get a fitness band with some normal features but at an economical price, then we would prefer to go with that one instead.

But here, the case is quite odd. In spite of providing advanced features and top-notch design, Fitbit Inspire HR is quite economical. As per the prices in November 2020, you could avail the band for £89.99.

On the contrary, even after offering casual and fewer features than Inspire HR, Alta HR is quite pricey. As of November 2020, you can purchase the band for £129.99.

Which Fitness Band Wins And What Should Be My Final Choice?

Clearly stating, Inspire HR gets the trophy this time. And the main credit for its win goes to the list of features that are available for a lesser price.

But this win based on the psychology of most of the users. More features less price, so let’s go for the Inspire HR band.

Based on your need, your decision regarding your purchase might differ. Let’s say, if you prefer monitoring your fitness activities on a PC, then Alta HR is a perfect choice for you.

Similarly, if you give the top preference to the battery backup, then also Alta HR should be given the first preference.

FAQs Related To Both The Products

Which Is Better, Fitbit Alta HR Or Fitbit Inspire HR?

Based on the number of features and price, Fitbit Inspire HR is better than Fitbit Alta HR. But if you want long battery life and compatibility with PC and laptops, then you should go for Alta HR.

Is Fitbit Alta HR Discontinued?

You can not purchase the band from the official website of Fitbit. But you can easily purchase it from other online retail stores like Amazon.

Do Fitbit Alta HR Alta Bands Fit Inspire HR Bands?

No, the bands of both the products are not interchangeable.

Is The Fitbit Inspire HR Band Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. The band is worth every penny you pay. It's one of the best fitness band that you can purchase at such a decent price.

Is Fitbit Alta HR Waterproof?

Alta HR is rain, sweat, and splash-proof, but it's not suitable for shower and swimming.

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