Why Fitbit Band Smells Bad? Here’s How To Clean It?

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Is your Fitbit band stinking badly?

A lot of people have complained that their Fitbit strap smells bad. If you are also facing the same issue then don’t worry. I will tell you the possible reasons behind it in this article. Not only this but I will also tell you how you can keep your Fitbit from smelling.

So keep reading!

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You may notice a smell from your Fitbit band if you keep wearing it for a long time. And the main reason behind this smell is the bacteria and dirt build-up. If you clean your watch straps properly then the smell will be gone.

Fitbit Band Smells Bad

Fitbit Band Smells

Many people around the world have complained in the Fitbit community that they have started noticing smells from their Fitbit smartwatch and fitness tracker bands. And it is not specific to a certain watch or fitness tracker. People using all sorts of Fitbits be it Versa, Charge, HR, Inspire, Sense, etc. have complained about this.

Some say that it smells like cat pee, some say it smells like smoke and whatnot. It seems like people are experiencing some really bad smells from their Fitbit straps. And if you are facing the same problem then you are not alone.

Why Does My Fitbit Strap Smell?

Why Does My Fitbit Strap Smells

Now let us look at the possible reasons behind your smelly fitness band.

The main reason behind the stinking of your Fitbit band is the bacteria build-up. When you do not take your fitness tracker off even for a minute then a lot of dirt and dead skin starts building up on your wrist and watch. This causes the bacteria to grow at a faster pace and this is the reason why your Fitbit smartwatch band smells so badly.

The growth of bacteria accelerates at a maximum pace when there is some trapped water between the band and your wrist. This can happen to you if you wear your Fitbit while showering or cleaning dishes. The water that gets trapped does not evaporate easily and causes more bacteria to grow on your watch strap.

The bacteria build-up also depends on the type of strap that you are using with your Fitbit smartwatch. Leather and plastic bands are the worst when it comes to smell and bacteria accumulation. If you use a leather or plastic strap with your watch then never wear your watch while showering or while you are in contact with water.

How To Clean Fitbit Band Smell?

Fitbit Versa 3 Band

Now let us see how you can clean your Fitbit bands so that they don’t smell anymore. However, different people use different kinds of bands for their Fitbit. So, lets us look at the cleaning of the different types of Fitbit bands one by one.

Leather Bands

Leather bands are the worse when it comes to smelling. They start smelling after a few days of wearing them. And if you take them near water or wear them in the shower then they easily get ruined.

Therefore to clean the leather bands, never use water. You can make use of wet cloth but that also should not be soaked in the water. Just dampen the cleaning cloth in the water and wipe off the dirt from the leather bands.

Silicone, Rubber, Or Elastomer Bands

Silicone, rubber, or elastomer bands are the easiest to clean. You can use water and soap to clean them. Just make sure that you do not use any chemicals and detach the bands from your watch. Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are water resistant but soap or detergent water can damage them.

So to clean these types of bands, detach them from your smartwatch. And then use water and soap to clean them. To wipe off the extra dirt, you can also make use of a brush.

Once they are cleaned, do not forget to disinfect them. This can be done using a small amount of alcohol. Soak a piece of cotton in the alcohol and then wipe the bands with it.

Nylon Bands

To clean the nylon bands, you can also make use of soap and water. However, the thing that you need to understand is that hard soap or detergent can also make nylon bands lose their color. Therefore make use of mild soap water to wipe off the dirt from the nylon bands.

Metal Bands

Generally, people don’t use fitness trackers or smartwatches with metal bands. But if you are one of the few people that do then this part of the article is for you.

Metal bands usually do not get as dirty as other kinds of bands because they are not as tight on the skin as other bands. But they do need cleaning after using them for some time.

To clean them, you can again use a mild cleanser or soap and water. The thing that you need to note here is that metal bands are prone to scratches. Therefore you should not use a brush or any other harsh thing to wipe off the dirt from them. You should only use a microfiber cloth gently.

Also, metal bands can lose their shine when cleaned regularly. Therefore after cleaning them, you should also polish the stainless steel watch using a watch polish like the one available on Amazon.

How To Keep Fitbit Band From Smelling?

How To Stop Fitbit From Smelling

Cleaning your Fitbit smartwatch strap will get rid of the smell temporarily but make no mistake it will come back after some time. So let me now tell you how you can keep your Fitbit band from smelling.

1) Clean Regularly

The first thing that you should do to keep your Fitbit straps smell-free is to clean them regularly. Try cleaning them once a week. This will prevent bacteria from building up and as a result, your Fitbit straps will not smell.

2) Do Not Shower With The Smartwatch

As discussed, the building up of bacteria really grows if water gets trapped between the band and the skin. Therefore you should avoid wearing your smartwatch in the shower.

3) Take Off The Watch

Give some rest to your wrist, do not always keep on wearing the smartwatch all the time. Even Fitbit recommends that you should take your watch off for some time after wearing it for extended hours.

Let the watch get some fresh air too. This will make sure that the sweat and water on the bands dry up and bacteria doesn’t build up.

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Why Does My Wrist Smell Under My Fitbit Watch?

Your wrist smells under your Fitbit smartwatch because of the bacterial build up in that area.

How Do I Stop My Fitbit Watch From Smelling?

You can stop your Fitbit watch from smelling by cleaning it regularly.

Can You Clean Fitbit Strap With Soap?

Yes, you can clean Fitbit strap with soap water if it is made up of silicone, rubber or elastomer. But remember to detach it from the watch before cleaning.

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