Fitbit Watch Button Not Working? Easy Ways To Fix A Stuck Button

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If your Fitbit watch’s button is not working properly, it can be really frustrating. You bought the watch to track your fitness, and it’s disappointing when it doesn’t function correctly. But don’t worry! In this article, I will guide you through the step-by-step process to fix the physical and inductive haptic button not working issue on your Fitbit watch. So let’s get started right away!

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If your Fitbit watch has a physical button then you can fix it by cleaning watch button areas and removing everything that can be stopping it from doing its function. In case your Fitbit watch Inductive haptic button is not working then you can try restarting your watch, updating software, resetting your watch, turning off the water lock, and trying to change notification vibration settings. If nothing helps then try to connect with Fitbit support.

Why Is The Button On My Fitbit Not Working?

Most Fitbit watches have a button, either physical or haptic. If your Fitbit watch has a physical button then it might have stopped working because it’s stuck or blocked by dust and debris. On the other hand, if your Fitbit watch has a haptic button, it’s a software issue because haptic buttons are not like physical buttons. They work with the operating system and provide vibration feedback when touched to simulate a button press. In the next section, I’ll explain how to troubleshoot both types of button issues.

How To Fix The Fitbit Watch Physical Button Not Working?

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to unstuck your Fitbit watch physical button:

Clean Button With Microfiber Cloth

Take a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and clean your Fitbit Watch, especially from the button area. Clean it gently without forcing it. For cleaning you can take some alcohol or cleaner that can remove dust from the button. Or tap the other side of the watch to remove dust from it. You can check out the best cloth and solution to clean watches we recommend.

Check Jammed Button

fix fitbit side button not working

If something is stuck on your Fitbit watch side button and the button is jammed then try to click it 10-20 times. This will help you to fix the stuck button on your Fitbit watch because maybe something is preventing it from working properly.

If you see any debris stuck on your Fitbit watch button then you can remove it using any sharp pointed needle but do it securely without harming the device.

Clean Button With Warm Water

If you see nothing inside the Fitbit watch button or you are unable to remove anything from the stuck button then you must try this. Take lukewarm water and drop your watch in it for 10-20 sec. It will automatically remove everything unwanted from your Fitbit watch button. After this, I hope your Fitbit watch side button is working properly.

How To Fix Fitbit Watch Inductive Haptic Button?

How To Use Fitbit Haptic Button?

If you are not seeing any button on your Fitbit watch then it means it has the haptic button. You can use it by putting your thumb on the side that has a little line and putting your finger another side. Press with slight force, and you will feel a vibration that shows the button is pressed. This is the way you can use Fitbit inductive haptic button.

Vibration Settings Change

With the help of vibration, we know that the Fitbit haptic button is pressed and working. Maybe sometimes the button is working and you do not feel the vibration. So you need to change the vibration settings from Light to Strong. Follow this simple process to change Vibration settings.

  • Swipe left to access Menu
  • Tap on Settingsfitbit watch button is not working
  • Select Vibration & Audio
  • Change vibration strength from Light to Strongfix stuck button on fitbit watch

Restart Your Watch

If your Fitbit watch side button is not working then you can also try restarting the Fitbit watch. This may help you to overcome this issue. But the question is how you can restart the Fitbit Watch if the button is not working. Generally, you hold the side button for 10 sec or until you see the Fitbit icon. But now I will tell you how you can restart your Fitbit watch if your side button is not working.

How To Restart If Your Fitbit Watch Button Is Not Working?

Shutdown From Settings: Go to settings and tap on the shutdown option. Your Fitbit watch will shut down and you can turn it on by tapping the side button or by putting it on charge.

Use Watch Battery Completely: Drain your watch battery completely. Increasing brightness and opening the watch screen with other activities will help you to shut down it rapidly. Now connect with the charger, this will turn on the watch. Finally, check if the side haptic button is working or not.

Check Water Lock

Most Fitbit watches have Water lock or Swim mode. If this mode is enabled then your side button will not work. This button can be enabled automatically and you will see a lock icon on the watch screen. This feature helps the Fitbit watch prevent unnecessary touches and accidental touches in water or while you are swimming.

Just turn it off and check whether your haptic button is working or not.

You can turn off the water lock by double tapping on the middle screen of your watch. Unlock icon will appear on the Fitbit watch screen. If you don’t see any unlock icon on your Fitbit watch then try hard tapping on the screen.

Reset Fitbit Watch

You can fix a stuck button on a Fitbit watch by resetting the watch because this Fitbit haptic button works with an operating system like touches on the screen. So there may be a software glitch that is preventing the button to function properly. Before resetting, don’t forget to take back up of your watch because it will erase your all data.

Here is how you can reset your Fitbit watch:

  • Swipe from right to left to access the menu.
  • Select Settings and scroll down.
  • Tap About Versa or the name of your Fitbit watch.
  • At the bottom tap on Factory reset.reset fitbit watch

Connect With Fitbit Support

If you have tried all solutions that I have provided in this article and your Fitbit watch button issue is still not fixed then you need to connect with Fitbit Support. They have experts that can help you to resolve this issue or you can go to a nearby authorized service center for this concern.

Fitbit Watch Side Button Not Working – Final Verdict

I hope you got the solution to the stuck Fitbit watch side button issue in this article. If your Fitbit watch button is still not working then you must connect with Fitbit Support. They will assist you with professional guidance.

If your watch is in the warranty period then you connect with Fitbit support without trying anything that can affect its warranty terms and conditions. In case your watch is not in the warranty period then also you can take the help of Fitbit support after trying these solutions.

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Why Is My Fitbit Button Not Working?

If your Fitbit button is not working then it might be due to dust and debris around the button. In the case of an inductive haptic button, the issue can be because of software glitches.

How Do I Get My Fitbit Button Unstuck?

If your Fitbit watch button is stuck, first try cleaning button areas and put your watch into lukewarm water.

How Does The Fitbit Button Work?

The physical watch button will start working by cleaning it and removing dirt and debris. An inductive haptic button will start working by restarting and resetting. If nothing works then try to connect with Fitbit Support.

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