Fix: Apple Watch Screen Coming Off!

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Apple is known for its build quality & Apple Watch is no different. Overall, Apple Watch has a solid build quality that ensures Apple Watch lasts a long time. However, out of so many watches that Apple makes some are bound to have problems.

One of the most common problems is the Apple Watch’s screen coming off. Sometimes instead of the screen, the Apple Watch glass also comes off. In this guide, I have shared how to fix the Apple Watch screen popping off & why it happens. So let’s begin with the guide.

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Apple Watch screen pops off if the adhesive holding the screen dries up or the lithium-ion battery has expanded. You will have to replace the battery or adhesive to fix the Apple Watch screen coming off.

Why Is Your Apple Watch’s Screen Falling Off?

There are plenty of reasons why your Apple Watch’s glass or screen is coming off. Let’s discuss the potential reasons for the issue one by one.

Apple Watch Adhesive Drying Up

Gadgets are becoming slimmer & smaller with every generation. To solve this issue manufacturers like Apple have ditched screws for glues.

Similarly, the Apple Watch’s screen is glued to the Apple Watch case. However, there is a drawback of using adhesive in electronics which is adhesive drying with time. As you use the watch & it’s exposed to rain, heat, & cold, the adhesive dries up.

This usually results in the Apple Watch screen popping out of the case. Thankfully, this situation is fixable & I have discussed it in the later under the repair guide.

Swollen Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have a fixed number of charge cycles. It basically means that all lithium batteries can be charged only a certain number of times. After that, battery capacity starts falling.

Similarly, as you repeatedly charge the watch, the battery’s chemistry starts producing gas. This gas gets trapped inside the battery pack causing it to swell up which pops the Apple Watch display off.

In this case, you would need to replace the battery & reapply the adhesive on the watch.

Exposure To Heat

Exposure to heat can accelerate battery degradation which can cause the battery to swell even faster. You might not have to wait a couple of years before you witness the issue.

To avoid the issue it is recommended to avoid continuous exposure to heat. Avoid using Apple Watch & charging at the same time to prolong its life.

How To Repair Apple Watch Screen Coming Off?

Before you start fixing the Apple Watch you would need to find the cause of the Apple Watch screen popping off.

Is it because the adhesive getting dried? Does your watch have structural issues that cause the screen to fall off? Or is your watch’s swollen battery causing the issue?

All three problems have the same effect on the watch’s display however the solution to them is not the same.

How To Fix The Watch If Adhesive Gets Dry On Your Watch?

There are plenty of ways you can fix the screen on your watch depending on your watch. However, methods to fix it will be different for different users. Let’s discuss the method one by one.

What To Do If It’s A New Apple Watch?

If it’s a new Apple Watch then chances are Apple might offer you a new battery replacement. In fact, Apple Watch Series Gen 1 & Gen 2 watches were eligible for free battery replacement as the issue was so widely spread & rampant.

So it is always wise to check if your Apple Watch’s swollen battery is eligible for a replacement program. Also, if your watch is under warranty then you will also get a free battery replacement regardless of any program.

Out Of Warranty Of Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch is out of warranty then you can get it repaired from the Apple Service Centre. They will install the adhesive back on the watch making it as good as new. Sometimes Apple also trades in & offers a new watch at a discounted price.

However, if your watch is more than 3 or 4 years old & you don’t find any merit in spending 50$-60$ then consider fixing it yourself.

You can go to the iFixit Apple Smartwatch section to find out how to open the watch & apply adhesive yourself. For instance, if you have an Apple Watch Series you can follow this watch screen fixing guide.

If you don’t mind compromising repairability as you were going to ditch the watch later anyway then some users have even superglued their watch. Or you can use a cheaper double-sided $10 tape to fix the issue as you can see many users have done in this forum.

But this method is only recommended if you don’t mind that you won’t be able to repair your watch ever again.

What To Do If Apple Watch’s Battery Is Swollen?

If your Apple Watch’s battery expands and causes the screen to fall off as well then change the Apple Watch’s battery. And, re-apply the adhesive on the watch to fix your Apple Watch screen. I would recommend getting it repaired by Apple as sealing off the watch properly is an important task.

What To Do If Apple Watch’s Case Has Broken?

Falls can cause the Apple Watch case to crack or the screen to fall off the watch. In that case, the only way to fix the issue is by replacing the case or fixing the dent that might have caused the screen to pop up.


Hopefully, you were able to fix your Apple Watch screen or face popping off using this guide. If your watch’s battery is swollen then you have no other option other than going to the service center.

However, you can apply the adhesive by yourself or by a third party for cheap. For a relatively new watch, I would recommend visiting the Apple Store to get the screen fixed.

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What Causes Apple Watch Face To Pop Off?

The battery inside Apple Watch can swell causing the Apple Watch face to pop off. Similarly, the adhesive can dry up on the watch causing the screen to come off.

Can An Apple Watch Be Fixed If The Screen Comes Off?

Yes, it is very easy to replace the swollen battery or replace the dried-up watch screen.

Can You Glue Back Apple Watch Screen?

Yes, you can use superglue to fix your watch. However, it is not recommended to do it on a new Apple Watch as it can potentially make the watch unfixable.

Why Does Apple Watch Battery Swell?

As the lithium-ion battery ages, it produces gases that can cause the Apple Watch battery to swell up.

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