Best Full Touch Screen Smartwatches With Thin Or Bezel Less Display

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Do you want a smartwatch with the smallest bezel? If you are looking for the best bezel-less smart watch then look no further.

Smartwatches are tiny devices with even tinier displays and lots of tech crammed in them. Therefore, it is difficult to make a thin bezel smartwatch. However, there are some pretty decent full screen smartwatch with small bezel available.

I’ve done my due diligence and listed 7 of the best small bezel smartwatches that are available in the current market.

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Best Bezel Less Smartwatch

full touch screen smartwatch

Amazfit GTR 4

  • Alexa built-in

  • Bluetooth Calling

  • Offline Music Storage

  • Excellent Battery Life

  • 150+ Workout/Sports mode

Thin Bezel Apple Watch

Best Bezel Less Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 9

  • Offline Siri Support

  • 50m Water Resistance

  • Retina LTPO OLED Display

  • Double Tap Feature

  • Dictation (Voice to Text) feature

Garmin Smartwatch With Full Screen

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

  • In-depth sports and fitness activity analysis

  • Sleep and stress tracking

  • GPS chip for outdoor activity tracking

  • Supports both Android and iOS devices

Samsung No Bezel Watch

No bezel Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

  • Supports NFC

  • ECG and Blood Pressure

  • Monitoring
    90+ Workout/Sports Mode

  • Super AMOLED Display

  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Protection

Best Bezel Less Smartwatches

1. Amazfit GTR 4

full touch screen smartwatch

The first thin bezel smartwatch on our list is the Amazfit GTR 4. Amazfit is a well-known Chinese smartwatch brand. It is a gorgeous bezel-less smartwatch with an always-on display. Its 1.43” AMOLED display produces sharp and crisp images making the watch pleasing to read.

Amazfit GTR 4 is powered by its in-house developed Zepp OS. This watch comes with 2.3 GB of built-in storage that can be used to store songs and music files. If you like to listen to music on the go or during your workouts then you can use the brilliant speakers on this Amazfit GTR 4 to listen to your favorite songs. You can also connect this watch to Bluetooth speakers or earbuds and play songs on them. It is one of the best smartwatches that comes with music storage.

Music Storage on Amazfit GTR 4

This watch also has a built-in microphone that lets you answer calls directly from your watch when connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. I was also able to get text messages on this Amazfit watch. The Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch comes with Alexa built-in with offline support. I was able to give voice commands to Alexa and was able to check weather updates, set an alarm, and more.

Best bezel less smartwatch

This smartwatch with a small bezel also features a dual-band circularly polarized GPS antenna that gives up to 99% accurate positioning. With its accurate GPS positioning, I tracked my morning runs accurately without carrying my phone. Additionally, the watch also tracked most of my health metrics.

Speaking of health, the Amazfit GTR 4 is equipped with the new and improved Bio Tracker 4.0 PPG heart rate sensor and blood oxygen sensor, using which you can track your heart rate and SpO2 levels. It also supports sleep and stress tracking. Apart from this, you also get an Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Barometric altimeter, and an Ambient light sensor.

SpO2 on Amazfit

Furthermore, using this watch I was able to measure my fitness activities such as calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, daily fitness goals, and much more. However, it is to be noted that the watch is only good for basic sports and fitness tracking. Therefore don’t expect it to provide an in-depth analysis of your health and sports like Garmin, Suunto watches, or Polar watches.

Despite all these features, this smartwatch offers good battery life. Its ridiculously long battery life is perhaps one of the most impressive features of Amazfit watches. During testing, this watch lasted for about 15 days on a single charge on normal use. It is quite affordable as well compared to other smartwatches that offer similar kinds of features. If you are looking for a budget smartwatch with the smallest bezel, then you can surely buy this one.

You can also check out our detailed review video of the Amazfit GTR 4.

The Good
  • Alexa built-in
  • 150+ Workout/Sports modes
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Music Storage
  • Affordable
The Bad
  • No in-depth health tracking
  • Sub-par apps

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The next no-bezel smartwatch on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. This amazing bezel-less round smartwatch is the latest watch from Samsung. Galaxy Watch 6 has very thin bezels running around the watch that are not there just for show but are also very useful. The thin bezels around this watch are touch-sensitive and can be used to control the watch.

Using the bezels running around the display, I was able to easily scroll and navigate through the watch menu. I liked how instead of removing the bezel, Samsung made the bezel thinner, interactive, and very convenient to use. The Classic variant of the Galaxy Watch 6 even has a physical rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 6 runs on Wear OS 4, which means you can access Play Store on it. I was able to download and install WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch 6 along with, YouTube Music, Spotify, and many other applications as well. This watch comes with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal storage which is very useful since you can load apps on it from the Play Store. You can also add songs and music files on your Galaxy Watch for offline listening.

WhatsApp On Galaxy Watch

This smartwatch comes with a Super AMOLED display which is very vibrant. Smartwatches with AMOLED displays are great for viewing content. I was easily able to watch YouTube videos on the Galaxy Watch. Speaking of displays, the display on this smartwatch is covered with sapphire crystal glass, which makes it extremely durable and keeps it protected from bumps and scratches, so you won’t have to worry about the screen getting damaged.

YouTube On Galaxy Watch

Besides all these multimedia capabilities, this bezel-less AMOLED smartwatch also has comprehensive sports and activity tracking. The exercise list of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has more than 90 sports modes with the option of creating new exercises. This watch is also able to autodetect and start tracking 7 activities which are Walking, Running, Cycling, Elliptical training, Rowing, Swimming, and Dynamic workouts. The automatic detection worked well during testing and accurately tracked all my workouts. All I had to do was start doing any of these activities and the smartwatch took care of the rest.

Smartwatch with small bezel

Apart from activity tracking, Galaxy Watch 6 also has advanced health tracking capabilities such as heart rate tracking, Blood pressure monitoring, ECG monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, sleep tracking, stress tracking, period tracking, and even body composition measurement such as skeletal muscle and body fat percentage.

No bezel smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch supports wireless charging which is easy and convenient to use. I just had to place the watch on the charger and it seamlessly started charging. However, the battery life is around one day on a full charge, so you will have to charge it regularly. On a final note, I would say this is a great smartwatch that offers numerous advanced features that are not offered by many smartwatches on the market. So, if you want the thinnest bezel smartwatch from Samsung then this is the best option for you.

There are so many features on this smartwatch that I cannot cover all of them here, so check out our in-depth review video of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

The Good
  • Advanced health tracking
  • ECG and Blood pressure monitoring
  • LTE capabilities
  • Supports NFC
  • Supports Calling
  • Play Store available
The Bad
  • Battery lasts one day
  • ECG and Blood pressure features are available in selected regions

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3. Fitbit Sense 2

Best full screen smartwatch

Well known for its sleep and fitness tracking capabilities, Fitbit is a name that needs no introduction. So, it won’t be wrong to say that sleep tracking is the forte of the Fitbit Sense 2 as it offers unmatched sleep analysis without wearing a dedicated wearable sleep tracker. This full-screen smartwatch with the smallest bezel from Fitbit is one of the latest and smartest yet.

The watch has a square face, which makes it stand apart from the smartwatches with a round face, and from watches with rectangle bezel-less watches as well, which the market is flooded with. We found the display quality of its screen to be very good. It displays everything bright, crisp, and colorful. The touch sensitivity of this thin bezel smartwatch is really good and we did not have any issues using it.

As discussed, it offers a very deep sleep analysis, and to get it all you need to do is install the Fitbit app on your smartphone. After that, you would be able to monitor how much sleep you are getting, the various sleep cycles you go through during the night, and track your deep, REM, and Light sleep. Along with that, the watch can also measure your skin temperature as well as the effect of stress on your body.

Additionally, while sleeping this watch can track your blood oxygen level (SpO2) as well as heart rate and alert you if it goes below certain levels. The watch can also take an ECG test and detect any irregular heart rate rhythm. However, this feature is only available in a few countries so make sure to check that your country is supported on the official Fitbit website.

Moreover, Fitbit Sense 2 has a built-in GPS that can track your movement while you are running, hiking, trekking, or doing any outdoor activities. It can also track your sports activities like walking, running, swimming, etc.

What makes this the best full-display smartwatch is that it is protected by Gorilla Glass. It ensures that the watch doesn’t get damaged by occasional hits and bumps on your furniture corners. If you want a unique-looking bezel-less smartwatch then you can go right ahead and purchase this one.

The Good
  • Google Assistant and Alexa built-in
  • Microphone and speaker for calling
  • Fitbit Pay for contactless payments
  • Notification sync for important emails, texts, DMs, etc.
The Bad
  • The side button of the watch gets pressed a lot accidentally
  • ECG feature is available only in a few countries

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4. Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

We cannot make any best smartwatch list without including a smartwatch that is compatible with the iPhone. The Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest smartwatch by Apple that comes with an always-on Retina LTPO OLED display. This small bezel smartwatch by Apple has a better and brighter display than previous generation Apple Watches. It also has an ambient light sensor that dims or increases the brightness according to your surroundings.

Now you won’t need to carry your phone around to enjoy music during workouts or while running as you can enjoy offline music playback on your Apple Watch. However, it is to be noted that the music playback is only supported through Bluetooth-enabled earphones or speakers. This watch can also automatically detect your morning runs, cycling, workouts, and other activities. During testing, the Apple Watch started to detect my workouts within a minute of starting them.

Thin bezel smartwatch

Not just workouts, you can also track your overall health with this watch. I measured my heart rate, ECG, and Blood Oxygen using the Apple Watch Series 9 and got accurate results every time. I also wore it to bed to track my sleep, and in the morning it showed me comprehensive sleep data in an easy-to-understand manner.

Smartwatch with smallest bezel

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about missing important calls, as with the cellular variant of the Apple Watch Series 9 you will be able to make and receive calls without your iPhone. As with the Bluetooth variant, you’ll be able to receive messages, important Emails, Instagram notifications, and much more even when your iPhone is not nearby. Furthermore, you can also reply to these messages easily by using the Dictation (Voice to Text) feature. This makes the Apple Watch Series 9 one of the best smartwatches for texting and emails.

Calling On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 9 is powered by the new S9 chip with a 64-bit dual-core processor. Thanks to this power chip, the Apple Watch Series 9 is capable of having cutting-edge features, one example is the new Double Tap feature. I found this feature to be a game-changer.

Double tap allowed me to perform primary action in many situations by tapping my thumb and index finger together twice without even needing to touch the screen. I was able to pick up and end calls, reply to incoming text messages, pause and resume timers, snooze alarms, and much more. And thanks to the new S9 chip, the Double Tap feature can remain active in the background throughout the day with negligible battery consumption.

Double Tap feature on Apple Watch

This is easily one of the best smartwatches that comes with built-in NFC capabilities which allow you to make payments on the go without needing your phone. I was able to easily add my cards to Apple Pay and make payments using it.

NFC on Apple Watch

And just like the Galaxy Watch, you can also install a bunch of different apps on your Apple Watch Series 9 using the App Store. I was able to install Google Maps, YouTube Music, Shazam, Spotify, and more apps onto this watch.

Smartwatch without bezel

All in all, it is the best thin bezel smartwatch for iOS users and I mean for iOS users only. I say this because even though this watch has so many features that I would need a separate article for it, it lacks the ability to connect to an Android watch.

You can also check out our long-term review video for the Apple Watch Series 9.

The Good
  • Always on Retina LTPO OLED display
  • Double Tap feature
  • Water Resistance of 50 meters
  • Supports NFC
  • Comprehensive health tracking
The Bad
  • Average battery life of about 1 full day
  • Does not support Android devices

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5. Amazfit GTS 4

Amazfit GTS 4

The next smartwatch without a bezel that we have for you is Amazfit GTS 4. If you are a fan of square-shaped watches like the Apple Watch and don’t want to spend big on smartwatches then take a look at Amazfit GTS 4. This watch is made by Amazfit and is the successor to their GTS 3.

Amazfit GTS 4 smartwatch features one of the best small bezel displays found under the sub $300 price category. The display on the watch is a 1.75 inches AMOLED screen which ensures that the watch is crisp and sharp to read.

Besides the amazing display, the watch also comes with health and fitness tracking features. With GTS 4, you will be able to track your heart rate 24*7, blood oxygen levels, and even monitor your stress.

Moreover, this watch also awards users PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) points for doing daily fitness activities. Points that you will earn will directly indicate your overall fitness levels. Moreover, these points get reset to zero after every week and they also get more difficult to earn overtime as your fitness level improves.

Talking about sports tracking, it can track your run, treadmill, trail running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, pool swimming, and other sports activities. After that, you can sync your sports and fitness activity to your phone by installing Zepp app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Besides that, the watch also has a sleep tracking function that can accurately monitor and analyze your sleep cycle. You can also keep a journal of your pre-sleep activity on the app and log your morning mood. The watch would assign you a sleep score depending on the overall quality and duration of your sleep.

Overall if you are looking for an affordable rectangle-shaped bezel-less watch then Amazfit GTS 4 is the smartwatch for you.

The Good
  • Bluetooth calling
  • Can measure SpO2 level
  • Supports both Android and iOS devices
  • 150+ sports modes tracking
  • AMOLED display
The Bad
  • A limited number of third-party apps are available

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6. Fossil Gen 6

Fossil Gen 6

The next smartwatch with a thin bezel on this list is the Fossil Gen 6. It is a perfect bezel less display smartwatch for those who prefer a smartwatch with fashionable and stylish look. Nonetheless, looks aren’t the only thing going for the watch as it sports a Snapdragon 4100+ processor and 1GB of RAM for smooth performance.

Moreover, the watch is powered by Wear OS so you get access to hundreds of apps like Google Maps, and Accuweather on the Play Store. And, 8GB of onboard storage ensures that you can install as many apps as you want without running out of storage.

Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch comes with Google Pay so you can make contactless payments while maintaining social distancing. Also, the watch has Google Assistant so you can get the latest sports updates while you are on a date. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to pick up calls over Bluetooth.

Along with being a full-touch screen smartwatch, it also has two buttons and a crown that helps in operating the watch, You can use the crown to read notifications and scroll through text or menu without worrying about a finger blocking the screen. Also, two buttons are located below and above the crown. These buttons are user-programmable so you can program them to launch any app of your choice.

Talking about the battery life, a single charge would only last you 1 to 2 days max. Luckily for us, you also get a rapid charger that would charge the watch up to 80% within an hour.

On a final note, we would recommend this bezel-less smartwatch to those who like good-looking watches and won’t mind the average battery life of the watch.

The Good
  • Fashionable smartwatch
  • Notification sync
  • Rapid fast charger to charge watch up to 80% in an hour
  • Google Pay for contactless payments

The Bad
  • Basic sports and fitness tracking
  • Average 1-2 days battery life

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7. Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

If you are an athlete looking for the best sports full-screen smartwatch then Garmin Venu 2 Plus is made for you. This watch comes with advanced training features that show you various exercises with instructions that you can do through animations on the screen.

Moreover, it also has an automatic rep count feature which can automatically count all of your reps in the gym. However, it is not super accurate in counting your rep but you can edit it later in the Garmin Connect app.

If you are a runner then Garmin Venu 2 Plus will offer one of the best analysis that you can find on smartwatches in the market. It can track your speed, steps per minute, avg and max speed, distance covered, heart rate, and a lot more at the same time. You can use that data to prepare for the upcoming marathon and work on improving your performance.

Not everyone can improve their performance without any external help and that’s why the watch also has a feature called Garmin Coach. As the name suggests, it is a program that would help you train and prepare for the marathon. All you have to do is enable it on the watch and it will create a training plan to help you reach your goal. Moreover, the program would adapt according to your progress so if you are finding it to be easy then your training plan would become difficult based on your fitness.

Besides sports tracking, Garmin Venu 2 Plus also has smart features like Garmin Pay for contactless payment. You can also download apps like Uber, Amazon Prime Music, and Spotify on the watch through Connect IQ Store.

Overall, this is a great no-bezel watch, which offers good battery life despite being loaded with so many features. On a single charge, Garmin Vennu 2 Plus will easily last for 4-5 days.

The Good
  • In-depth sports and fitness activity analysis
  • Sleep and stress tracking
  • Respiration tracking to monitor your breathing
  • GPS chip for outdoor activity tracking
  • Supports both Android and iOS devices

The Bad
  • You need to use Garmin Connect App to get the best out of the watch
  • Expensive

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Final Verdict

So these were all the best full touch screen smartwatches with small bezels or edge-to-edge displays. So we would recommend going with the watch that provides the best combination of features along with a display of your preference. Every watch on the list has its own unique trait so choose the one that you feel is a priority for you.

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