9 Best G-Shock Alternatives From Affordable To Most Expensive

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If I ask you this question, “which watch brand do you consider Nokia of watches?” then which brand comes to your mind? Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about G-Shock watches. Everyone loves G-Shock and wants to own one.

G-Shock is the short form of Gravitational Shock. G-Shock was envisioned by Casio engineer Kikuo in 1981 when he lost a pocket watch that was given to him by his father. Hence he went on to create a watch that would last longer creating G Shock. Today it is a well-respected watch brand and is universally loved by everyone.

G-Shock is just too good for outdoor sports and activities with its unmatched durability. But it also lacks some features that are also essential for some users. Or some users just want to try something new or stand out of the ordinary. So I went and found out some of the closest and best G-Shock alternatives for you.

I have shortlisted only those G-Shock like watches that are unique and comes close to G-Shock durability parameters and provide some unique or essential features.

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Comparison Table For Best Watches Like G-Shock





Best G-Shock Alternative

watches like g shock Casio Pro Trek


  • Can be charged using sunlight

  • Has Altimeter, Barometer, & Compass

  • Atomic timekeeping feature for accurate timekeeping

Affordable Watch Similar To G-Shock

Timex iron man

Timex Ironman Classic 100

  • 24 hr military time mode

  • 100-meter water-resistant

  • Swimproof

  • 10-year battery life

Best Smartwatch Like G-Shock

T-Rex 2

Amazfit T-Rex 2

  • Comes with 150+ sports profiles

  • Water resistant up to 100m underwater

  • Can be operated by only using buttons 

  • 6-7 days battery life even on heavy use

Feature Loaded Casio G-Shock Alternative

rugged suunto core

 Suunto Core

  • Inbuilt Compass, Altimeter, Barometer

  • Storm alarm

  • Up to 12 months battery life

  • 30m water resistant

Best G-Shock Alternatives For You

1. Timex Ironman Classic 100

Timex iron man

One of the many reasons people prefer G-Shock is that they can handle a lot of abuse, and still remain unscathed. But finding reasonably priced watches similar to G-Shock that have the perfect balance between price and features is difficult.

At least that’s what you must have thought, so allow me to interest you in Timex Ironman Classic 100. It has definitely got the looks, let’s see how it performs in other departments for you.

This watch comes with a stopwatch function that can time you for 100 hours continuously, and you can record activities 100 different times. Moreover, this G-Shock competition allows you to recall up to 100 laps which is impressive.

You can also switch the watch from 12 to 24 hour military time mode. So if you are someone who is in the military and looking for a decent watch then go for it. Furthermore, the watch is water-resistant up to 100m. And, I was able to wear it while doing recreational swimming without any worries but it is not suitable for diving.

Timex claims a battery life of 10 years which can vary depending on the usage. It also has an INDIGLO backlight which made sure I was able to read the time even in dark.

Moreover, the watch has a big and clear display. It ensured that I was able to read time just by a quick glance. Overall it’s a good durable watch accompanied by nice looks. So if you happen to be looking for a cheaper alternative to G-Shock then go for it.

The Good
  • Program up to 9 intervals
  • Good for athletes
  • Perfect for most adventures- swim, run, camping, working out, etc.
The Bad
  • The excess strap remains out for users with a small wrist
  • Not compatible with third party bands
  • Average alarm sound

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2. Amazfit T-Rex 2

T-Rex 2

The second watch on my list is one of the best G-Shock alternative smartwatches that makes no compromises. It can survive extreme temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit & upward of 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that, this watch is shock, salt water, & ice resistant as well. Now you might be wondering who has $500 for a smartwatch but let me tell you it only costs $190 at the time of writing.

I also loved the fact that this watch doesn’t compromises on any modern smartwatch features. It features Amazfit’s third-generation Bio Tracker 3.0 heart rate sensor. Using it, I was able to track my blood oxygen, stress, breath per minute, heart beat per minute, & sleep. During my usage, I found the accuracy of Amazfit T-Rex 2 to be quite impressive. You can watch my Amazfit T-Rex 2 GPS accuracy test video below to more about the watch’s performance.

Besides health tracking, Amazfit comes with its fair share of smart features as well. Like I was able to read my notification & use quick reply feature to reply to my text messages on an Android device. There is also a music control app & widget that allowed me to control media playback on my phone as well.

I would have loved it if Amazfit would have provided onboard storage for music playback on the watch. Similarly, Amazfit lacks support for various third party apps like Spotify, Komoot, & various other popular apps. However, since you are looking for a watch similar to G-Shock, you should be fine. It has way better app support than G-Shock watches.

Now if you are asking how it can be the best G-Shock alternative since this watch would require to be charged every other day. My answer to you will be that I used the watch extensively & even with heavy usage Amazfit T-Rex 2 lasted me 6 to 7 days. You can watch my review to know more about the day-to-day performance of the watch.

The Good
  • Reasonably priced rugged smartwatch
  • Supports external Bluetooth chest strap
  • Has 5 navigation satellite support for outdoor workout tracking
  • Can be used using only buttons as well
  • Amazing battery life of 1 week on heavy usage

The Bad
  • Limited apps are available on App Store
  • Some apps & features not supported on iOS device
  • No onboard music storage

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3. Suunto Core

rugged suunto core

It is hard to convince G-Shock enthusiasts that smartwatches today are as reliable as some of the G-Shock watches. But today smartwatches can match G-Shock in most departments and even beat them in some.

The next G-Shock alternative that I used is Suunto Core which is a rugged & durable watch from Suunto. It is tailor-made for adventurers as it comes with a barometer that tracks air pressure changes to predict storms. This feature is called the Storm alarm which I found useful when I went out fishing, trekking, & camping.

In my opinion, one department where Suunto Core could have been better is the waterproofing department. To be fair, despite being only water resistant up to 30m Suunto Core is capable enough to do snorkeling up to 10m underwater. I have reviewed plenty of watches for snorkeling to tell you that even most 50m water-resistant watches cannot survive 10m underwater snorkeling.

Ignoring the IP rating & moving on to the build, Suunto Core bezels are made up of aluminum and the strap is made of elastomer. This ensured that this G-Shock competitor’s watch withstood my day-to-day abuse with ease. Suunto Core also sports a negative display making it suitable for military application.

I also found the compass and altimeter handy whenever I went out. Still not convinced? Then let me tell you, this watch also uses a coin cell battery so you won’t need to carry a power bank on camping trips.

Moreover, the company claims a single battery would last you 12 months but I would say that it will entirely depend on your usage. It can easily range from somewhere between 1 to 9 months, and 12 months seems a bit of stretch.

The Good
  • Good Battery Life
  • Feature-packed
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Not Smartphone dependent
The Bad
  • Dark Display
  • Not suitable for diving and scuba

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4. Nixon Regulus

Nixon Regulus watch

Most military personnel prefer G-Shock watches simply because they are robust, lightweight, and extremely durable. This similar to G-Shock watch by Nixon is designed by taking suggestions from U.S. Special Forces Operations Personnel. It can go head to head with G-Shock when it comes to durability. In fact, when it comes to scuba diving watches, Nixon might be the biggest competitor of G-Shock watches.

For instance, this G-Shock alternative watch has 100m water resistance which ensured that water will never be my enemy. It also has a silent mode so this watch will never blow your cover. Furthermore, I was also able to adjust the LED screen brightness according to my preference and believe me the screen can be made extremely dim. These features makes this a pretty good tactical watch at a decent price.

Five-year battery life also ensures that you won’t have to worry about the battery dying on you anytime soon. No, its features don’t end here. Nixon Regulus also has a dual chronograph which allows you to accurately track time. No matter what type of terrain you take this watch into, it can easily withstand it.

Nixon Regulus is reasonably priced and offers a good price to performance ratio. It is probably one of the best G-Shock alternative watches geared toward military users. It is also made of shock-absorbent material so rest assured it can take a hit.

The Good
  • Perfect for military users
  • Display LED for covert locations
  • Rough and tough
The Bad
  • Very basic functionalities for price

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SKMEI cheap g shock alternative

If you are looking for a watch like G-Shock that will not put a dent in your pocket, then SKMEI is the one for you. Some might even say this is the best G-Shock copy available on the market. SKMEI has come a long way and is no longer considered as just another Chinese watch brand.

It is the most affordable and most featured packed G-Shock alternative present on the list. First and foremost this G Shock competitor is unbelievably durable and I took it for running, climbing, hiking, etc. Further, this watch is water-resistant up to 30m so simple splashes or rain weren’t much of an issue for me.

Not only that but this watch also has an inbuilt compass so you will not get lost in your next adventure. Moreover, SKMEI watch also has an altimeter, barometer, activity tracker, and weather forecast feature. So you will always be prepared for any adventure.

With so many sensors I was always prepared for adventure with the watch. Barometer helped me track atmospheric changes which can cause sudden weather changes. I ensured that I never got caught in the storm while wearing the watch.

It also has a pedometer function so you can track your steps, calories burned, and can even store 7-day data.

The watch can display time in both 12 and 24 hr time mode so I was also able to read the time in military time. It also has a dual time zone function which allowed me to track two time zones at once while traveling.

On a final note, I would say that what makes it better than most affordable G-Shock watches is the altimeter, barometer, & activity tracking. This Casio G-Shock alternative is truly your outdoor partner. No matter the terrain, this watch will not let you down and at this price, I couldn’t have asked for more.

The Good
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Not smartphone-dependent
  • Decent performance
The Bad
  • Non-English instruction manual
  • Average durability for the price

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6. Garmin Instinct 2

Garmin Instinct 2 similar to G-Shock

Rugged watches are good but smartwatches are the latest in trend. In fact, you can even buy G-Shock Bluetooth watches with smart features today. However, they are usually quite expensive & no match for modern smartwatches in terms of features & accuracy.

So if you are looking for a watch that is similar to G-Shock but is a fully-featured smartwatch then Garmin Instinct 2 is the watch for you. This watch will satisfy both your inner technophile and adventurer present in you.

Compared to a regular smartwatch this watch is highly shock, heat, & water resistant. There is also a Solar tactical edition of the watch which meets the military-grade standard. Not to mention, the tactical edition is also a solar-powered smartwatch.

I also liked that this watch supports several navigation systems like GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. This allowed me to track my outdoor runs, hike, cycling, & other activities accurately.

Similarly, since this is an advanced multisport watch from Garmin I was also able to track my swimming. This G Shock alternative can track open water & pool swimming. After that, it gave an advanced analysis of my swimming which included metrics like strokes, swim efficiency, stroke distance, & calories burned.

No matter whether I was hiking, cycling, swimming, or skateboarding this watch was all I needed. This smartwatch also has a great battery life of up to 21 days when used in smartwatch mode, 22 hours when used in GPS mode, and 25 days in Expedition mode.

Another feature that made me love this watch is the fact that it comes in small & large sizes. So this will be a good watch for small wrists as the smaller variant features a 40mm dial. So if you are a woman looking for a G-Shock alternative then go with Garmin Instinct 2S variant. The bigger variant has a 45mm dial which is perfect watch for big wrists.

Moreover, the watch comes with smartwatch features like notifications alerts, calendars, find my phone, music control, heart rate activity, etc. It will be an all-in-one smartwatch for you.

The Good
  • Multi sports tracking watch
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Available in 40mm & 45mm size
  • Offers heart rate, sleep, & blood oxygen tracking
  • Good battery life of the watch

The Bad
  • Offers G-Shock like display which is not popular on smartwatches

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7. Luminox Navy Seal

G Shock vs Luminox

You can’t talk about G-Shock and not bring Luminox into the conversation. Just like G-Shock was made keeping durability in mind, the Luminox Navy Seal watch series was made keeping navy seals in mind.

As the name of the watch suggests it is designed for Navy Seals so calling it durable might be an understatement. Luminox came with tempered scratch-resistant mineral crystal ensuring that the watch face is not damaged or scratched easily during my daily usage. For the price, I would have loved to see sapphire glass for protection but it was decent enough for my use.

Since Navy Seal watches are designed keeping marines in mind it is water-resistant up to 200m. So you can take this watch deep underwater without having to worry about the watch. I was able to read the time deep underwater as watch hands and watch face illuminates in the dark. And, believe me, Luminox offers one of the luminous coating on watches.

In head to head competition of Luminox vs G-Shock, both are equal in terms of durability and performance. For instance, this watch is a chronograph watch so you can use it to time activities like a stopwatch on G-Shock.

Luminox Navy Seal is designed while keeping warriors in mind who are on active duty and putting their lives on the line. Therefore, just like our warriors, it can take a punch. So if you happen to be looking for a rugged outdoor G-Shock alternative watch that is unique and also has a deep history behind it then I recommend Luminox Navy Seal.

The Good
  • Extremely Durable
  • Illuminating watch hand and face
  • Water-resistant
  • Good looks
The Bad
  • Expensive
  • Analog only

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8. Casio PRO TREK

watches like g shock Casio Pro Trek

Casio also the maker of G-Shock needs no introduction. Casio might be the biggest competitor for G-Shock themselves. Their PRO TREK series is some of the best watches that you can go for right now.

The next watch I have selected is Casio PRO TREK PRW-3510Y-8CR. This one has mineral glass which protects the watch from scratches and shocks. So when you go out on an adventure, you don’t have to worry about the watch.

Similarly, forget about the battery as this G-Shock competitor’s watch can also use solar energy to charge itself. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying on you. It also has atomic timekeeping so it can automatically adjust local day time savings in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China.

Moreover, the watch’s 200m water-resistant rating that ensured I can take this watch for fishing, swimming, surfing, & snorkeling. It also has a barometric alarm that informs about sudden changes in atmospheric pressure which are extremely useful when out on a boat or hiking.

Despite having a negative display the watch has very good visibility under direct sunlight. It has a triple sensor from Casio. What it basically does is combines Barometer/Thermometer, Altimeter, and digital compass. This triple sensor is very accurate in predicting any changes in weather.

Not only that but the watch also has a striking resemblance to G-Shock and is overall the best alternative to G-Shock watches.

The Good
  • Feature loaded
  • G-Shock like look
  • Sharp Display
  • Barometric alarm
The Bad
  • Negative display
  • Hard to read for some users

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9. Seiko Prospex PADI

Alternative to g shock

Seiko watches are considered to be one of the best watches that money can buy. They provide the best price-to-performance ratio when compared to other brands. The closest competition they have are usually other popular Japanese brands.

For instance, take this Seiko Prospex Padi which is also a great Casio G-Shock alternative into consideration. This is an Anadigi watch from them which means it provides features of both analog & digital watches. So you can read the time in both analog and digital format.

Similarly, it also has features that are available on G-Shock watches as well. Using the watch, you can time your activity for up to 100 hours, set alarm, & check calendar.

Another spec that makes this watch like G-Shock is the 200m water resistant rating which means you can go diving wearing this G-Shock competitor watch. Like all diving watches this one too has big hour markers & the watch hands on the dial. They have a Lumi Brite coating that ensures you can read the dial in extremely low light. I found this watch to have the best luminous coating out of all the other watches on the list.

Moving on to the battery, I found the watch’s battery to last around 5 months while I used the watch. On paper, it might sound like subpar battery life but worry not as you can charge the watch using the sunlight & keep using the watch. If that’s not an issue for you then this is definitely one of the good watches that are similar to G Shock.

The Good
  • Offers good readability in low light
  • Dedicated backlight LED to read the digital screen at night
  • Suitable for diving
  • Has a unidirectional rotating bezel
  • The screw-down crown protects the watch from water damage

The Bad
  • Little expensive
  • Battery life without exposure to the sun could have been better

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Alternative To G-Shock

1. Durability

One thing to consider before choosing any watch is to see if it is durable enough for your outdoor adventures. For example, SKMEI  is pretty durable but it might not withstand the pressure that Timex or Luminox watch is able to withstand.

2. Features

If smartwatch features are a must for you then you should go with Suunto, if you are looking for a simple rugged watch with a stopwatch go with Timex or Luminox.

3. Waterproof

If you are a swimmer or a diver then make sure you check the water-resistance of the watch before purchasing. 50m water resistance is enough for swimming. But if you are a diver then we would recommend going with a watch that is 200m water-resistant. Luminox Navy seal will be perfect for divers.


What Watches Are Better Than G-Shock?

There is no direct rival to G-Shock when it comes to its ruggedness, features, price, etc. But you can get Timex, PRO TREK, Suunto Core which beats G-shock in some departments like price, features.

Why Is G Shock So Popular?

G Shock is known as the world's toughest watch. G Shock DW5600E-1 is listed in the Guinness Book for the same. They have an extremely robust build quality and aren't easy to break and withstand heavy abuse.

Is G Shock Worth Buying?

Absolutely yes, G Shock offers unmatched performance because the original purpose of the G Shock watch was to be unbreakable. There are only a few watches that can last your lifetime and G Shock is one of them.

Is My G Shock Waterproof?

Yes, all G Shock watches are water-resistant up to 200m.

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