Casio G-Shock Vs Baby-G Differences You Should Know

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So you are looking for a rugged durable watch and you stumble upon G-Shock and Baby-G watches. Now you might be wondering are they both the same watches or are Baby-G watches as good as G-Shock, who will win in an all-out G-Shock vs Baby-G match, and so on?

We will answer all of your questions just read this article till the end. And we assure you that you will know everything there is to know about both of them.

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Background Of Watches


G-Shock is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Casio. The story begins with an engineer named Kikuo lbe who broke a pocket watch given to him by his father. From this experience, he set out to make watches with triple 10 resistance. Meaning a watch that has 10 years of battery life, 10 bars (100 meters) water resistance, and survive fall from 10 meters height.

Given we are still talking about it means he succeeded in doing what he set out to achieve.

That’s why today, G-Shock watches are known for their durability, ability to take a hit and survive some extreme conditions that other watches simply can’t. It gets better as G-Shock are affordable watches and you can get them for as low as $40.

And these watches have been so successful that by 2017 G-Shock had sold 100 million of them.


Baby G cover

There was a problem with G-Shock watches that they were too big and bulky for women as they usually have small wrists. To solve this problem G-Shock launched Baby-G watches for women. The recipe was still the same, strong durable, reliable, shock resistant, waterproof, and rugged watches but for women with smaller wrists.

Baby-G watches were introduced in 1994 and have become a hit among the masses ever since.

Difference Between G-Shock And Baby-G Watches

Baby G vs G Shock

1. Price

You can find several cheap G-Shock watches on Amazon for as low as $39 however Baby-G watches are usually more expensive than G-Shock watches and the cheapest Baby-G watch would cost you around $49.

Just because G-Shock watches are cheaper doesn’t mean they are slouch in any way. G-Shock also makes several high ends watches that come with Bluetooth connectivity and smart features that aren’t available on Baby-G watches.

2. Style

Talking about the style you can find that Baby-G watches are available in several color combinations. However, G-Shock watches are available in limited color options such as black, white, red, blue, and few others.

3. Physical Differences

There are some notable physical differences in Baby-G watches when compared to G-Shock watches, those are:

  • Features smaller watch face
  • Sports Baby-G branding
  • Has smaller strap
  • Smaller in size compared to G-Shock watches
  • Available in various colors

Baby-G watches are stylish-looking watches that are made keeping women in mind. Baby-G also makes unisex watches so there are several Baby-G watches for boys, girls, and kids. However, the same can’t be said for G-Shock watches as they are the opposite of Baby-G watches. Physical attributes of G-Shock watches when compared to Baby-G are-

  • Features bigger watch face
  • Has G-Shock branding
  • Bigger and wider resin strap
  • Bigger watch dial compared to Baby-G
  • Limited color options

4. Water Resistance

If you are looking for a watch then waterproofing you will find that all G-Shock watches water resistance up to 200m and there are even some ISO certified watches for divers.

Whereas most Baby-G watches are water-resistant up to 100m and some Baby-G watches with higher price tag also offer 200m water resistance.

5. Features

Talking about features available on the watches there isn’t any huge difference between G-Shock and Baby-G watches at least on entry-level watches. Both G-Shock and Baby- G have basic features like:

  • Calendar till 2099
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Date display
  • Countdown timer
  • El backlight
  • Normal and military time function

This similarity ends when you take a look at high-end expensive G-Shock watches where you can find features like:

  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Solar Charging
  • Step tracking and more

However, it is unfair to compare expensive G-Shock watches with Baby-G as they don’t make expensive watches like G-Shock. High-end Baby-G watches include features like:

  • Moonphase
  • Tide graph
  • Multiple time zone
  • Better water resistance

In the features department, we would say they are evenly matched unless we start comparing Baby-G with G-Shock watches priced over $200. Also having all these features would just increase the size of the Baby-G watches hence defeating the purpose of smaller Baby-G watches.

Watch Comparison

Let’s compare two similarly priced G-Shock and Baby-G to better understand the difference between the two.


G-Shock vs Baby G watches

This G-Shock watch comes with a 55mm watch case and 22mm resin strap. Along with durability it also offers magnetic and shock resistance ensuring the watch keeps working no matter the circumstances.

It has an inbuilt calendar till 2099, alarm function, countdown timer, stopwatch with elapsed time, lap time, and split time. The watch also features LED lights that can be used to read the time in the dark.

Furthermore, you can take this watch with you to the pool or beach as it is 200m water-resistant. The watch features G-Shock’s iconic resin strap that offers a firm grip on your wrist.

Hybrid analog and digital displays ensure that you are able to read the time with ease. The watch has everything that you would expect out of a G-Shock watch great durability, build quality, 2 years of battery life, and more.

The Good
  • Robust build quality
  • Stylish Masculine design
  • Mineral glass for watch face protection
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures
  • Long-lasting watch

The Bad
  • Bigger dial not suitable for small wrist
  • Digital display hard to read in direct sunlight


Baby-G watch

Compared to the previous G-Shock watch this watch sports a 43.4mm watch case and a smaller strap. Also, this Baby-G watch sports a better-looking vibrant dual-tone pink and rose gold-colored dial.

Just because it is smaller in size doesn’t mean it can’t go head to head with G-Shock. It comes with all the features that the above-mentioned G-Shock watch has to offer whether it is a stopwatch function, timer, calendar, alarm, etc.

This watch also has an inbuilt LED backlight that allows you to read the watch in low light.

The only place where this Baby-G watch falls short is water and magnetic resistance. It is only water resistance up to 100m compared to 200m found on the G-Shock. That doesn’t mean this watch is a slouch in any way, you can still go swimming or to the beach wearing the watch.

While available at the same price this watch doesn’t come with magnetic resistance which prevents magnetic waves from interfering with the functioning of the watch hands. But this feature is not present in Baby-G watches.

The Good
  • Smaller watch dial size
  • Perfect for outdoor sports
  • Durable and long-lasting watch
  • Stylish looking
The Bad
  • Baby-G watches only water-resistant up to 100m
  • Baby-G watches don’t offer magnetic resistance

Baby-G Vs G-Shock Comparison Verdict

To sum it up, Baby-G and G-Shock are almost the same with some minor differences like:

  • Baby-G watches are available in several color combinations compared to G-Shock.
  • G-Shock watches offer better waterproofing capabilities.
  • Baby-G watches lack a magnetic resistance plate on the watch that protects them from magnetic interference.
  • And, last but not the least G-Shock watches are cheaper.

Whichever watch you will end up selecting would be a reliable one. Watches from both brands are equally dependable and durable so we don’t think that there should be a winner for this G-Shock Vs Baby-G match.


What Is The Difference Between G-Shock And Baby-G?

G-Shock watches are water-resistant up to 200m whereas Baby-G watches are mostly water-resistant up to 100m. G-Shock sports a bigger dial and strap than Baby-G watches and tends to be the least expensive of the two.

Are Baby-G Smaller Than G-Shock?

Yes, the Baby-G watch features a smaller dial and strap compared to G-Shock watches as they are made for females who generally tend to have a smaller wrist.

How Long Can Baby-G Last?

Baby-G claims to provide battery backup between 10-15 years but expect it to last for 5-6 years.

Are Casio G-Shock Worth It?

Definitely yes, G-Shock watches are made like a tank so therefore they are built to last. And, you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good quality G-Shock watch.

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