Why Is Garmin Express Not Finding My Device? [Fixed]

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Is Garmin Express not able to find your Garmin watch? Do you want to know why Garmin Express does not find your device?

Garmin Express is used to manage your Garmin devices but if it is not able to detect your device then this article is going to be very helpful to you. In this article, I will tell you about all the possible reasons behind it. Not only this but I will also tell you how you can fix this issue.

So keep reading!

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There can be multiple reasons why Garmin Express is not finding your device. These reasons include:
1) USB port of your computer is not working
2) USB cable is not working
3) Garmin Express app is not up to date
4) Software issue in the Garmin Express app

Garmin Express Not Finding Device

Garmin Express Not Finding Device

Garmin Express is a very useful app when it comes to Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers. It helps you keep your device up to date. You can use it to:

  • Update the maps on your watch
  • Sync the activity data to the Garmin Connect account
  • Update the software of your fitness tracker or smartwatch
  • Manage content, and much more.

However, you may face an issue doing all this if Garmin Express is not able to detect your Garmin device. Many people around the world have complained about this issue and chances are very high that you will also face this issue one day or the other. It does not matter whether you use Mac or Windows PC, this can happen to you.

You will connect your Garmin smartwatch to your computer but the Garmin Express simply will not locate the device and you will not be able to perform any task. If you have started facing this problem then don’t worry, just keep reading.

Why Won’t Garmin Express Find My Device?

Let me tell you about all the possible reasons behind this. Once you understand the problem then only you will be able to solve it.

1) USB Cable

Why Won't Garmin Express Find My Device

The main culprit behind this can be the USB cable that you are using to connect your Garmin watch to your computer. If it is not working properly then you will not be able to connect your device to the PC. Hence, Garmin Express will not be able to find your device.

2) USB Port

USB Port

It might also happen that the USB port that you are using is not working. If this is the case then also your PC will not be able to detect the device that is connected to it. And hence, Garmin Express will not detect any device.

3) Garmin Express Is Not Working

It can also happen that the Garmin Express app is not working properly. There can be some software or connection issues with it. If this happens then also it will not be able to connect to your Garmin watch or fitness tracker.

4) Garmin Express Is Not Up To Date

If the Garmin Express app is not up to date then also it will not be able to work properly. And hence will not recognize the connected device.

Fixed: Garmin Express Does Not Find My Device

Garmin Express

Now that you know about the possible reasons behind Garmin Express not finding the device, let us see how the issue can be fixed.

1) Change The USB Cable

If the issue is arising because of the USB cable then you will have to buy a new USB cable and there is no other option.

2) Use Different USB Port

A PC has multiple USB ports, right? Try connecting the device using some other USB port. If Garmin Express is able to recognize the device then it means that the earlier USB port is not working. You can either use another USB port or can get it fixed.

3) Restart Garmin Express

If the Garmin Express app is having some software issues then restarting it should solve the issue. You can also try restarting your computer to solve the issue. After restarting the computer, launch the Garmin Express app and try connecting your device to it.

4) Update Garmin Express

As discussed, if Garmin Express is not up to date then also you can face this issue. Therefore, you should also update the Garmin Express app. Updating the app should solve this issue.

5) Uninstall Garmin Express

If nothing seems to solve the issue, then you should uninstall the Garmin Express app and reinstall it again. If there was any problem with the Garmin Express app then this will solve it. And the app will now be able to find your Garmin device.

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Why Wont My Computer Find My Garmin Device?

There can be multiple reasons why your computer is not able to find your Garmin device. 1. Your USB Cable is not working 2. Your USB port is not working 3. The Garmin Express app is not working

How Do I Get My Computer To Recognize My Garmin?

You can do the following things to get Garmin Express to recognize your Garmin. 1. Change the USB Cable 2. Change the USB port 3. Update the Garmin Express app 4. Uninstall and reinstall the Garmin Express app

Do Garmin Express Need Updation?

Yes, you need to update the Garmin Express app regularly to make it run smoothly.

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