Garmin Not Showing Map Detail (Fixed)

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Is your Garmin not showing map detail of your activities?

If you are unable to see the map data of your activities in your Garmin Connect account then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will share with you why is it happening and how you can fix it.

So without any further ado, let’s start!

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Sometimes you might not be able to see the map details of your activities on your Garmin Connect account. And this can be because of many reasons and two of the most common reasons are:
1) Your activity does not use GPS
2) GPS signals were not available

Why Is My Garmin Not Showing Map Details?

Garmin Not Showing Map Details

Garmin watches are very popular among athletes and fitness freaks around the world. And it is mainly used by runners. And if you are a runner too then I am sure you also own a Garmin smartwatch or fitness tracker.

I know how important it is for runners to track their runs. And one of the important metrics to track is the track details or the GPS detail of the track that they run on.

However, many people around the world have reported that they are not able to see the map detail of their activities in their Garmin accounts. So why is it happening, and what is the reason behind it?

Well, according to Garmin, it can be because of multiple reasons, let us look at them one by one.

1) No GPS Usage

This is the first and foremost reason behind your Garmin not showing map data for an activity. If you have selected an activity that does not make use of your GPS then you will not get map details. For eg., if you select Treadmill as an activity then you will not get any map data with your activity stats. Because you are running at only one place and not moving outdoors.

2) GPS Is Off

Another possible reason can be that the GPS of your Garmin is turned off. Even if you have selected an activity that uses GPS then also you will not get any map details if the smartwatch GPS is turned off. If the GPS is off then your watch will not know what route you took or how far did you go.

3) No GPS Signal

It might also happen that your Garmin is not receiving GPS signals and is not able to connect to the GPS. If this happens then again your smartwatch will not have any map data to show you.

4) Software Issue

This can also be possible because of some software glitch on your smartwatch or fitness tracker. If there is an issue with the software then also your Garmin will not be able to use the GPS or it might not be able to sync map details with your account.

Fixed: Garmin Not Showing Map Details

Garmin GPS

Now that you know why your Garmin is not showing map data, let us look at how you can fix it.

1) Select An Outdoor Activity

The first thing that you should do is select an outdoor activity profile like running, cycling, etc. Outdoor activities mainly use the GPS of the watch and as a result, you will be able to see the map detail on your Garmin Connect account.

2) Turn On The GPS

Before starting your outdoor activity, make sure that the GPS of your smartwatch is turned on. As discussed, without GPS, you will not get map detail with your activity stats.

3) GPS Signals

Do outdoor activities where your watch can get GPS signals, probably somewhere in the open where there are not many buildings or trees. If it is not able to receive GPS signals then the GPS is as good as nothing.

4) Force Restart

If you are facing any GPS issues with your Garmin then you can perform a force restart on it. Force restart will solve the GPS signal receiving issues or map syncing issues.

5) Update Your Garmin

The outdated software of your Garmin can also cause your smartwatch to not receive GPS signals or sync map data properly. Therefore, you should update the Garmin Connect app as well as your watch operating system.

Does Garmin Use GPS To Track Every Activity?

Garmin Sports Profiles

No, as discussed, Garmin does not use GPS to track every activity. GPS is only used when you are doing an activity that includes moving outdoors. These activities can be outdoor running, cycling, hiking, trekking, etc.

Once you do these activities then the GPS of your smartwatch will be used to track them. And you will get the track and map information in your Garmin Connect account with various other stats.

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Does Garmin Connect Show Map Details?

Yes, Garmin Connect will show map details if you have done an outdoor activity like running or cycling.

Why Is My Garmin Not Showing Map For Full Run?

Your Garmin is not showing the map for the full run because it might have happened that the GPS was not available throughout your run.

Does Garmin Watch Come With A Multiple Navigation Satellite System?

Yes, most of the Garmin watches come with multiple satellite navigation like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.

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