What Is The Green Sticker On The Back Of A Rolex?

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If you are looking to buy a Rolex then you might have noticed a green sticker on the back of the watch. However, you would have also noticed quickly that some watches have this sticker & some don’t. So if you are getting a good deal on a certain Rolex model but it lacks the green sticker on the back then should you buy it?

And, does removing the green sticker on the back of Rolex void your warranty? I will be answering all of your questions related to the iconic green stickers on the back of Rolex watches in this article.

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What Is The Green Sticker On The Back Of A Rolex?

I am sure a sticker on new watches is not surprising for anyone. It is done intentionally by watchmakers to make counterfeiting more difficult & tedious. However, this method doesn’t work in the long run as any kind of sticker can be easily replicated.

That’s why some manufacturers even adopt the policy of constantly changing the holographic sticker. So by the time the copied sticker is mass-produced, it becomes outdated. And, the sticker that you see on the back of the Rolex watches was made originally with similar intentions.

There are quite a few types of green stickers that Rolex has used on its watches over the years. Stickers along with code on the bracelet of Rolex made spotting a fake Rolex easy.

green sticker on back of Rolex watch

However, both the practices have been stopped by Rolex & instead evolved in a different way. So let’s discuss the types of stickers found on the Rolex watches and how it has evolved over the years.

They have been especially useful in assessing the watch’s condition when the seller claims, “it is a safe watch”. But there are a few nuances that you need to know about them first.

1. Rolex Holographic Green Caseback Sticker

Initially, Rolex used the green hologram sticker on the back of their watches. This green holographic Rolex sticker produces a 3D effect showcasing the Rolex symbol & name written all over when looked at from different angles.

However, these holographic stickers are no longer used on new Rolex watches.

2. Rolex Sticker With Number

There are some Rolex watches that also come with numbers written on the back. So if you are looking at a Rolex watch with a green sticker with engravings of 16233 number then it means that’s the watch’s model number. This is not consistent practice across the board for all Rolex watches and is no longer used by Rolex.

3. Rolex Transparent Sticker With Green Color Segment

Over the years Rolex stickers become more transparent instead of the light green holographic stickers found on older watches. Still, there is a green color segment on the corner of the watch. Personally, I like this look better as it doesn’t obstruct the view of the case back. And, whether you are purchasing a Rolex for using it or for a future investment you should be able to admire it.

4.  Rolex Sticker With Red Line

If you come across a Rolex watch with a transparent sticker with a red line across the segment then it means the watch has been serviced. It is important to maintain your watch and the red sticker is installed on Rolex watches after a service.

Do Real Rolex Watches Have A Hologram Sticker On The Back?

It depends on the watch, if it is a brand new watch then it will have a transparent sticker with a green segment at the corner. However, it is also possible that you find a used watch with no sticker on it as it is supposed to be removed from the watch. In fact, Rolex wants its dealers to remove all the stickers from the watch before handing it to you.

A green sticker in no way is supposed to be the proof of authenticity. And, you can even buy the sticker for a couple of bucks on the various e-commerce platforms.

So if you are someone who is buying a Rolex then you should ask for the original papers first. If the seller claims that they have lost the Rolex papers then I would recommend getting the watch inspected by a professional watchmaker. You can also check our spot a fake Rolex watch guide as it will help you ascertain the authenticity of the Rolex watch.

Can I Remove Green Rolex Sticker & Will It Void My Warranty?

You can remove the green Rolex sticker from your watch, it will not void your warranty.

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Final Verdict

So now you understand the reason behind the green sticker on the back of your Rolex watch. If you were on the fence on whether or not you should peel the sticker then hopefully I was able to inspire you to do that. I won’t be surprised if you choose not to do that as some Rolex users love to baby their watches.


Does Rolex Come With Sticker On The Back?

Yes, the back of the Rolex does come with a transparent sticker with a green segment on its corner.

Should I Remove The Rolex Sticker On The Back?

According to guidelines from Rolex, authorized sellers of Rolex watches need to remove all the stickers from the watch before handing it to the customer. So if you get your hands on one with stickers, you can do whatever you want with the sticker. It won't increase or decrease the value of your Rolex.

Should My Rolex Have Green Sticker On The Back?

If you're purchasing a new Rolex then original papers are more important than the green sticker on the back. And, if it is used Rolex watch then worry not as the sticker is meant to be removed and doesn't necessarily indicate damage or validate the watch's authenticity.

What Does The Red Stripe Sticker On The Back Of The Rolex Watch Indicate?

The red stripe sticker on the back of a Rolex watch indicates that it has been serviced.

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