How Do I Know Which Fitbit I Have?

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Fitbit is a top brand for fitness tracking and they are famous for their design and providing accurate data on fitness tracking. They have different models with different features and prices. But it can be difficult to figure out which Fitbit model you have, especially if you are new to the brand. If you are thinking how do I know which Fitbit I have then follow this guide. I will show you different ways to find out the exact model of your Fitbit device.

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If you want to identify which Fitbit model you have then you can check the following sources: Fitbit Box, purchase receipt, device settings, Fitbit app, search model number on the internet, find an identical device on the Fitbit product page, use Google Fast Pair and Google Lens. If you still cannot find your Fitbit model using the above methods then you can post your query “How Do I Know Which Fitbit I Have” with the Fitbit image on the community forum or you can connect with Fitbit support.

How Do I Know What Fitbit I Have?

There are lots of ways that can help you to find out which Fitbit model you have. You can figure out your Fitbit watch model with the help of these methods.

Check The Fitbit Box

First, start by checking your Fitbit box. When you buy a Fitbit, you should receive a box that contains your Fitbit watch. By checking the box, you can find all the information about your Fitbit watch, including its model. In my case, I can see Fitbit Versa 3 written on the Fitbit watch do i know which fitbit i have

Check Purchase Receipt

If you have your Fitbit purchase slip then you can check the model name and number of your Fitbit. Every purchase bill or invoice prints the product name with the model, quantity, and price on it.

Check Fitbit Device Settings

Find out what Fitbit you have by using it. Here are the steps to follow if you want to tell which Fitbit model you have:

  • Hold your watch and then go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on to tell what fitbit i have
  • Now, tap on Regulatory information.
  • Here you get the Model Number. I found MODEL FB511 in my can i tell what fitbit i have

Know What Fitbit You Have By Its Model Number

Some Fitbit watches have the model on the backside. Check the backside to identify the Fitbit watch model. If you did not find the information about the Fitbit model there then try searching for the model number you obtained from the watch settings on the internet. You will get all the information about the Fitbit model name through this method.identify Fitbit watch model name

Check Fitbit App

With the help of the Fitbit app, you can get the model name of your Fitbit. Additionally, you can easily find the model number by searching the Fitbit model name on Google. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Fitbit app on your Phone.
  • Tap on the Profile icon.
  • You will see Model Name. Versa 3 is in my to find out what fitbit i have
  • Search the model name on Google and get the model number.

Check The Fitbit Product Page

Visit the Fitbit product page and identify the Fitbit watch that is identical to yours. Once you find an identical Fitbit watch, you can check its model name and model number.

Use Google Fast Pair

With the help of Google Fast Pair, you can get your Fitbit model name and number but this method is specific to Android devices. Also, ensure that Google Play notifications are enabled.

To proceed, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Bring your Fitbit watch near your phone to establish a connection.
  • A pop-up message will appear on your mobile screen with the information about the Fitbit model name.

Use Google Lens

With the help of Google Lens, you can search for your Fitbit image on Google. You will find identical products, and from there, you can gather more information about your Fitbit watch. To do this, you need to install the Google Lens app. After installing it, open the app and search for your Fitbit watch by taking a photo of it.

Use Fitbit Community Forum

Every brand usually has a community forum where users help each other if they have issues related to their products. People share their experiences, which can be beneficial for others. If you want to determine the model of your Fitbit watch, you can take a picture of your watch and upload it on the Fitbit community forum. The members of the Fitbit community will help you to identify your Fitbit watch.

Connect With Fitbit Support

Fitbit support will be the last solution if you want to tell which Fitbit model you have. Connect with them and explain your issue, and they will answer you with a relevant solution. If you raise your issue about your Fitbit model then they will tell you information about the Fitbit model name and model number.

List Of All Fitbit Devices With Model Name & Model Device.

  1. Fitbit Charge 4 model number – FB417.
  2. Fitbit Charge 3 model number – FB409.
  3. Fitbit Charge 2 model number – FB407.
  4. Fitbit Sense model number – FB512.
  5. Fitbit Charge model number – FB404.
  6. Fitbit Charge HR model number – FB405
  7. Fitbit Versa 3 model number – FB511.
  8. Fitbit Versa 2 model number – FB507.
  9. Fitbit Versa (1st Gen) Smart Watch Activity Tracker – FB505.
  10. Fitbit Versa model number – FB504.
  11. Fitbit Versa Lite model number – FB415.
  12. Fitbit Ionic model number – FB503.
  13. Fitbit Blaze model number – FB502.
  14. Fitbit Surge model number – FB501.
  15. Fitbit Inspire HR model number – FB413.
  16. Fitbit Inspire (NON-HR) model number – FB412.
  17. Fitbit Flex model number – FB402.
  18. Fitbit Flex model number – FB403.
  19. Fitbit Alta HR model number – FB408.
  20. Fitbit Alta model number – FB406.

How To Find Out What Fitbit I Have – Final Verdict

Knowing your Fitbit model helps you solve problems better and get model-specific tips and tricks. If you have tried all the above methods to identify your Fitbit but are still unsure then you can check official Fitbit resources or ask Fitbit customer support for help. They’ll guide you further.

I hope this article helped you to understand all about the Fitbit watch and its models.

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How Do I Identify The Fitbit Model Number?

To identify the Fitbit model number you need to go into watch settings and find the About option then tap on Regulatory information. Now you can see the Fitbit model number.

What Kind Of Fitbit Do I Have?

Take the Model number from the watch settings and search on the internet, you will get respected model name information by model number. For example, if you have FB511 then it is Versa 3.

How To Find Out What Fitbit I Have?

Open your Fitbit app and click on the profile icon. You will see your Fitbit model name on the screen.

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