How Long Does It Take To Sync Apple Watch

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Have you purchased a new Apple Watch and it is taking very long to pair? Do you want to know how long does it take to sync Apple Watch to iPhone?

Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to solve all your doubts about the Apple Watch pairing. I will share how long should it take, why it takes longer time, and how you can fix it if it seems to be stuck on pairing.

So without any further ado, let’s start!

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Apple Watch takes around 10 minutes to get paired with an iPhone for the first time. However, if it is not the first time then it hardly takes a minute. Having said that, the pairing of an Apple Watch to an iPhone can sometimes take a lot of time due to various reasons.

How Long Does It Take To Sync Apple Watch To iPhone?

How Long Does It Take To Sync Apple Watch

If you are pairing your Apple Watch to your iPhone for the first time then it should take around 10 minutes to pair. And if it’s not the first time then it should take less than a minute.

Buying an Apple Watch is really exciting, isn’t it? As soon you get your hands on one, all you want to do is pair it with your iPhone and start using it right away. However, this excitement turns into frustration if it starts taking forever to sync with your smartphone. All you can do is sit next to your watch and wonder how long is it gonna take. And when some time passes by then you get worried thinking if everything is alright or if you have got yourself a faulty watch.

Then you start searching on the Internet: How long does it take to sync Apple Watch to iPhone?

Well, this search led you to this article so let me answer this question without any delay.

If you are syncing your Apple Watch to your iPhone for the very first time then it should roughly take around 10 minutes to pair. Once it is paired, then it may take you another half an hour to set it up according to your liking. But when it comes to pairing then it doesn’t take much time.

Now you will be like, wait, what? I have been waiting for my watch to pair for like an hour. But don’t worry, just keep reading the article.

Why Is My Apple Watch Taking So Long To Sync?

Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

Let me now share the possible reasons behind your Apple Watch taking so long to sync with your iPhone.

1) Got Stuck

The first and foremost reason behind the pairing time being long is that your Apple Watch must have gotten stuck in the pairing mode. If this is the case then you can wait forever and it still will not get completed.

2) Software Version

Your Apple Watch can also take time to sync with your iPhone if your smartphone’s software is not up to date. If your watch is running on the latest software but your iPhone is not then they could take some time to sync with each other.

3) Distance

You know what they say, long-distance relationships don’t last, right? The same is the case with your Apple Watch and iPhone. If they are in a long-distance relationship, i.e. they are not close while pairing then they will take time to sync.

4) Defect

It is also possible that there is some defect in your Apple Watch or in your cell phone and that is why they are taking time to sync.

Fixed: Apple Watch Taking Too Long To Pair?

Apple Watch And iPhone

Now let me tell you what you can do if your Apple Watch is taking really long to pair with your cell phone.

1) Force Restart

The first thing that you should do is force restart your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone. If they got stuck in the pairing mode then force restarting will solve it. Once they turn on, you can again start the pairing process.

2) Software Update

As discussed, if you don’t have the latest version of the operating systems on your devices then they could take time to pair. Therefore you should update the software of your cell phone and your watch.

If your Apple Watch is brand new then it probably comes with the latest watch operating system. In this case, you need to update the software of your iPhone.

However, if it is not the first time that you are pairing your devices then you should update the operating system of both. But the irony is that you can’t update your Apple Watch without pairing it to your iPhone.

3) Keep Them Close

Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to get paired with your cell phone. And the longer the distance between your devices, the longer they will take to communicate and sync. Therefore keep your Apple Watch and iPhone nearby to make them sync faster.

4) Contact Apple Support

If nothing seems to work for you then you should at last contact the Apple Support team. If your Apple Watch is defective then they will either fix it or will give you a replacement.

Can Apple Watch Be Used Without iPhone?

No, Apple Watch cannot be used without an iPhone. You need to have an iPhone in order to set up your Apple Watch.

Since you are facing issues with the syncing of your Apple Watch and your cell phone therefore you might wonder if you can use it without iPhone or not.

Unfortunately, to use an Apple Watch, you need to have an iPhone. Smartwatches have really become smart over the years but there are a lot of things that they still can’t do on their own. And Apple Watch is no different, even to set it up you need an iPhone.

Having said that, once it is paired with an iPhone, then you can use it as a standalone smartwatch. And then you can choose to sync it with your iPhone less frequently.

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How Can I Get My Apple Watch To Sync Faster?

You can make your Apple Watch sync faster by: 1) Updating the operating system of your Apple Watch and iPhone 2) Keeping your devices close

Does It Really Take 2 Hours To Sync Your Apple Watch?

No, it does not take 2 hours to sync Apple Watch with an iPhone. It does not take more than 10 minutes.

How Long Should It Take To Sync Apple Watch To iPhone?

If you are pairing your Apple Watch for the first time to your iPhone then it should not take more than 10 minutes to sync.

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