How To Change Clock Face On Fitbit Versa, Sense, Charge, Inspire Etc.

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Do you want to know how you can change the watch faces on your Fitbit? Are you wondering what are the best Fitbit clock faces?

In this article, I will put all your wonderings regarding the Fitbit watch faces to rest. It does not matter whether you own Fitbit Sense 2, Sense, Versa 3, Versa 4, Inspire 2, Charge 5, etc. I am gonna share with you whether it is possible to download more clock faces on them or not. Not only this but I will also tell you which are the best Fitbit watch faces and how you can change them.

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Can You Download More Fitbit Clock Faces?

Everyone likes to add personalization to the things that they own, right? And when it comes to smartwatches, watch face matters a lot when we talk about personalization.

So if you own a Fitbit watch be it Sense, Versa, Inspire, Charge, etc. then you must want to add a touch of personalization to it, right?

If you do not like the already available clock faces on your Fitbit smartwatch then the question that you must be wondering about is: Can you download more Fitbit watch faces?

Yes, you can add more clock faces to your Fitbit watch. There are plenty of watch faces (both paid and free) available on the Fitbit app.

How To Change Watch Face On Fitbit?

It is actually pretty easy to change the clock face in Fitbit watches. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Connect your Fitbit watch to your smartphone.

Step 2: Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Step 3: Tap on your profile picture.Fitbit Watch Faces

Step 4: Now tap on your connected Fitbit watch.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 4

Step 5: Go to Clock Faces.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 5

Step 6: Tap on All Clocks.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 6

Step 7: Browse the watch faces and tap on the one that you want on your watch.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 7

Step 8: Tap on the Select button.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 8

Step 9: Review all the permissions that the clock face needs and then tap on the Install button.Change Fitbit Watch Face Step 9

Step 10: Wait for a few seconds and let the installation of the watch face get completed. Once the installation is complete, your Fitbit watch face will be changed automatically.Fitbit Clock Faces

So this is how you can change the watch face on your Fitbit watch, be it Fitbit Sense, Versa, Charge, or Inspire.

Best Fitbit Clock Faces

Watch faces are all about personalization, right? And personalization is always subjective. There are a variety of people in the world with a variety of tastes and preferences. The same thing might be the best for someone while for someone else it might be the absolute worse.

I have listed some of the best watch faces, both paid and free, for Fitbit watches below. These are best according to me and it might happen that you do not like them at all. Therefore I would recommend you to go and explore the clock faces for your Fitbit on your Fitbit app.

In selecting these watch faces, I have kept both attractiveness as well as practicality in mind.

1) Analog Watch

Analog Watch

The first Fitbit clock face on my list is for the people that love evergreen analog watches. It shows a round analog black dial with hour, minute, and second hand. The hour digits, hands, and markers are in white and grey color giving it a classy look.

2) ntprOvi


The next Fitbit clock face on my list focuses a lot on practicality. It displays a lot of necessary information including:

  • Time in big and bold numbers
  • Day and date
  • Health data
  • Watch battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Just one glance at the watch face and you could have all the information that you need.

3) Happy Dogo

Download Fitbit Watch Faces

If you want a Fitbit clock face for your children then I am sure they are gonna love this one. This watch face has a Scooby Doo image in middle and displays information like the watch battery, time, heart rate, step count, calories burned, and date.

4) Never Give Up

Never Give Up

This watch face is for all the athletes and fitness freaks out there. To motivate people there is a sprinter in the middle of the watch face with a “Never Give Up” text. I really like the color combination of this clock face. This Fitbit watch face displays a lot of information too like the date, day, month, heart rate, battery level, number of steps, and calories burned.

5) Dance Baby Girl

Dance Baby Girl

If you have a daughter then I am sure she is gonna like this Fitbit clock face. It has a cute little girl dancing in the middle of the watch face and displays the important information around her. The color of the text showing information keeps changing and the information that it shows includes:

  • Date, day, and month
  • Number of steps
  • Battery percentage
  • Heart rate

Best Free Fitbit Watch Faces

Now let us look at some of the best Fitbit clock faces that are available for free.

1) Apache Digital

Apache Digital

The first free Fitbit watch face on my list is for the people that like vintage monochrome displays. It looks like a digital clock that displays time in the middle with big digits and also displays a lot of information including:

  • Date and day
  • Active minutes
  • Calories burned
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Heartbeat, etc.

2) Cloud


The next free Fitbit clock face is for people that like their watch screen to be filled up with numbers. This watch’s face shows a lot of information but in a jumbled-up manner with different text colors and font sizes.

3) Stats


This Fitbit clock face is for people who like it simple but also like a lot of information. It displays the time in big, bold, and vibrant colors. Which makes it very easy to read even under direct sunlight. Then it has stats related to your health on the right and it also displays the day of the week as well as the date of the month.

In short, it displays every information that you are gonna need in your day-to-day life.

4) Zenith


This Fitbit watch face looks very clean and elegant. It shows information in blue color, which combined with the black background gives it a cool and sophisticated look at the same time. Heart rate, battery level, steps, etc. are included in the information that it shows.

5) Numerals Big

Numerals Big

The last free Fitbit clock face on my list is for the people that like their watch face to be clean and minimalistic. It just shows the time in big bold digits that look classy and elegant. This watch face also provides the option to change the color of the numerals.

Can You Customize Fitbit Watch Faces?

Yes, all the Fitbit clock faces that I have shared with you in this article offer customization. However, the level of customization offered by these watch faces is different. Some let you customize a lot of things to your liking. On the other hand, some only let you customize the text color.

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How Do I Get Fitbit Watch Faces?

You can download clock faces to your Fitbit watch from the Fitbit app on your mobile.

Does Fitbit Have Any Free Clock Faces?

Yes, there are plenty of Fitbit watch faces available in the Fitbit mobile app.

How Much Do Fitbit Clock Faces Cost?

Fitbit clock faces generally cost between $1-$2. And there are free Fitbit watch faces available too.

How Can I Get Free Fitbit Watch Faces?

You can get free Fitbit clock faces from the Fitbit mobile app.

Are Watch Faces On Fitbit Customizable?

Yes, clock faces on Fitbit are customizable. However, the degree of customization is different for the different watch faces.

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