How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger?

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Have you purchased a brand new Oura Ring or are planning to purchase it? Do you want to know how to charge Oura Ring without a charger?

Oura ring is one of the best smart rings out there. And if you bought one or are planning to get one then you must have questions regarding its charging, right? To help you out, I am going to share everything about Oura rings and their charging in this article. I will tell you whether they need charging, how long they take to charge, how to charge them, and what to do in case they don’t charge.

So keep reading!

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Quick Takeaway
You get a charging dock and a charging cable with the Oura Ring but you do not get a charging brick to provide a power supply to the charging dock. However, you can use your cell phone charger, laptop, power bank, USB wall outlet, etc. as a power source. But before using them you should make sure that their power output is not more than 15W. According to Oura, a power supply of more than 15W can damage the battery of your Oura Ring.

Do You Have To Charge The Oura Ring?

Yes, you have to charge the Oura Ring on a regular basis.

Whether Oura rings need charging or they are just like normal rings that do not need charging? If you haven’t purchased an Oura ring yet then you must be wondering about this question.

Oura rings are smart rings that can track your body’s health parameters. To do this, they are equipped with sensors and these sensors need the power to work. The power to these sensors is provided by a small battery that is embedded in the ring, and this battery needs charging. Therefore, you will have to charge your ring once its battery gets discharged.

How Often Do You Have To Charge Oura Ring?

Oura Ring Charging Dock

You will have to charge your Oura Ring once in 4 to 7 days depending on your usage.

Everyone loves gadgets but they also hate charging them, right? As discussed, Oura rings also need charging, but how often do they need charging? How many days does Oura ring charge last?

Oura claims that their rings can provide up to 7 days of battery life. And in the real world, you can expect them to last anywhere between 4 to 7 days depending on your usage. So you will have to put your ring on charge once a week. Having said that, many people have reported Oura Ring battery life issues. They have reported that the battery life of the ring starts decreasing after a few months of usage.

How Long Does It Take Oura Ring To Charge?

Oura claims that it takes around 80 minutes to charge their ring from 0 to 100%.

How long does it take Oura Ring to charge? This must be the next question running through your mind after knowing that you will have to charge your ring once every week. So let me tell you, according to Oura, their rings take around 80 minutes to get charged. Therefore you can expect them to get charged in around one and a half hours in real life.

How To Charge Oura Ring?

Now let me tell you how you can charge your Oura Ring. You get a charging dock and a USB cable inside the box. However, you do not get a charging brick or charger inside the box of the Oura Ring.

To charge your ring, follow the below steps:

  1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the charging pad and the other end of the cable to a power source.
  2. Now place your ring on the charging dock around the part that sticks out.
  3. Turn on the power supply.

That is it, now your Oura Ring will start charging.

How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger?

How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger

As discussed, you do not get any charging brick with the Oura Ring. So, let me now tell you how you can charge your Oura Ring without a charger.

But before we move ahead, if you are looking for ways to charge your ring without the charging dock then let me save you some time. Oura Ring cannot be charged without its charging dock. Rings come in different sizes and the charging dock of your ring is specifically designed for its size, you cannot use a bigger or smaller charging dock with your ring. Therefore if your charging pad is not working then you will have to buy a new one according to the size of your ring.

You can use the following things to provide the power supply to your ring.

1) Cell Phone Charger

To supply the power to your ring, you can use your cell phone charger. However, the thing that you need to make sure of is that the power supply should not be more than 15W. Cell phone chargers these days come with output as high as 150W, which can damage the battery of your ring. Therefore, before charging your ring from a cell phone charger, do not forget to check its output.

2) Power Bank

You can also use your power bank to supply power to your Oura Ring. Just connect one end of the USB cable to your power bank and you will be good to go. Again make sure to check the power output of your power bank before charging your ring with it. It should not be more than 15W.

3) Laptop Or Desktop

To charge your Oura Ring, you can also use your laptop or desktop. PCs generally don’t provide higher outputs therefore charging the ring with them seems to be the safest bet yet.

4) USB Wall Outlet

If you have a USB wall outlet at your home then you can also make use of it to charge your Oura ring. Just plug the USB cable into it and you will be good to go.

Why Is My Oura Ring Not Charging?

Oura Ring On Charging Dock

If your Oura Ring is not charging then this part of the article is for you. In this part, we will look at some of the reasons why your Oura Ring is not charging.

1) Charging Cable

The first reason could be the charging cable. It might not be working and as a result, your ring is not getting the power supply.

2) Charging Pad

Your Oura Ring charging pad might not be working. It might happen that your charging cable is fine but the defect is in your charging dock. If it is not working then also your ring will not charge.

3) Charging Brick

The charging brick or power supply that you are using to charge your ring might not be working. If the power is not supplied to the charging dock then it will not charge your ring.

4) Ring Placement

If you do not put your ring properly on the charging dock then also it will have a difficult time charging.

5) Defect In The Ring

If your Oura ring has some defect then also it will not get charged. So it might happen that the main culprit behind your Oura Ring not charging is your ring itself.

Fixed: Oura Ring Not Charging

Oura Ring Not Charging

Now that you know about the possible reasons behind your Oura Ring not charging, let us now see how you can fix it.

1) Use Different Cable

The first thing that you should do is use a different charging cable to charge your ring. If this works then the problem is with the charging cable and you should buy a new one.

2) Check The Charging Dock

If the charging cable is working properly then you should check the Oura Ring charging dock. Connect it to a power supply without putting your ring on it. If the LED light on the charging pad lights up then it means that it is working, if it does not then it means that the charging pad is not working. In case your Oura Ring is under warranty then you should get in touch with Oura customer support or buy a new charging pad for your ring.

3) Use A Different Power Supply

Also, try to use a different power supply to charge your ring. If you were using a charging brick then try using another one or connect it to your laptop. This way your will know if the defect is in your charging brick or not.

4) Change Ring Placement

If the LED of the charging pad is illuminating but your ring is still not charging then this means two things:

  • Either you haven’t placed your ring properly
  • Or your ring has some defect

Try removing your ring and then placing it again. If it works then the placement was wrong. And if it does not work even after doing it a few times then it means your ring is defective. In case there is a defect in your ring and it is under warranty then you can contact Oura for a replacement. Or else you will have to buy a new ring.


Does Oura Ring Come With A Charger?

Oura Rings come with a charging cable and dock but do not come with a charging brick.

Can Oura Ring Charge Wirelessly?

No, Oura Ring cannot be charged with a wireless charger.

Does Oura Ring Have A Battery?

Yes, Oura Ring has an inbuilt battery to power it.

Can Oura Ring Be Charged Without Its Charging Dock?

No, Oura Ring cannot be charged without its charging dock.

Is The Oura Ring Battery Powered?

Yes, Oura Rings are battery powered and they need regular charging.

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