How To Connect Fitbit To Google Fit?

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In this article, you will learn how to connect Fitbit To Google Fit, so you can keep track of all your fitness activities in one place. Both Google Fit and Fitbit are amazing tools that help you stay active and healthy. After linking, you will have more accurate tracking of your daily exercise and health progress. So without wasting time, let’s get started!

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If you want to link your Fitbit to Google Fit, you will need to use third-party apps for syncing your data. This is because there is no direct way to sync data between Fitbit and Google Fit. You can try using apps like the Google Health Connect app or the FitToFit app to transfer your data from the Fitbit app to Google Fit. Keep in mind that these apps might take some time to complete the data transfer.

You can’t directly sync data between Google Fit and Fitbit, but Google has made apps like Health Connect that make it possible to sync data between Fitbit and Google Fit. The Health Connect app takes data from Fitbit, which is then read by Google Fit. If you grant the necessary permissions, it will automatically sync all the data between the two apps. Another option is the FitToFit app, which is used to transfer data from Fitbit to Google Fit. Now, let me explain how you can use Health Connect to sync data between Fitbit and Google Fit.

How To Sync Data Between Fitbit And Google Fit Via Health Connect?

Fitbit allows syncing data to the Health Connect app and Google Fit reads data from the Health Connect app but there is no way for Fitbit to access the Google Fit data. Here is the process of using the Health Connect app:

  • Install Health Connect, Fitbit, and Google Fit app on your phone.
  • Open Fitbit and tap on the top left settings icon.
  • Go to the bottom and tap on Health Connect.sync fitbit to google fit using health connect
  • Allow Sync with Health Connect toggle button.
  • Now, tap on Allow and allow all permissions to sync data.connect google fit to fitbit

Fitbit and Google Fit both work well with Health Connect. Health Connect will transfer data to the Google account and then it is read by Google Fit. It may take some time to display data on Google Fit from Fitbit.

How To Connect Google Fit To Fitbit Using FitToFit?

FitToFit is a free app that lets you share fitness data from your Fitbit to Google Fit. It takes data from your Fitbit account and moves it to your Google Fit account. To use it, you will need to sign in using your Fitbit account in the FitToFit app and allow all permissions to transfer the data to Google Fit. Here is the process of how it works:

  • Open FitToFit and then sign in using your Fitbit account.
  • Connect your Google account on which you want to save Fitbit to connect fitbit to google fit
  • Tap on Transfer data and confirm.

It takes some time to transfer data completely so you need to wait until complete data is transferred.

Final Verdict

There is no direct method to move data between Fitbit and Google Fit. To sync data between these apps, you need to use third-party apps such as Health Connect and FitToFit. These apps let you keep track of your fitness activities on Google Fit using data from Fitbit, but you can’t view Google Fit data on your Fitbit device. Google Fit doesn’t offer as much fitness data, so the main reason for linking Google Fit to Fitbit is to enhance your fitness tracking statistics. Syncing data from Fitbit gives you more detailed fitness tracking information on Google Fit as compared to Google Fit itself.


How To Link Google Fit To Fitbit?

There is no direct way to link Google Fit to Fitbit but you can use Health Connect or FitToFit app to sync data between Fitbit and Google Fit.

How Do I Sync My Fitbit To Google Fit?

Open the Fitbit app and tap on Health Connect in settings. Health Connect takes data from Fitbit and it will transfer the data to Google Fit.

How To Sync Your Fitbit Data With Google Fit?

You can use apps like Health Connect or FitToFit to sync Fitbit data to Google Fit. After installing FitToFit, you need to sign in with your Fitbit account. It syncs data from your Fitbit account and transfers it to a Google account which is used in Google Fit.

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