How To Find Lost Oura Ring? Will Oura Replace Lost Ring?

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Oura ring is easy to wear & use compared to smartwatches. However, this also makes Oura ring easy to get lost. In case, you have lost your Oura ring then worry not you will be able to find it too.

If your Oura ring is still powered on & has some battery left then you can find the lost Oura ring. There are other methods to track your lost Oura ring, in case, it has been weeks since you lost the Oura ring. But the chances of finding the Oura ring using those methods are pretty low.

So without any further delay let’s start.

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You can find your Oura ring using the Find My Ring app if it’s still within Bluetooth range. If it’s not in the Bluetooth range then I would recommend reporting that to customer support. It is to be noted, Oura doesn’t replace lost or stolen rings. However, they do offer a discount in case you want to buy a replacement.

Steps To Find Lost Oura Ring

If you have lost your Oura ring inside your house then I have discussed how to track the Oura ring using your iOS or Android device. I have also shared how you can find the ring if you lost it outside your house. And, what you can do if you are unable to find your lost Oura ring? But let’s first discuss how to find your Oura ring using your smartphone.

How To Find My Oura Ring Using iOS Or Android Device

If you have lost your Oura ring then the best way to find it is by the official method shared by Oura. However, this method will not work if you have put your Oura ring in airplane mode.

The company recommends you install the Find My Ring app or the Find My Lost Bluetooth Device on your iOS device.

For Android users, I would recommend downloading Find Bluetooth Device or the Wunderfind app.

The user interface of all the apps is more or less the same for all the apps. But for the sake of more clarity, I would like to share that I am using the Find Bluetooth Device app here on an Android device.

  • Once you install the app you will find the Search devices option. Tap on it, and now the app will start showing all the Bluetooth devices near you.

  • Sometimes the app might not show the Oura device name & instead might reveal the Bluetooth Mac Address. Now find the Oura ring name or guess which ring might be yours. I would recommend turning off all the Bluetooth devices such as earphones, smart TVs, & other devices in the house. This will make the search process simpler.
  • Once you will tap on the Bluetooth device name then you will be able to see whether you are near or far away from the device. If you are near the device then the watch will show you Cold, Warm, or Hot. Cold means you are far, warm means you are getting closer, & Hot means you are near your Oura ring.

  • These apps are pretty useful if you have lost the ring inside your house. Outside you will have to retrace your steps to find the ring & keep an eye on your phone’s screen. Hopefully, you will be able to track the lost Oura Ring.

Is It Possible To Get Lost Oura Ring Replacement?

Oura doesn’t replace the ring for free if you have lost your Oura ring. Also, there is no way you can track your Oura ring if it’s not in your Bluetooth range.

That said, Oura offers some good offers to users who have lost their ring so definitely contact customer support.

Can I Track My Oura Ring Outside?

If you lost your Oura outside then I would recommend contacting Oura & informing them about the same. Oura also encourages user’s report rings that they find outside. If someone would have reported your ring then you might get your ring back.

What To Do If You Find Someone Else’s Oura Ring?

In that case, I would recommend reporting the ring to Oura as they might help in returning the ring to the right owner.

Will My Personal Data Get Leaked To The Third Party?

Smart ring like Oura doesn’t pair with new phones unless you unpair or factory reset them using the phone it is paired with. So even if someone finds your Oura ring & decides to keep it, they won’t be able to access any of your personal or health data.

Also, when you report the loss of the device to customer service they will put the Oura ring in restricted mode. This will force the user to reset the Oura ring before being able to do anything at all with the ring.

What To Do If Your Oura Ring Is Lost In The Shipment?

When you order Oura ring, you are provided with the order details of the shipment. You can use the order details to locate the package in real-time.

If your Oura Ring gets lost in the shipment then I would recommend reaching out to Oura customer support. They will ask you for the email address, ring model, & size to provide you with the necessary information. Alternatively, you can also find these details under the My Account option on

You can also contact the shipping company’s support if you have lost the Oura ring order details which contain shipment information as well.

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Will Oura Replace Lost Ring?

No, Oura will not provide you with a free replacement ring but you can get some pretty good offers from Oura for a new one when you report the loss of the old one.

Can I Find A Lost Oura Ring?

Yes, you can find your recently lost Oura ring using the find my Bluetooth device option.

How Can I Make Oura Ring Discoverable?

If the Oura ring is within your Bluetooth range then you would be able to turn off the airplane mode. Otherwise, there is no other way to make Oura ring discoverable without getting your hands on the ring physically.

Can Someone Else Use My Lost Oura Ring?

Yes, anyone can use your ring but to be able to pair the ring to their phone, first, you would need to factory reset it using your phone.

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