How To Fix A Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On?

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Has your smartwatch stopped working all of a sudden and is not turning on? Are you looking for ways to fix a smartwatch that won’t turn on?

In this article, I will tell you about different possible reasons why your watch is not turning on and what you can do to repair it.

So without further ado let’s start.

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Why Is My Smartwatch Not Turning On?

Smartwatch Charging

Smartwatches are electronic devices, right? So like other electronic devices they can also malfunction sometimes and need to be repaired. Smartwatches not turning on or not working is one of the most common problems that people face with their smartwatches. It does not matter whether you own a smartwatch of Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, or any other brand, it can happen to you as well.

So let us first understand the possible reasons for it happening and then we will look at the fixes.

1) Out Of Charge

Every electronic device needs power to run, right? Your smartwatch being an electronic device also needs a charge to run. So if your watch is not turning on then the first and foremost reason can be that it is out of charge. If your watch is not charged at all then obviously it will not turn on.

2) Watch Is Not Charging

Your watch was out of charge and you put it on the charge, but your smartwatch is still not turning on? It can be because your watch is not charging in the first place. There can be the following reasons why your watch is not charging:

  • Watch charger is not working
  • Charging cable is not working
  • The smartwatch charging port is not working

If your smartwatch will not get charged then obviously it will not turn on.

3) Display Is Damaged

It may also happen that your smartwatch is on but you are not able to see anything because its display or screen is damaged. If you can’t see anything on the screen then you will not know whether your smartwatch is turned on or not.

4) Power Button Is Damaged

Has it ever happened that your watch was not turning on and you put it on charging but after some time it is still not turning on? Well, it could be because your smartwatch power button is not working. If the power button will not work then also you will not be able to turn your smartwatch on.

5) Software Issue

Yes, your watch could also not get turned on if there is any software issue in it. It may happen because of a software issue your watch is not displaying anything but is actually turned on. And if you can’t see anything then you may think that your watch is turned off.

6) Damage

The last possible reason for your smartwatch not turning on can be the damage to it. Maybe you dropped it somewhere or water found its way into your watch. There can be n number of ways you can damage your watch, right? And if it is damaged then it will not get turned on.

How To Fix A Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On?

How To Fix A Smartwatch That Won't Turn On

Now that you know about all the possible reasons behind your smartwatch not turning on, let me tell you how you can fix it.

1) Put It On Charge

The first thing that you should do is put your smartwatch on charge. If your smartwatch is not turning on because it is out of charge then this will solve your issue. Put it on charge and let it charge for a few minutes before trying to turn it on.

2) Change Your Charger, Cable, Or Socket

As discussed, if your watch is not charged then it will not turn on. And if your watch charger or cable or your wall socket is damaged then also your watch will not get charged. Therefore to be sure, try changing your watch charger, cable, and socket one by one. After doing this, you will know which is the main culprit behind your smartwatch not turning on.

Your watch will also not get charged if the charging ports are not clean. If the charging ports have a layer of dirt on them then the dust will not let the charge pass through and your smartwatch will not get charged. Therefore you should also clean your smartwatch’s charging ports before buying a new charger or cable.

3) Get Your Screen Replaced

If you cannot see anything on your watch screen then it does not mean that your smartwatch is not turning on. It might mean that your watch is turned on but your screen is not showing you anything. In this case, you will first have to check if your doubt is true or not. And if your watch screen is damaged then you will have to get it replaced.

Let me tell you the simplest way to check whether your smartwatch screen is okay or not. All you have to do is check the sensors of your watch. These are located at the back of your smartwatch and consist of red and green lights. If you see any red or green light flashing at the back of the watch then it means your smartwatch is working but you are not seeing anything on the screen.

4) Force Restart Your Smartwatch

Sometimes it can happen that your watch is having some software-related issues and is stuck on a black screen. It may appear to you that your watch is turned off. If there is any software-related issue on your watch and its screen is not turning on then you can try and force restart it. Force restarting will iron out the glitch that your watch is having and it should then turn on normally.

5) Take It To The Repair Center

If your smartwatch is still not working or is not turning on then it could be because of some damage. Now the last option that is left for you is to take it to a repair center to get your watch serviced. Only they will be able to help you out now.

Can A Smartwatch Be Repaired?

Yes, like a smartphone, a smartwatch can also be repaired. It does not matter what damage has been done to your smartwatch, it can be repaired. However, the cost of fixing the issue will depend on the degree of damage that your watch has.

If after trying all the methods mentioned above your smartwatch still does not get turned on then you should take it to a repair center and get it fixed.


Why Is My Smartwatch Screen Not Working?

Your smartwatch screen is not working because it is either damaged or your watch is having a software malfunction.

How To Force Restart Smartwatch?

The process of force restarting varies from smartwatch to smartwatch. However, pressing and holding the power button for around 10 seconds works on all of them.

Why Is My Smartwatch Not Working?

Your smartwatch may not be working because of the following reasons: 1) It is out of charge 2) Its display is not working 3) Software malfunction 4) It is damaged, etc.

What To Do If Your Smartwatch Won’t Turn On?

You can try the following things: 1) Put it on charge 2) Change your charging cable, adapter, or wall socket 3) Force restart your smartwatch 4) Take it to a repair center

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