How To Fix Screen Burn-In On Apple Watch & Galaxy Watch ?

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Are you having a screen burn-in problem on your smartwatch? If you are wondering how to fix the screen burn-in on your Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch then you are reading the right article. The fix that I’m sharing has worked for both my Apple and Samsung watches. However, this is not a proven fix for this problem. What I’m sharing is a method that has worked for me and some other Reddit users who were having the same issue.

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To fix image retention or ghost images which can be seen before permanent screen burn-in, you have to fully drain the battery of your smartwatch and leave it turned off for about 3 days. This will provide enough time for the pixels to be de-energized which can get rid of image retention or ghost images.

What Is Screen Burn In Issue?

Screen Burn is a phenomenon in which an afterimage or an imprint of certain display elements is left on the panel. It is a permanent discoloration of pixels caused by prolonged exposure to certain areas of a display. It can often be seen in smartwatches with AMOLED or OLED screens, but sometimes it can also show up in LCDs.

Ghost image or image retention is mostly a temporary issue that can be reversed, however, it can lead to permanent Screen Burn which cannot be reversed.

How To Fix Screen Burn On Apple Watch & Galaxy Watch?

Screen Burn on most smartwatches including Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch is caused by unchanging elements of AOD (Always on display). This process is mostly irreversible and in severe cases can only be fixed by changing the entire display.

However, I was also having this issue on both my Apple and Samsung watches. The method that I’m going to share is simple and you can use it to treat or fix image retention or ghost images which can be seen before having permanent Screen Burns.

To remove ghost images, you have to deplete the battery of your smartwatch fully. After your watch is switched off, leave it as it is for about 72 hours or 3 full days. This will fully de-energize the pixels of your Apple or Samsung Watch which can get rid of image retention or ghost images.

How To Prevent Screen Burn Or Ghost Images?

Screen Burn is a permanent issue that cannot be fixed or reversed. But you can treat Ghost Images or Image Retention which can be seen way before having serious screen burns, however, the fix is not guaranteed. So here are some things that you can do to prevent these problems from arising on your smartwatch.

 1. Avoid Static AOD (Always On Display)

The main thing that causes screen burns or image retention on Apple and Samsung Watches is the always-on-display. So it is recommended to either choose a changing screen saver or Dynamic AOD. You can also turn off the AOD completely to prevent this issue.

Always On Display

2. Lower Screen Brightness

Try to dim the brightness of your screen if you do activities that require the display of your watch to stay on for long periods. Doing this will reduce the stress placed on the pixels significantly reducing the chances of screen burn-in.

Reduce Brightness

3. Set Screen Timeout

When screen timeout is enabled on your Apple or Samsung watch, its display will automatically turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. This will prevent the pixels from degrading faster, hence protecting your smartwatch from image retention or screen burn-in.

How To Prevent Screen Burn In On smartwatches

4. Enable Burn In Protection

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch, then you also have a built-in screen burn-in protection feature. To enable it, first, you have to turn on Developer mode. To do that, go to Settings > About watch > Software information. Now tap on Software version 4-5 times to enable Developer mode.

Enable Developer Mode On Samsung Galaxy Watch

Now in settings, you will find Developer options at the very last. Open it and select Wear Developer options. Finally, tap on Force-display burn-in protection. Now you just have to restart your Galaxy Watch and it will automatically move static AOD watch faces to prevent the pixels from uneven degradation which causes image retention.

How To Fix Screen Burn In On Apple & Samsung Watches

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Smartwatches with an Always-on display enabled can be more susceptible to image retention or screen burn-in. This is mostly a permanent problem that cannot be fixed. The trick that I’ve mentioned above is not a certified fix for screen burn-in, still, you can use it to fix image retention or ghost images which you will notice before having a screen burn on your Apple or Samsung Watch.


Does Apple Warranty Cover Screen Burn-In?

Since screen burn-in is caused by pixel degradation from usage, it is not covered under Apple Warranty.

Is Screen Burn-In Permanent?

Screen Burn-in is indeed a permanent condition in which you can see some remanents of previous images.

Does Galaxy Watch Have Burn In Protection?

Yes, the Galaxy Watches are equipped with display burn-in protection, which automatically moves static AOD watch faces to prevent screen burn-in.

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