How To Get Discord On Galaxy Watch 4,5, or 6?

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Can you get Discord on your Galaxy Watch 4, 5, or 6? Well, the answer is yes. You can now get Discord on your Galaxy Watch and stay connected with your community on the go. Now you won’t have to be left out of group chats, calls, or discussions. So, if you want to know how to use Discord on your Galaxy Watch, then you have clicked on the right article. In this article, I’m going to share how you can install and use Discord on your Galaxy Watch. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

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How To Install And Use Discord On Galaxy Watch 4, 5 or 6?

Even without installing the app on your smartwatch, you can still get Discord notifications on your Galaxy Watch. However, you will only be able to get incoming call notifications and reply to text messages using your Galaxy Watch. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable Discord notifications on Galaxy Watch.

Note: Make sure to allow notification access to the Discord app on your phone.

1. Go to Watch settings in the Galaxy Wearable app and open Notifications.

Galaxy wearable

2. Tap on App notifications, find Discord, and turn on the toggle button.

Turn on toggle button

Now, whenever you get any Disccord message or call on your phone, it will also show up on your Galaxy Watch. You can tap on the notification to reply to text messages and accept or reject incoming calls from your Galaxy Watch.

Now, let’s go ahead and install Discord on your Samsung Watch. As you may already know, currently there is no official method to install Discord on your Samsung Watch, as there is no Discord app for Wear OS. But don’t worry, I’m going to show you how you can easily install and use Discord on your Galaxy Watch.

You’ll have to sideload the Discord application on your Samsung Watch. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to install Discord on any Galaxy Watch running on Wear OS, be it Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, or Galaxy Watch 6.

First, you will have to install the ADB tool and Discord APK on your smartphone, which you will later sideload on your Galaxy Watch.

1. Open the Play Store on your phone and install the Bugjaeger application.

Install Bugjaeger

2. Install Discord APK on your smartphone.

Install Discord APK

Next, you have to enable the Developer Mode on your Galaxy Watch, and then turn on Wireless Debugging to make your Galaxy Watch ready for sideloading the Discord app.

Note: Make sure your Galaxy Watch is connected to the Wi-Fi for this process.

3. Open Settings on your Watch and go to About watch. Open Software Information and tap on Software Version five times to enable Developer mode.

Turn On Developer mode

4. Now, go to Developer options and turn ADB debugging toggle on.

Enable ADB Debugging

5. Scroll down and tap on Wireless debugging. Turn on the toggle and tap on Allow.

Turn On Wireless Debugging On Galaxy Watch

Now you will see the IP address and port number of your Samsung Watch and with this, your Galaxy Watch is ready to sideload apps.

Now, that your Watch is ready for Wireless debugging, let’s go ahead and install the Discord app on your Galaxy Watch.

6. Open the Bugjaeger app on your smartphone, tap on the Connect device icon, and select Pair.

Note: On my Galaxy Watch 5, it took four tries to Pair, and on my Galaxy Watch 6 it paired on the second try.

How To Get Discord On Galaxy Watch 4,5,6

7. Now go to the Wireless debugging section on your Galaxy Watch and tap on Pair new device.

Pair Galaxy Watch

8. Now enter the pairing code from your Galaxy Watch in the Bugjaeger app open on your phone and tap on Pair.

Enter Pairing Code

After this, your phone and Galaxy Watch will be successfully paired for Wireless debugging.

9. Now, go to the Packages section on the Bugjaeger app and tap on the add icon.

Select Package

10. Choose, Select APK File, and tap on OK.

Select APK file

11. Now you just have to select the Discord APK file that you have downloaded on your smartphone, and the installation process will commence. Shortly the Discord app will be installed on your Galaxy Watch.

Can You Get Discord On Samsung Galaxy Watch

What Features Can You Access?

In my experience, I was able to access almost all the things that I normally do while on Discord. However, it’s not as efficient as navigating Discord on your smartphone or desktop. It definitely takes some getting used to it but after you get the hang of it, I can say it is usable. Below are some of the things that I was able to access using Discord on my Galaxy Watch.

Servers & Media

I was able to access all the servers along with all their content including videos and other media files as well.

Discord Servers On Galaxy Watch

Groups & Friend Lists (Texts, Voice Calls)

By accessing group chats and friend lists, I was easily able to engage in conversations. I was able to engage in individual conversations, through texts, make calls to my friends, and receive incoming voice calls.

Discord Voice Call On Galaxy Watch

Video Calls

I effectively made and attended video calls on Discord from my Galaxy Watch, but as smartwatches don’t have cameras, the other person was only able to get audio from my end.

Discord Video Call On Galaxy Watch


By opening the notification tile, I had access to all the notifications I got on my Discord.

Text Message on Discord

User Profile

I was also able to open the Profile section which allowed me to make changes to my Discord account and Profile.

Discord User Profile

How To Customize DPI?

Since the Discord app is not optimized for Wear OS, there are some issues or functions that you might not be able to access properly. You could also face some trouble while navigating the interface. But don’t worry, you also have an option to customize the DPI of your Watch so you can get a better view of the screen layout. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the DPI of your Galaxy Watch.

Note: By changing the DPI of your Galaxy Watch, the contents of the display will get smaller, so if you have poor eyesight, it might not be suitable for you. However, you can easily reverse it and change the contents of the display back to their original size.

1. Open the Bugjaeger app and connect your Galaxy Watch through it for Wireless debugging.

2. Go to the Commands section and tap on the code <> icon.

Select Command

3. Now type in wm density 150 and enter by tapping the play icon.

This will change the DPI of your Galaxy Watch screen and make the contents smaller so that they fit on the watch screen.

How To Change DPI on Galaxy Watch

4. To turn the screen back to normal, type in wm density reset, and the contents of the Watch display will revert to their original size.

Change Galaxy Watch Screen Size

And that’s how you can easily change the screen size of your Galaxy Watch to better navigate and use Discord or any other sideloaded app.

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There is no Discord application for Wear OS, which means you will not find it on the Play Store of your Galaxy Watch. However, it is possible to install and use Discord on your Galaxy Watch. You can easily sideload the Discord app on your Galaxy Watch by following the easy steps mentioned above. You will be able to access a multitude of features available on Discord, however, the navigation requires some getting used to it.

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