How To Maintain Automatic, Mechanical, And A Luxury Watch

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Buying your dream watch after spending a fortune on it is just the half-battle won. The main part is to maintain it so that it stays brand new for years to come. All watches out there require some maintenance in order to keep them ticking and look as good as they were just taken out of the box. However, some watches need more care than others, especially automatic and manual luxury watches.

This is because these watches have more complex machinery working inside them that needs regular maintenance if you want them to last a lifetime. Also, watches from brands like Omega, Rolex, IWC, etc. are very expensive and hence they deserve that extra care.

If you have recently invested your money in a luxury watch then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Here I will share with you some basic and advanced tips that will help you take good care of your watch. So let’s get started!

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How To Maintain A Watch And Take Good Care Of It

1. Keep The Watch Clean

Well, this is the most obvious way to keep good care of your watch, just keep it clean, it’s that simple. But you should be careful while wiping off that dust from your expensive timepiece, don’t use an ordinary cloth that may leave a scratch on the glass or strap of the watch. Make sure you use a cotton or a microfiber cloth to clean the dirt off your watch. You can also wash your watch to get rid of that extra dirt but make sure your watch is capable of that.

2. Store It Properly

Store your watch

When you are not wearing your watch it needs to be properly stored in order to keep it safe and secure. You get a watch box when you buy a new watch, you can use it to store your watch. You can also buy third-party watch boxes that are more secure and also aesthetically appealing that allow you to put your luxury watch on the display.

Also, if you are a watch collector who has multiple luxury watches then you can buy a watch box with multiple storage compartments that help you keep all your watches at the same place. Also, if you own automatic watches then you can buy watch winder boxes that work as a regular watch storage box but also keep your watch winded ensuring its long life.

3. Keep The Watch Winded

Be it an automatic or mechanical watch it is important that your keep it winded to prevent the watch gears from clogging due to no movement. If you own an automatic watch make sure you should not keep it off your wrist for too long because it only winds when it is on your wrist. In case you happen to keep your watch off for too long you can buy a watch winder box, not just will it keep the watch safe but also keep it winded and prevent the watch from damage.

Manual watch owners need to make sure to wind the watch at regular intervals and also should never wind it while wearing it on their wrist. This will prevent extra pressure on the watch mechanism and also avert the risk of overwinding which may damage the watch in the long run.

4. Service It Regularly

maintain your watch

Like our cars and bikes, watches also need regular servicing so that they keep working at their optimum level. You should take your watch for a service at the authorized service center of your watch every 3 to 5 years. In service, they would lubricate the inner machinery, replace failed components and polish your watch making it work and look like a brand new watch. If you don’t service your watch regularly it may have a short life.

5. Protect It From Magnets

The magnetic field that originates from a magnet can be harmful to your expensive watch as it can affect its accuracy and in the long run, may also completely stop it. So if you want the long life of your watch you should keep it away from magnets. Also, if your watch is already magnetized don’t panic, take it to the service center, they have special tools which can demagnetize the watch in no time.

6. Mind The Water Resistance Ratings Of Your Watch

water resistance of watch

Different watches have different water resistance ratings which tell how well the watch can survive in water. You must know about your watch’s water resistance ratings before testing it out in the water. Here are different water resistance ratings you can find on your watch.

Water Resistant Rating

Waterproof Up To

Suitable For


30 meters

Hand wash and can withstand rain and sweat


50 meters

Recreational swimming and shower

10 ATM

100 meters

Swimming and snorkeling

20 ATM

200 meters

Extreme water sports like surfing, rowing, fishing, etc.

30 ATM

300 meters

Diver's watches suitable for scuba diving.

If you don’t want to damage your expensive luxury watch you must know about its water handling capabilities which you can easily tell by looking at its water-resistance ratings.

7. Avoid Chemicals And Detergents

It is necessary to keep your watch clean which I have already made clear at the starting of this article. However, to remove the dirt and dust you should never use chemicals and detergents on your watch. The chemicals in the detergent can react with the metal of your watch and ruin it. Moreover, when water is mixed with detergent it has the ability to seep into your watch which can damage it from inside.

8. Never Open Your Watch On Your Own

If you want to maintain your watch you should never open it because without proper tools and knowledge of watchmaking you can damage your watch. Make sure you take your watch to a skilled watchmaker in case you find your watch is not working but you should never open it on your own.

9. Limited Exposure To The Sun

limited sun exposure

You should never expose your watch to the sun for an extended period of time because it may fade away the color of your watch. If you are using a solar watch then also you should limit its exposure to the sun because harsh sunlight can dull the shine and luster of your watch.

10. Handle With Care

The last tip that I would like to give you is that you should handle your watch with care and prevent it from falling. This is simply because no matter how durable your watch is if it falls down, it is prone to damage.

Take Care Of Your Luxury Watch! Final Verdict

So these were some tips you could follow to maintain your watch and take good care of it. If you want your watch to stay with you for the rest of your life so that you can pass it on to your next generation then you have to be serious about its maintenance. To sum up you have to keep your watch clean, store it properly, and service it at regular intervals and it will surely last a lifetime.


How Often Should I Service My Watch?

You should service your watch at regular intervals of 3 to 5 years if you want it to last long.

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Watch?

It varies from watch to watch and brand to brand but you can get your mechanical watch serviced for approx $100.

Do All Automatic Watches Need To Be Serviced?

Yes, all automatic as well as manual watches need to be serviced at a regular intervals.

Is it Ok To Service Your Watch At Home?

No, you should never try to service your watch on your own as without proper tools and knowledge, you may damage it.

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