How To Store Watches When Not In Use

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Do you own multiple watches and want to know how to store watches that you are not using?

If you are a watch aficionado then you must own multiple watches. And I know not all watches can be worn every day and there are some watches that are worn on special occasions only. So it is natural to keep some watches away if they are not being used. But if you own costly timepieces, you must not want to get even a minor scratch on them, right? So how can you store watches that you don’t wear as often safely?

Do not worry, in this article, I will tell you how you can keep your automatic, quartz, and luxury watches like Rolex safely at home when not wearing them. Not only this, but I will also tell you how to carry watches if you travel a lot.

So keep reading!

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How To Keep Watches In Good Condition?

Before we look at keeping your watches safe, let us look at some preliminary things that you should keep in mind before storing your watch.

1) Clean It Before Storing It

The first and foremost thing that you should do before keeping your watches is clean them. If you keep your dirty watches for a long duration then all that dirt could result in rusting and corrosion. To clean the watches, you can use a watch cleaning cloth. These clothes will help you to maintain your watch without scratching them.

2) Do Not Keep Them Unused For More Than 6 Months

The next thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not keep your watches unused for more than 6 months if you want them to last longer. Always take them out once every 6 months and wear them for a few days before putting them back. Used watches generally last longer than unused ones.

3) Watch For Magnetic Fields

The watches can get magnetized if you keep them in contact with a magnetic field for a long duration of time. So always remember not to store them near any electronic device.

4) Moisture Absorbent

Moisture forming inside a watch can be its biggest enemy, it will lead to the corrosion of the watch parts. And your watch will eventually die if kept away for a long time with moisture inside it. So always use moisture absorbents like silica gel to keep the moisture away.

5) Remove Batteries

This is especially for the Quartz watches because they run on batteries. If you are planning to not wear your watch for more than a month then remove its batteries before storing it. The watch batteries if not removed will corrode and leak inside the watch and can damage its movement.

6) Use A Tray

Always use a tray or some kind of insert between the watches. So that they do not move inside the box or drawer every time you open them. If the watches move or collide with each other then it will result in your watch getting scratched.

How To Store Watches When Not In Use?

Now that you know how you can keep your watches safe, let us now look at how you can store or carry them.

1) Keep It In The Watch Box

Watch Box

Using a watch box is probably the best way to store your watches. You can use the watch boxes that the watches came in. Pack them like they came when you purchased them and you will be good to go. You can then keep these boxes anywhere you want. Just don’t keep them near an electronic device.

Do not worry, if you don’t have the box, you can always purchase a watch box online. In fact, there are watch boxes that can hold multiple watches safely and I will recommend you buy them if you do not have the original watch box. To help you, I have already selected the best watch box for you, which you can check out by clicking on the button below.

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2) Use A Watch Winder

How To Store Watches When Not In Use

If you own a luxury watch like Rolex, then there are high chances that it must come with an automatic movement. If this is the case then the best option for you is to store your Rolex watch in a watch winder box when you’re not wearing it.

As you must be knowing that automatic watches get wound when you wear them and move your wrists. So, the watch winder box basically simulates your hand wrist movement and keeps your watch running so that it does not run out of juice. Check out the best watch winder box by clicking on the button below.

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3) Invest In A Watch Roll

Watch Roll

If you travel a lot, then you should invest in a good watch roll. Because carrying multiple watch boxes, some of which can be really big becomes very difficult. So a watch roll will make your life very easy. You can place multiple watches in a watch roll and it will keep all of them safe. And needless to say, it will save you an ample amount of packing space as well. I have already selected the best watch roll for you, click on the button below to check it out.

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4) Use Your Wardrobe Drawer

You can also store your unused watches in your wardrobe drawer. But do not forget to use a tray, as discussed earlier. Or you can use hand towels to keep them cocooned. It will make sure that they stay at their respective places and do not collide with each other. This DIY method to store watches is for everyone who does not want to spend money on buying boxes for watches and wants to make use of things that are available at home.

5) Invest In A Safe

You should invest in a safe if you do not already own one. Luxury watches can cost a fortune and if you value your watches then you should store your watch boxes in your safe. Not only the watch but also all the warranty and registered documents that prove its authenticity. Because in case you ever plan to sell it then these documents will increase the watch value manifolds. I have selected the best watch safe for you, which also has multiple watch winders, so it will solve your two problems at a time. You can check it out by clicking on the button below.

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How Long Should You Store Watches?

There is no golden rule as to how long you should store your watches. The less you store it and the more you wear it, the better your watch will be. Therefore you should take your watch out of storage as frequently as you can. Having said that, you should not keep it stored for more than 6 months. You should take it out every six months and should use it for a few days before putting it back in the closet.


How Do You Store A Watch When Not Wearing?

You can store your watch in a watch box when not wearing it.

What Is The Best Way To Store A Watch?

The best way to store a watch is in the original box that it came in.

How Do You Store A Rolex Without Wearing It?

To keep your Rolex, you will have to buy a watch winder box.

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