How To Tell If A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Is Real? 7 Solid Signs

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Buying a Rolex is every ones’ dream but not everyone’s dream comes true. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy a Rolex watch then you must do intensive research before purchasing your dream watch because it is worth a fortune. A lot of scams are going on these days that sell fake Rolex as the real one. If you are not well aware you can easily fall into the trap and buy a fake Rolex instead of a genuine one.

In the earlier days, it was easy to tell a difference between a fake Rolex vs a real Rolex by just looking at it. However, the scammers are getting smarter day by day and are able to make the exact replica of luxury watches like Rolex Oyster Perpetual. There are many replica watch websites that sell fake Rolex watches online, you can check how close they have come to replicating original Rolex timepieces.

Now you must be a little worried if you were looking to buy a new Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. But don’t worry in this article I will give you some solid signs looking at which you can easily tell if a Rolex Oyster watch is real or fake. Apart from recognizing a fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch these signs can also help you find a fake Datejust, Submariner, Presidential, and other popular Rolex models.

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Concrete Signs That Tell A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Is Real Or Not

Some of the obvious signs that tell a Rolex Oyster watch is real or fake is its weight, detailing, build quality, and the serial number of the watch.

Here’s how to check a watch on these standards and know if the Rolex is genuine or not.

1. Serial Number Is The Key

All genuine Rolex watches including the Oyster Perpetual watch come with a 4 to 8 digit serial number engraved on them. The serial number ensures that the watch is authentic as they tell about the production date of the watch. You can look for the serial number between the lugs in the 6’o clock position. To check the serial number you have to remove the watchband, be careful, and take professional help if needed.

If the watch is fake, most of the time there won’t be any serial number and even if you find it there it would be etched instead of engraved on the metal. You can easily tell this way if the watch is real or fake.

rolex serial number

2. Weight Of The Watch

Rolex uses the finest metals like platinum, gold, stainless steel, etc. to make their watches hence it is obvious for their watches to be a bit on the heavier side. If we talk about the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch, it weighs around 285 grams and is one of the heaviest watches from Rolex. On the other hand, a fake Rolex Oyster watch is generally lightweight and weighs about 150 grams or less due to the use of cheap materials.

If you have ever held a genuine Rolex watch then you can easily spot a fake Rolex by just holding it. Even if you have never touched a real Rolex still you can judge a fake one if it feels lighter than it looks.

3. Examine The Details Carefully

real rolex oyster perpetual


Rolex watches are hand-assembled by expert watchmakers and therefore all their watches come in the perfect fit and finish which is also the USP of the Rolex Oyster watches. However, a fake Rolex watch is not made with the same dedication and resources therefore they lack the same details.

If you look closely you can easily find errors in the design like the watch markers will not be perfectly aligned, dull color and print quality on the watch dial, etc. You can also look at the engraved logo on the inner side of the dial, if it looks dull and faded then it means you are looking at the fake Oyster Perpetual watch.

If we talk about the Rolex Oyster series watches in particular then they are made with Oystersteel which is known for its extraordinary shine. While on the other hand, a fake Oyster Perpetual watch lacks the luster.

Moreover, a replica Rolex Oyster watch won’t have a smooth rotating crown, if you feel some resistance in using the crown then it means that it ain’t the Rolex you were looking for.

4. Follow The Second Hand

sweeping second hand of rolex


An original Rolex Oyster watch has a sweeping second hand meaning that it seems to be gliding instead of ticking. Although Rolex watches also tick, it ticks 8 times per second which creates the illusion of sweeping. However, if your Rolex watch’s second hand seems to tick instead of glide then it is a fake watch, get rid of it asap.

5. Mind The Movement

genuine rolex movement


A Rolex is a Swiss-made watch that comes with a Swiss automatic movement. It’s buttery smooth and doesn’t make noise of any sort. However, the same is not the case with a fake Rolex watch as its movement may make a whining noise when you listen closely. It’s a kind of noise you listen to when the car gear gets stuck. So listen carefully and you may be able to spot a fake Rolex Oyster watch.

6. Don’t Miss The Back

An original Rolex Oyster perpetual watch comes with a plain metal back with no special features. However, some fake watch manufacturers add see-through windows to the back of their fake Rolex watch just to make it more attractive. However, they don’t know that there are currently no Rolex watches in the market that comes with an exhibition back. So if you ever come across a Rolex watch with a see-through back then most probably it’s a fake watch.

7. Pricing

This one is obvious, if someone is selling you a Rolex watch at an unheard-of price then most probably they are trying to scam you. A Rolex watch that is available at 1/10 of the price of the actual watch is bound to be a first copy or fake watch. So stay away from it if you don’t want to get ripped.

Real Vs Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch: Conclusion

So these were some small things you can notice in a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch to identify if it is fake or real. To save yourself from falling into the trap you should only buy a Rolex watch from genuine stores and websites. Never buy your expensive luxury watch from shady places just to save some money.

With that being said I hope now you know how to differentiate between a fake and genuine Rolex Oyster watch. The knowledge I have shared here is applicable to other Rolex watches as well so keep them in mind.


Where To Find The Serial Number On A Rolex Oyster Watch?

You can look for the serial number between the lugs at 6'o clock position.

How Do You Tell If It's A Real Rolex?

It will be heavy, engravings will be deep, and every detail will be perfect. That's how you know if a Rolex is real or not.

Do Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tick?

They tick 8 times per second hence looks like they are sweeping instead of ticking.

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