How To Tell If Geneva Watches Are Real Or Fake?

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Are you planning to buy a Geneva watch? Do you want to know how to tell if Geneva Watches are real or fake?

If you are in the market to buy a luxury watch that is made in Geneva then you have come to the right place. I will tell you about all the points that you need to keep in mind so that you can know whether the watch you are buying is a real Geneva watch or not.

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How To Tell If Geneva Watches Are Real Or Fake?

Switzerland is known for making the best timepieces available in the world. And if you do not know then let me tell you, Geneva or Geneve is a place in Switzerland which is also famous for watchmaking in Switzerland itself. The headquarters of some of the famous Swiss watch manufacturers are situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

And since Swiss-made watches are so famous around the world, there are many fake Geneva watches available in the market. If the watch dial has Geneva or Geneve printed on it then it does not mean that they are made in Geneva, Switzerland.

So if you are planning to buy a Swiss-made watch then you must be worried as to how you can know if the Geneva watch you are buying is fake or real.

Do not worry let me tell you, how you can know if a watch is actually made in Geneva.

Geneve Seal & Certificate

Geneva Watches Real Or Fake

Like COSC certification, the watch has to pass various tests in order to qualify to mention Geneve or Geneva on its watch dial.

These tests are done by TIMELAB which is the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Micro Engineering. This lab tests the watch for its craftsmanship, precision, power reserve, water resistance, accuracy, etc. Once the watch passes these tests, it is then provided the Geneve seal and certification. And to get this certification, the first and foremost condition is that the watch and all of its parts have to be made in Geneva itself.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing that tells the Geneva watch is real is the Geneve or Geneva seal on the watch’s movement. And if the watch is made in Geneva, then it also must come with a certificate. This is the next thing that you should check.

Pro Tips To Know If Geneva Watch Is Real

How To Tell If Geneva Watches Is Real Or Fake

Now let me tell you some other characteristics of a real Geneva watch that you should look out for.

1) Fit & Finish

Watches made in Geneva are of very high quality. Therefore the fit and finish levels are top-notch. If you find any rough edges or fit and finish to be compromised then you should know that it is not a real Geneva watch.

2) Price

Geneva watches are not cheap at all. They are one of the best timepieces in the world and they come with a cost. If you are getting a Geneva watch for a cheap price then it is probably fake.

3) Movement

Geneva watches have a mechanical watch movement. All the fake Geneva watches available in the market probably do not have mechanical movement. Therefore, you should check the watch’s movement before buying it. All you have to do is bring the watch closer to your ear and hear the sound that it makes. If you hear a Tick Tick sound then movement is not mechanical.

Mechanical watches do not make a distinct tick-tick sound. You can also notice the movement of the second hand. If it is moving continuously then it means the watch has a mechanical movement. However, if it is moving only one time in a second then the watch does not have a mechanical movement.

4) Weight

The weight of a genuine Geneva watch will be slightly higher than the fake one. The reason behind it very obvious, the watches made in Geneva consists of a lot of watch parts, some of which are made of gold or other metals. These metals have higher weights as compared to their nonmetallic counterparts. Therefore if you find the weight of the watch to be lighter then it is not an original Geneva-made watch.

So these were some of the points that you need to keep in mind if you are in the market to buy a Geneva-made timepiece.

Who Makes The Geneva Watch?

As discussed, the Geneve seal is a mark of authenticity that denotes that the watch is fully made in Geneva, Switzerland. Different watchmakers send their watches to get the Geneve seal on their watches. Therefore Geneva watches are not made by a particular company only. You will find Geneva-sealed watches from the watch manufacturers like Patek Phillipe, Cartier, Roger Dubius, Louis Vuitton, etc.


Are Geneva Watches High Quality?

Yes, watches that come with Geneve seal are of very high quality.

Are Geneva Watches Made In Geneva?

Yes, to get the Geneva seal, a watch has to be fully made in Geneva, Switzerland.

What Is Geneva Seal In Watches?

A Geneva seal denotes that the watch is made in Geneva, Switzerland, and has passed many quality tests.

Is Geneva Famous For Watches?

Yes, many Swiss watch manufacturers have their headquarters in Geneva.

Does Rolex Have Geneva Seal?

No, Rolex watches do not have a Geneve seal.

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