How To Tell If Your Citizen Watch Is Real?

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Have you purchased a Citizen watch online at a heavy discount and are wondering if the price was too good to be true? If you are thinking about buying or have already purchased a Citizen watch, and wanna know how to tell if your Citizen Watch is real or not, then do not worry. Because, in this article, I will share some tips and pointers, using which you can easily check if your citizen watch is geniune or not. So without any delay, let’s get straight to it.

Citizen watches are some of the best quality watches in the world, so naturally there are a lot of fakes around as well. It can be hard to spot fake Citizen watches nowadays, as they are made just like the original apart from the quality in craftsmanship and components used.

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To spot a fake Citizen watch you should check the watch papers. You can check the caseback for the model name and number, the fonts/engraving, and the craftsmanship of the watch to ensure authenticity. You can also compare the watch to the one listed on the official Citizen website to check for any irregularities.

How To Tell If Your Citizen Watch Is Real?

Below I’ve mentioned some things that you should keep in mind when buying a citizen watch online or from an offline store.

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How To Tell If Your Citizen Watch Is Real Or Not

When the price is too good to be true, it often is a counterfeit product. If the seller from which you are purchasing the watch is offering more than a 50% discount on the retail price, then chances are that it is most probably a fake Citizen watch. Most authorized retailers do not give such heavy discounts on these watches, as they too have to get their profit.


All citizen watches come with their paperwork along with a manufacturer’s warranty. Naturally, fake citizen watches have neither. And even if the seller is providing all the documents with the watch, make sure to check whether the serial number alongside all the details mentioned are matching with the watch or not. It is one of the best ways to identify if your Citizen watch is real or fake.


Authentic Citizen case back

One of the most important things you can check is the caseback of your watch. Original Citizen watches have their model name and serial number engraved on their caseback. If your watch is missing either one, then most probably, it is a fake Citizen watch.

Brand Fonts and Engraving

Authentic Citizen watches have Citizen branding on their dial. You can check the dial to see if the fonts of Citizen are correct or not. Authentic Citizen watches also have their logo or name engraved on the band or bracelet. If the Citizen branding or logo is missing from the band/bracelet, or if the engraved font is not correct, then it may not be an original Citizen watch.


One other thing you can do to check the authenticity of your Citizen watch is to keep track of the movement. If the watch is losing time by minutes in a couple of weeks, then most probably it is a fake. Most fake watches use a cheap quartz movement which loses more time. Original Citizen watches use their high-quality Miyota brand movement, which they manufacture themself.


Citizen watch dial

If you have purchased or are planning to purchase a Citizen chronograph, then pay close attention to their chronograph function. The chronograph hand of a real citizen watch sits exactly at the noon position. Most fake watches’ chronograph function does not work. And even if they do work, they are sloppy and inaccurate.


Lastly, you need to check for any irregularities in the watch design. You can go to the official Citizen website or use a Citizen watch catalog to compare the details of the model that you purchased from the one listed on their website. If the details are off even by a slight margin, then you better skip that watch.

Authorised Dealer

Apart from all these things, to be 100% sure about the authenticity of your Citizen watch, you can also visit an authorized dealer. They can check your watch and provide you with all the information regarding the watch.


How To Spot A Fake Citizen Watch? Verdict

So these are some things that you should keep in mind before you buy a Citizen watch. Even though, by using these tips you can easily spot a fake Citizen watch, you should still try to buy it from an authorized dealer. But if you want to buy the watch from an online or offline watch store, don’t forget to ask for the watch documents and perform the checks. Alternatively, you can also take the watch to an authorized dealer who can verify the authenticity of the watch for you.


Is Citizen A Good Watch Brand?

Yes, Citizen is a premium watch brand which makes good quality watches.

Is Citizen A Swiss Watch Company?

No, Citizen is a Japanese electronics company which is primarily known for its watches.

What Is So Special About Citizen Watches?

Citizen watches are high-quality timepieces which feature accuracy, durability, and elegance.

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