How To Turn On Screen Wake On Fitbit Versa Inspire Luxe Charge

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Is your Fitbit not showing you the time when you move or turn your wrist? If you are annoyed by your Fitbit’s screen not turning on when moving your wrist, then you are not alone. I was also irritated when my Fitbit’s screen was not turning on when I was turning my wrist or looking at it. Then I found the fix while fidgeting around with my Fitbit, which was simple and easy. Therefore in this article, I’m sharing the simple steps to turn on Screen Wake on any Fitbit device. So without any delay, let’s start.

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To activate Screen Wake on Fitbit, first, you have to open the Fitbit app and go to Devices and Connections. Next, select your device, proceed to scroll down, and turn the Quick View toggle on. If it is already turned on, then you have to tap on the Sync Now icon.

How To Turn On Screen Wake On Any Fitbit Using Fitbit App

By following these simple steps you can easily fix the Screen Wake not working issue on any Fitbit.

1. Open the Fitbit application on your smartphone, and tap on Devices and Connections icon. Now you have to select your Fitbit device, I’m selecting my Versa 3 but you can select your respective device.

Open Fitbit Application

2. After that, you just have to scroll down and tap the Quick View toggle button to turn it on. If it is already turned on then turn it off and then on again.

Quick View

3. That should fix your issue, if not then after turning on the Quick View tap on the Sync Now icon.

Sync Fitbit Data

Alternatively, you can also turn on or off the Screen Wake function directly from your Fitbit device without the phone application. The steps to do that are mentioned below.

Steps To Set Screen Wake On Fitbit

Well, the steps to turn on screen wake on Fitbit Versa, Inspire, Luxe, and Charge are similar with little variation. Still, I’ve mentioned the steps for each Fitbit series separately.

Fitbit Versa

1. Wake the screen by pressing the haptic button on the left side. Swipe right to access the quick settings.

Quick Settings on Versa 3

2. Now, if the sleep Mode on Fitbit is turned on, then the Screen Wake function will be locked on your Fitbit. So make sure to turn the Sleep Mode off.

Screen Wake Not Working On Fitbit

3. The Screen Wake can either be set to manual or automatic. Tap on the Screen Wake icon and set it to automatic.

How To Turn Screen Wake On Fitbit

Now the screen wake function should work properly on your Fitbit Versa 2, 3, or 4.

Fitbit Inspire

1. Press and hold the two side buttons on your Fitbit Inspire to open the Quick settings.

Fitbit Not Showing Time When Turning Wrist

2. Now scroll down and ensure that the Sleep Mode is not highlighted, indicating that it is turned off. If it is on then tap on it to turn it off.

How To Set Screen Wake On Fitbit

3. Scroll further down to find the Screen Wake icon, and tap on it to turn it on.

The display should now show you the time when you turn your wrist wearing your Fitbit Inspire 2, 3.

Fitbit Luxe

1. Wake the screen by double-tapping the screen. Then swipe down to open Quick settings.

Access Quick Settings

2. Now if your Screen Wake is off or set to manual, just tap on it and set it to Auto.


Just make sure that the Sleep Mode is also turned off for the Screen Wake to work. And that’s it.

Fitbit Charge

1. Wake the screen by double-tapping the screen or by pressing the sensor on the side. Press and hold the side button to access the Quick Settings menu.

Screen Not Turning On Fitbit When I Turn My Wrist

2. Scroll down and ensure that the Sleep Mode is off. Now tap on the Screen Wake icon to turn it on.

Opening Quick Settings

And that’s how you can easily set Screen Wake on Fitbit Charge 3, 4, 5, or 6.

And this was all there was to it. By following these simple steps you can fix the screen wake function on any Fitbit. If this issue persists then it is recommended to restart your Fitbit device. You can also try to unpair and then pair the device again to your phone. That should take care of the problem.

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Fitbit Screen Not Waking Up When Turning Wrist? Final Verdict

There are two ways to fix the issue of your Fitbit screen not turning on when moving your wrist. You can either use the Fitbit application for that or you can directly do it from your Fitbit device as well. I’ve explained the steps for both these methods above, so you can easily set any Fitbit to show you the time when you turn or twist your wrist.


How Do I Get My Fitbit Screen To Wake Up?

To wake up the Fitbit screen, open Quick Settings, tap on the Screen Wake icon to turn it on.

Why Is My Fitbit Screen Not Turning Off?

The Fitbit screen will not turn off when the Always On Display is turned on.

How Do I Get My Fitbit Inspire To Turn On When I Turn My Wrist?

Press and hold the side buttons to open Quick Settings, scroll down and tap on Screen Wake to turn it on.

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