Is Fitbit Owned By Garmin? Who Actually Owns Fitbit?

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Are you also one of the people that wonder whether Fitbit is owned by Garmin or not?

If yes, then you are at the right place, my friend. In this article, I will put this doubt of yours to rest. Not only this but I will also share with you whether Fitbit is owned by Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, or Google. And at the end, I will also tell you who actually owns Fitbit watches.

So let’s get started!

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Is Fitbit Owned By Apple?

Before I tell you whether Garmin owns Fitbit or not, let me clear up some of the misconceptions that people have.

The first misconception is that Fitbit is owned by Apple. And it is natural to think this way because, like Apple, Fitbit also charges a membership fee for its premium services.

However, as I said, this is a misconception. Fitbit is not owned by Apple.

Is Fitbit Owned By Amazon?

Fitbit watches are so popular on Amazon that people think it might be an Amazon product which is why it is getting so pushed on it. However, this is again a misconception that is not true. Fitbit is not owned by Amazon.

Is Fitbit Owned By Facebook?

No, Fitbit is not owned by Facebook. I really do not have any idea where people get this misconception from. There is not even a minor connection between Fitbit and Facebook. Is it because both their names start with “F”?

Is Fitbit Owned By Samsung?

No, Samsung does not own Fitbit. This is another misconception that people have but I do not understand where they get this idea. Even their names start with different letters if you know what I mean and neither do they belong to the same country. What do you think can be the reason behind this misconception?

Is Fitbit Owned By Garmin?

Is Fitbit Owned By Garmin

The biggest misconception that people have is that Fitbit is owned by Garmin. Well, it is natural to think this way because both brands offer some of the best smartwatches for activity and health tracking. They both offer detailed insights into health and fitness tracking, these two brands are even used by many athletes around the world to keep track of their training.

And if you have looked at their smartwatches then you must be wondering about the question: Is Fitbit owned by Garmin?

No, Fitbit is not owned by Garmin. In fact, they are rivals of each other. They keep giving each other tough competition when it comes to features and accuracy.

Fitbit is renowned for tracking sleep, on the other hand, Garmin is renowned for tracking heart rate and workouts. Smartwatches from both brands offer great value for money and if you are confused about which brand you should go for then you read my Garmin Vs Fitbit article.

Who Owns Fitbit?

Who Owns Fitbit

Fitbit is not owned by Garmin either, so don’t you want to know who owns Fitbit brand?

Well, today Fitbit is owned by none other than Google. Yes, Google owns the Fitbit company. It acquired Fitbit in 2019 and ever since Fitbit is part of Google.

However, this wasn’t the case always. Fitbit is a US-based smartwatch and wearable company that was founded in 2007. It quickly rose in popularity because of its accurate health and fitness monitoring, and it was acquired by Google in 2019.

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Who Is Fitbit Owned By?

Fitbit is owned by Google.

Is Fitbit An Apple Company?

No, Fitbit is not an Apple Company. It is not owned by Apple.

Is Fitbit Made By Samsung?

No, Fitbit is not made by Samsung.

Does Garmin Owns Fitbit?

No, Garmin does not own Fitbit.

Does Amazon Own Fitbit?

No, Amazon does not own Fitbit.

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