Is It Cheaper To Buy Rolex In Switzerland Or Overseas

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Are you wondering if is it cheaper to buy a Rolex in Switzerland than in US or UK? Or is there any place that is cheaper to buy a Rolex overseas? In this article, I have discussed what I found when researching the same during my overseas trip.

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Buying Rolex in Switzerland or any other country is not cheaper than buying in your home country. Rolex goes to various lengths to ensure that the price remains the same all over the world.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Rolex Watch In Switzerland?

Rolex geneva

Rolex watches are made in Switzerland so it’s not wrong to think that it would be also the cheapest place to buy Rolex. And, like me, you will be forgiven for thinking that it might be one of the reasons that Switzerland attracts so many tourists.

However, that’s not true because Rolex tries to keep the price of watches the same, globally, to avoid this issue altogether. So whether you are in the US or in Geneva you won’t be getting the Rolex watch for a cheaper price.

This helps Rolex in preventing the brand from being diluted. In fact, that’s why Rolex carefully selects its dealers so that you don’t get Rolex watches at deep discounts like you might get an Apple Watch on Black Friday.

Where To Buy Rolex Cheaper Overseas?

Rolex Datejust

The best way to purchase cheap Rolex overseas is by enquiring about the price through a dealer instead of going to Rolex’s store. You might get a $300-400 discount which certainly doesn’t make the watch cheap. I mean considering air tickets & hotel costs I don’t think you are saving big. Also, that’s the biggest discount you should expect while purchasing the Rolex overseas.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing The Rolex Watch Overseas

Waiting List

rolex watch

Buying a Rolex isn’t as easy as going to Switzerland & going to the nearest Rolex or Bucherer outlet.

There is usually a waiting list for Rolex watches & waiting time could be somewhere between 6 months to 2 years depending on the model. If you want the model immediately then you will have to pay more because Rolexes are usually sold for higher than their selling price. Most of the time you can only find Rolex watches on the grey market or shopkeepers selling pre-owned Rolex watches with a commission.

Unless you are buying a pre-owned watch or looking for Rolex Datejust don’t expect to get your hands on one immediately. The reason I say Rolex Datejust is because it is the cheapest and most readily available Rolex model.

So if you don’t plan on visiting again after getting on the waiting list then you are better off buying it from somewhere else.

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Final Price

is it cheaper to buy Rolex in Switzerland

When you purchase a watch in your country you also pay the sales tax along with it. In foreign countries, you may or may not be required to pay any tax. Some countries like Switzerland might have a higher tax than your home country.

Similarly, you might have to pay even more tax at the airport while returning if you have purchased the watch in a foreign land. Some debit & credit card companies also charge 1 to 2% on international transactions. This can further increase the cost of your Rolex watch.

You do get a VAT refund if you are a foreign national on a trip to Switzerland. However, I don’t think it will make a difference given the other costs like flight tickets, hotel room, & other expenses.

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Currency Value

Rolex doesn’t keep revising its watch’s price every other month, it only does that once a year. So let’s assume that you go to Geneva & Datejust is priced at around 6000 Swiss Franc and USD gets stronger. In this case, you may be able to get the watch for cheaper in Switzerland.

So do keep the currency value in check as you might get a discount or end up paying more because of that.

Payment In Cash

Some dealers offer an 8 to 10% discount if you buy the watch in cash so do consider withdrawing the money beforehand. If you are allowed to carry money from your country then consider doing that as well.


You won’t be saving much if you decide to buy a Rolex in Switzerland. Only purchase the watch if you are in Switzerland & want something to remember the trip. Otherwise, you won’t notice much of the price difference between the two locations.


How much do you save buying a Rolex in Switzerland?

The price of Rolex watches is more or less the same in Switzerland. Rolex goes to various lengths to ensure price disparity is minimum around the world.

Do Airports sell Rolex?

Yes, airports do sell Rolex but they are not heavily discounted & usually cost the same or more.

How long is Rolex waiting list?

It will depend on the watch model you might be looking to buy. Rolex Datejust watches usually have a minimum waiting period & can sometimes be purchased on the spot.

Can I get a Rolex in Geneva?

Yes, Rolex has its official outlet in Geneva as well.

Is it possible to buy Rolex in Switzerland?

Yes, you can buy a Rolex in Switzerland but you might have to pay extra taxes when returning to your country at the airport.

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