Is iTouch Watch An Apple Product: Are They The Same?

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Are you wondering whether Apple makes iTouch watches or not? Do you want to know if the iTouch smartwatch is an Apple product or not? Or if you’re curious to know, is an iTouch watch the same as an Apple Watch?

If yes, then this article is for you as I will share the answers to these questions with you here. Not only this but I will also share who is iTouch wearables made by, how iTouch watches like Air 3, Air 2, Sport, Explorer, etc. are different from Apple watches, and whether iTouch smartwatches any good or not.

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Is iTouch An Apple Product?

Is iTouch Watch An Apple Product

We have become so familiar with Apple’s nomenclature that if we see an ‘i’ in front of a product’s name then we think it must be by Apple. iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes all have “i” in front of them.

So if you were looking to buy a smartwatch and came to know about iTouch watches then I am sure you must be wondering about the following questions:

  • Are iTouch wearables Apple products too?
  • Is the iTouch smartwatch made by Apple?

This can be because of the obvious 2 reasons:

  • There is ‘i’ in ‘iTouch’
  • The look of these watches is very similar to that of Apple Watches

But before I tell you this, let me ask you: Do you think Apple will ever make a smartwatch that costs just around 50 bucks? Has Apple ever launched an affordable mass product that everyone can purchase?

No, right? I think you have your answer now.

No, iTouch wearable, be it smartwatches or fitness trackers, is not an Apple product. I know you must be knowing it already and just wanted to confirm. iTouch seems like a well-thought name just to confuse people who are fond of Apple products.

If you want to know a little bit more about iTouch, and want to know whether iTouch is a good smartwatch brand or not then keep reading.

Who Is iTouch Made By?

Now that you know Apple does not make the iTouch watch, let me tell you who iTouch is actually made by. iTouch is owned by a fashion company called American Exchange Group, it is also known as AXNY Group. It is a very well-known group that owns multiple brands like Aerosoles, DC, Dr. Seuss, Ed Hardy, XOXO, Zoo York, etc. So basically, iTouch is an American brand.

Difference Between iTouch And Apple Watch

iTouch Air 3

Let me now tell you the difference between the iTouch and Apple watches. For comparison, let’s take the latest smartwatches of both brands i.e. Apple Watch Series 7 and iTouch Air 3.

The main difference between these two watches is the price that they come at. Apple Watch Series 7 costs over $300 whereas iTouch Air 3 costs around $50. The huge difference in prices of these smartwatches indicates that there must be a huge difference in the features list as well, right?

But if you will look at the feature list of both smartwatches then you will be surprised. Air 3 offers almost all the features that Watch Series 7 is offering. From step counter to heart rate monitor to sleep monitor, it seems to have it all. It even has an IP68 water-resistant rating and looks almost identical to the Watch 7.

So does the Apple Watch Series 7 justify the hefty price tag over iTouch Air 3?

Yes, it absolutely does. Firstly, Apple is one of the most recognized brands. Secondly, there will be a huge difference in the performance and accuracy of the sensors and features of these two watches. Thirdly, Apple Watch Series 7 comes with some of the most advanced features like inbuilt ECG and fall detection. You can check other watches that come with the ECG features here. If you want to gift a smartwatch to elderly people then you can check other watches that come with fall detection features by reading this article.

Are iTouch Wearables Any Good?

Yes, iTouch smartwatches are quite good considering the price that they are being offered. These smartwatches are compatible with iPhone and Android, they look good and come with a long list of features. So if you want to gift a smartwatch to your kids then you can definitely consider buying iTouch smartwatches.

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Is iTouch The Same As Apple?

No, iTouch and Apple are two very different brands and they are not at all connected to each other.

Is iTouch Air 2 An Apple product?

No, iTouch Air 2 is not an Apple Product.

Who Owns iTouch Watch?

American Exchange Group owns the iTouch brand.

Does iTouch Watch Work With iPhone?

Yes, the iTouch watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Is iTouch Air 3 An Apple Product?

No, Apple does not make iTouch Air 3.

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