Kospet Tank M1 Review: Low On Price But High On Features

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Kospet Tank M1


Build Quality




Water Resistant






Value For money



  • Long List Of Features
  • Accurate Activity Tracker
  • Long Battery Life
  • Tough And Rugged Built
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Heart Rate, Sleep, Blood Pressure, And SpO2 Monitor
  • 50M Water-Resistant Rating


  • Inaccurate Step Counter
  • Inaccurate Sleep Tracker

Are you looking to buy the Kospet Tank M1 and want to know if it is worth the money or not?

Kospet Tank M1 is the newest entrant in the super affordable smartwatch around $50 that boasts a lot of features and promises a lot. But do these features really work or they are just part of the gimmick? Is Kospet Tank M1 an affordable rugged smartwatch? Should you consider buying it?

To get answers to all these questions I tested this watch intensively for more than a week. And finally came up with a detailed review of Kospet Tank M1. So if you are considering buying this watch then you are at the right place, keep reading!

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Kospet Tank M1 Review

Kospet Tank M1 Review

What’s In The Box?

Tank M1 unboxing

The package sent to us by Kospet had the following items:

  • Watch Box
    • Watch with installed protector
    • Rubber Strap
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Additional watch glass protector
    • User Manual
  • Additional Rubber Camo Strap

Build Quality

Kospet Tank M1 promises big on the build quality front. According to the company the watch has been tested against military standards and has 50M and IP69K dust and water-resistant ratings. This is just amazing considering the M1’s price point, this kind of water-resistant rating is not even available in some of the best-selling costly smartwatches. The company also claims that the watch can work in -40 to 70 degrees Celsius temperature and it can withstand a 5 tons truck crushing. Well, I have not got the time but I am surely gonna test these claims.

When I picked the watch in my hands the first thing that I noticed is how lightweight the watch was. It only weighs 65 grams, which is quite lightweight. The watch’s case is made up of polycarbonate material and has a metal casing on the side making it a tough smartwatch. It also looks and feels sturdy when you hold it.

The strap of the watch is made of rubber and it is freakishly long. However, I do have a small wrist size, so it might be appropriate for people with big wrists but it will definitely irritate people with small wrists.

I did a drop test from the waist height and I could not see even a single scratch on the watch. Full marks to the Kospet on the build quality, considering the price point of the watch.

Operating System And User Interface

Kospet Tank M1 runs on Kospet’s proprietary operating system. And I am in love with this operating system as well as the user interface. It is so neat and simple to use that you will not even feel that you are using the smartwatch for the first time. In fact, a kid could use it without much guidance, it is that simple. The user interface is similar to an Android smartphone, if you swipe down then you will be able to see quick settings.

Quick Settings

Swipe up and you will see all the phone notifications. If you swipe left then you will see a quick app menu. Swipe right then you will see all the fitness apps that the watch has to offer, like steps counter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, etc.

Quick Menu

There is a 1.72” TFT IPS display that displays even the smallest text crisply. The brightness of the screen is controllable and after setting the brightness to the maximum, I could easily see everything clearly even in the broad daylight.

You get two buttons, namely Power and Back, on the right side of the watch. You can use these or you can use the touch to control the watch. The touch of the smartwatch is also very good considering the price point it is being offered at. And I would give full marks to Kospet for its user interface and touch sensitivity.

Like the smartwatch, the mobile app of Kospet for the smartphone is super easy to use too and I loved its minimalistic and simplistic design. By the way, the name of the app is Da Fit, and you can download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

App Home

Kospet Tank M1 Features

What makes a watch a smartwatch? Its features, right?

Kospet Tank M1 comes with a long list of features, some of them are not even available in the smartwatches that cost almost 4 times the price of Tank M1. But the question is are they a part of a gimmick or they really do work in everyday life? Keep reading and you will find out.

Steps Counter

Step Counter

Like other smartwatches, Kospet does track your steps. Along with tracking your steps, it shows you the number of calories you have burned as well as the distance you have traveled.

When I was testing the watch, the steps counter kept increasing even when I was sitting on a chair. By default, the step goal for a day is set at 7000 steps. And when I started using this watch, the first day I was able to achieve the goal very easily which made me feel very happy. But on the second day of usage, I almost achieved the target again. And it was very shocking for me as I did not leave my home the whole day and the only movement that I was doing was to go to the washroom to attend nature’s call and a few times to the kitchen to get some snacks. So you can imagine the inaccuracy of the steps counter of the watch. However, it did record my running metrics accurately, and we will talk more about this when we will talk about its activity tracker.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Monitor

It tracks your sleep, gives you a sleep score, and also lets you know the amount of deep and light sleep you had.

But my experience with its sleep tracker wasn’t very good. The sleep tracker assumed that I was sleeping when I was actually lying on the bed and was using my cell phone. The same thing happened when I woke up early in the morning but did not leave my bed and was using my cell phone to surf social media. And this happened every day, so the sleep tracker did not work as it was supposed to in my case.

Sleep Stats

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Kospet Tank M1 comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor. The company claims that the accuracy of the heart rate monitor of the Tank M1 is close to the accuracy of the watches from Fitbit and Apple.

However, I did test it with the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music which is also known for its accuracy. I tested the heart rate monitors of both the watches simultaneously. And 7 out of 10 times both watches’ heart rate monitors showed almost the same reading. However, 3 times the reading of the Kospet Tank M1 was considerably higher than the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music.

Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

The smartwatch comes with 24 sports modes. I mainly do running so I tested it for running. To know its accuracy I used it side by side with the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, which is mainly focused on runners and accurately measure running metrics. To be very frank I did not expect much since its steps counter kept increasing when I was even sitting. But to my surprise, it did track all the running metrics like distance, average pace, average heart rate, time taken, etc pretty accurately. And there was a very negligible difference between the two.

Here’s the result of both the watches after the run.

Running stats Tank M1


Forerunner 245 running stats

Just 2.8% deviation on Kospet smartwatch in spite of not having a dedicated GPS sensor.

This was pretty shocking for me because there is a huge difference between the prices of the two watches and yet they were showing the same results. Kudos to Kospet for that!

Click Here to Check on Official Site

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Yes, the Kospet Tank M1 comes with a blood pressure monitor too. This feature is not even available in some of the costliest smartwatches out there but you get it in this affordable watch from Kospet.

I used this feature multiple times back to back and the readings were almost similar all the time. However, I did not get a chance to measure its accuracy against a professional blood pressure monitor.

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Kospet Tank M1 also shows you the weather forecast. However, you need to connect your smartphone to your smartwatch for this feature to work. It basically takes the data from your phone’s weather forecast app and then shows this to you on the watch.



If you like to take multiple photos a day then you are going to love this feature. When connected to the smartphone, Kospet Tank M1 lets click the photos on your phone. All I had to do was to connect my smartphone to the watch and then tap on the shutter button on the watch. It then prompts a notification to the smartphone, clicking on which opens up the Da fit camera app. I had to click again on the shutter and the 3 seconds countdown started on the smartphone and the picture was finally clicked.

However, the shutter button did not work when I opened the smartphone’s inbuilt camera app and then clicked the shutter button on the watch. Every time I pressed the shutter button on the watch, it sent a notification to the smartwatch.

SpO2 Monitor

SpO2 Monitor

Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch also features a SpO2 monitor, therefore you can use it to measure your blood oxygen saturation level.

I tested this feature with a professional oximeter multiple times and the Tank M1 showed approximately the same measurement as the oximeter. The results did shock me as I was not expecting this kind of accuracy from this budget watch.

SpO2 Test

Music Control

Music Controller

When connected to the smartphone, Tank M1 also lets you control the music on the phone. While testing the watch, this feature worked perfectly for me and I did not face any issues.

Phone Notifications


When connected to the smartphone, Kospet Tank M1 shows you all the notifications like phone calls, texts, social media notifications, etc. that you receive on your cell phone. You can quickly look at these notifications by swiping up on the home screen.

Other Features

Other features of the watch include:

  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Connectivity with Google Fit
  • Breathing Exercise

Battery Life

Battery life is one the biggest plus point of Kospet Tank M1. The company claims a battery life of 15 days in daily use and 50 days on standby. And this claim seems to be true as when I received the watch it had an 81% charge and after using it for around 6 days there is still 56% battery life remaining. This is great and I love this watch for that. I do not like to charge smartwatches frequently and if you are also like me then you will love this watch with long battery life too.


The current price of the Kospet Tank M1 is $54.99. You can buy it from their official website. And if you buy it before 10th March 2022 then you will get a free camo strap with the watch.

Is It Worth Buying?

If you are someone who is always on the move and likes outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, fishing, etc. And if you are looking for an affordable smartwatch that can accompany you on your adventurous trips then Kospet Tank M1 is made for you.

Sure it has some shortcomings, but if you consider its price point and the features that it is offering then it comes out to be a very good value for money option.


Is Kospet Tank M1 Waterproof?

No, Kospet Tank M1 is not waterproof. But it comes with a water-resistant rating of 50M.

Is Kospet Tank M1 Good For Adventurous Trips?

Yes, Kospet Tank M1’s tough build quality, 50M water-resistant rating, and 50 days standby battery life make it a good watch to take on adventurous trips.

Does Kospet Tank M1 Have The Blood Pressure Monitor?

Yes, Kospet Tank M1 features a blood pressure monitor.

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