Metals Used In Watches, Smartwatches, & Their Straps

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Are you wondering what all metals are used in making watches?

Not many people think about the metals used in making a particular watch until and unless they are allergic to certain metals or are watch aficionados. If you are also one of the two then you are reading the right article. In this article, I will tell about all the different types of materials that are used in watches and smartwatches. Not only metals but I will also tell you about different materials that are used to make watches, smartwatches, and their bracelets and straps.

So keep reading!

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Metals Used in Watches, Smartwatches, And Their Straps

So let us look at all the metals that are used in watches, smartwatches, and their straps one by one.

1) Stainless Steel

Metals Used In Watches

Stainless Steel is the most common type of metal that is used in making watches. You can find this in cheap watches as well as premium watches. It is a lightweight metal that is corrosion resistant and is very easily available at a cheap cost too. All of this combined together make it a go-to metal for every watch manufacturer. Mostly the watch bracelets are made up of stainless steel.

2) Gold

Gold Watch

Like stainless steel, Gold is also the most used and a go-to metal for every luxury watch manufacturer. Gold can come in different colors and shades as well. Gold, Rose gold, and white are some of the most common colors of gold used in luxury watches.

3) Titanium

Titanium Watch

Titanium is stronger and lighter than stainless steel. Therefore it is a perfect choice for all the watch and smartwatch manufacturers that make rugged and outdoor watches. Watches made up of titanium are generally costlier than watches made up of stainless steel. However there are some affordable titanium watches available in the market. It is also used in hypoallergenic watches.

4) Platinum

Platinum Watch

Platinum is probably the most precious metal that is used in watches, smartwatches, and bracelets. You will find platinum in some of the costliest watches. Generally, platinum is used to make a watch case only.

5) Tungsten

Some watch manufacturers also use tungsten to make a watch. However, it is used rarely and is stronger than titanium.

6) Aluminium

Aluminum is very lightweight and therefore is preferred by many watch and smartwatch manufacturers these days. It is mainly used to make a watch case or bracelet.

7) Bronze

Bronze is also used in making watches however it is mainly used inside of the watch to make inner components.

8) Copper

Like bronze, copper is also used to make inner components of a watch and is hardly used to make a watch case or bracelet.

9) Brass

Brass possesses great anti-magnetic properties which makes it suitable to make inner components of antimagnetic watches. Brass is not used in making outer components of a watch like a case and a bracelet.

Materials Used In Watches, Smartwatches, And Their Straps

So these were all the metals that are used in watches, let us now look at the materials that are used in making watches, smartwatches, and straps.

1) Carbon Fiber

Materials Used In Watches

Carbon fiber is very strong and lightweight. It is mostly used in performance motorcycles and cars but has found its way in watch cases as well as some inner watch parts.

2) Ceramic

Like carbon fiber, ceramic is also very lightweight and is used in making outer as well as inner parts of a watch. It is very scratch resistant but is not as stronger as other metals and is prone to breakage. If you’re allergic to metals then you can opt for ceramic watches.

3) Silicon

Silicon is lightweight, flexible, durable, and non-magnetic in nature and is mainly used to make watch and smartwatch straps.

4) Sapphire Crystal


Sapphire crystal is one of the hardest substances available on the earth and therefore is mainly used to make watch glasses. Smartwatches with sapphire glass stay protected from scratches and breakages.

5) Mineral Crystal

Like sapphire crystals, mineral crystals are used to make the watch glasses. However, they are not as stronger as sapphire crystals and also cost less as compared to sapphire crystals.

6) Glass

The Glass needs no introduction. It is used to make the watch glass but is prone to scratches and breakage. It is way cheaper than mineral and sapphire crystal therefore is mainly found in low-end watches.

7) Plastic

Yes, plastic is also used in watches. It is used to make watch cases as well as the transparent top of the watch. Plastic is only seen in cheap watches and smartwatches that cost under $100 because of its cheap cost.

8) Wood

Wood is hardly used but you can find some watches made of wood. These are very cheap and you will hardly find a wooden watch made by any popular watch manufacturer.

9) Diamonds


Diamonds also do not need any introduction and they are used in high-end luxury diamond watches. These are generally studded on the watch bezels, cases, bracelets, and dials.

What Metal Is Best For A Watch?

Every metal has its own pros and cons. And choosing a metal to make a watch can depend on a lot of factors. There is no thumb rule that says that this metal is good and this is bad. And generally, a watch contains more than one metal. A particular metal can be used to make its watch case and another metal can be used to make its bracelet and other metals can be used to make its inner parts. So choosing the right metal and material will depend on the goal and objective of the watch manufacturer.


What Steel Is Used For Watches?

316L Stainless Steel is the most commonly type of steel used in watches.

Are Watches Made With Copper?

No, nowadays watches are not made of copper. However, some internal watch parts are still made up of copper.

What Materials Are Luxury Watches Made From?

Platinum, Gold, Diamond, etc. are some of the materials used in luxury watches.

Is Brass Good Material For Watch?

Yes, Brass possesses great anti-magnetic properties and therefore is great for making internal watch parts.

Are Watches Made Up Of Aluminium?

Yes, Aluminum is used to make watches. It is generally used to make watch and smartwatches cases.

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