Most Affordable Titanium Watches Under $500

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Stainless steel vs titanium watches has been a matter of discussion for some time now. While stainless steel watches are definitely durable and more affordable but they fail spectacularly in few areas. The first advantage that titanium has over stainless steel is the fact that they are more lightweight. That’s why most men and women prefer titanium bracelet watches because despite the bulky looks they are still lightweight compared to stainless steel watches.

In addition to that, titanium is highly corrosion-resistant when exposed to saltwater, that’s why most brands make titanium dive watches. Stainless steel watch on the other hand can succumb to corrosion sooner or later.

Titanium watches are also useful for those who have sensitive skin as it is a hypoallergenic material.

Now if you are wondering why isn’t everyone wearing a titanium watch if they are so great? The reason for that is, titanium watches are expensive compared to stainless steel watches. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any affordable titanium watches, they are just more difficult to find, especially good ones.

So keeping your budget in mind, I went out to find the most affordable titanium watches under $200 and $500 available to buy on Amazon. So whether you are looking for a titanium dress watch, dive watch, or automatic watch, I have got them all.

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Most Affordable Titanium Watch Under 200 Dollars

Bering Men's titanium strap watch

Bering Men's Titanium Watch

  • 12 & 24hr time mode

  • Features sapphire glass for protecting the dial

  • Luminous coating on the watch hands

Cheap Titanium Automatic Watch For Ladies

affordable automatic titanium watch

Tissot Women's Swiss Automatic watch

  • 80hr power reserve

  • Date window at 3 o'clock position

  • 32mm size of the case

Best Affordable Titanium Dive Watch

Victorinox Swiss army I.N.O.X watch

Victorinox I.N.O.X

  • Screw down crown

  • Water-resistant up to 200m

  • Good quality lume on watch hand

Budget Titanium Watch With 40mm Dial Size

Tissot men's gentleman titanium bracelet watch

Tissot Men's titanium dress watch

  • End of the life indicator function

  • Domed shaped sapphire glass

  • Swiss-made quartz movement

Most Value Titanium Watches For Men

1. Bering Men’s Titanium Watch – Affordable & Stylish

Bering Men's titanium strap watch

Danish brands like Bering are known for making gorgeous and minimalistic-looking watches. Not just that but they also deliver in terms of the build quality at a reasonable price. And this is the best affordable titanium watch available at the sub $200 price tag on Amazon.

For the price, you get a 39mm titanium case which is perfect for men who prefer titanium watches under 40mm dimension. Along with that, you also get a 20mm titanium strap that will definitely look good on your wrist.

On the features side, the watch comes with both normal and 24 hr military time mode on the dial. So it will also be a perfect gift for someone who you know who is serving in the military. You can also keep track of the date with this watch using the date window on the dial.

The next highlight of the watch is the sapphire glass that protects the dial from scratches. This is a highly scratch-resistant glass and the fact that you are getting this titanium watch for under 200 dollars price tag is amazing. However, the watch does miss the mark in the waterproofing department as it is only splash resistant. So while rain or washing hands won’t be an issue but swimming isn’t recommended with it.

If not being able to swim or snorkel isn’t a deal-breaker for you then at this price this watch is a steal in my opinion.

The Good
  • The dial of the watch is protected by sapphire glass
  • Small dial size of 39mm only
  • 24hr military as well as normal time on the dial
  • A luminous coating on the watch
  • Perfect for those users who have nickel skin allergy

The Bad
  • Setting time can be tricky according to some users
  • Not suitable for swimming and other water sports activities

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2. Seiko Men’s SGG729 Titanium Bracelet Watch – Affordable, Stylish & Well-built

Seiko Titanium watch

Seiko is without a doubt one of the most recognizable Japanese watch brands known for making quality timepieces. Most watch enthusiasts hold the brand in very high regard due to its innovative kinetic watches lineup. I assure you that you will do the same as well after hearing about the specs of the watch.

First and foremost, this affordable Seiko watch comes with a 37mm case which is ideal for those who prefer small titanium watches. Also, this watch is accompanied by a 20mm bracelet strap that is also made of titanium. So you won’t have to worry about getting allergies due to exposure to nickel or other similar material.

Another thing to note here is that while Amazon listing says that the watch comes with a hardlex glass on the dial but it is in fact sapphire. It is one of the toughest glass materials and is rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Therefore, it is very difficult to get scratched when compared to other types of watch glasses.

If you didn’t choose the previous watch due to its inability to survive in water then this Seiko watch might just be a perfect pick for you. It is water-resistant up to 100mm so you can go swimming or snorkeling wearing the watch.

Moreover, you get a Japanese quartz movement that ensures accurate timekeeping on the watch. On the final note, I would say that this is the best value for money titanium watch available under $200 at the time of writing.

Important Note: Some users are reporting that the watch being received by them has a black dial and others are saying it’s blue. Therefore, I would recommend inspecting the watch upon receiving the product.

The Good
  • Day and date function at the 3 o’clock position
  • Sapphire glass protects the dial from scratches
  • You can go swimming wearing the watch
  • Titanium gives a nice finish to the watch
  • Perfect small bracelet watch for men

The Bad
  • Some users may find the watch to be small

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3. Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Watch – Powered By Light

cheap Citizen titanium watch

While some may consider titanium watches to be expensive compared to stainless steel ones but I find them to be value for money despite the extra price. As evident by this Citizen watch which features a 42mm titanium case that gives the watch a lustrous finish. Similarly, the 22mm titanium strap of the watch sports the same premium look.

Looks aren’t the only forte of this watch, as it comes with very good quality luminous coating on hour indices and the watch hands. So whenever you will be in a dim-lit environment, the watch hands and hour markers will glow. Therefore, you will be able to read the time in the darkest of places.

Besides that, there is also a date function at the 3 o’clock position to keep track of the date along with time. However, the biggest selling point and probably what makes it the bang for bucks titanium watch is the Eco-drive function. It basically allows you to use any source of light to power the watch. Therefore, you can use the sun or the fluorescent light in the office to recharge the battery on the watch.

One thing to note here is that the sun charges the watch comparatively faster than the artificial light sources. So I won’t recommend relying on artificial charging completely.

Besides all that, you get a sapphire glass to protect this beautiful watch from frontal impacts. Moreover, you can even do light snorkeling with the watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m, so explore the waters without any worries.

The best affordable titanium watch would be the one that offers the best price to performance ratio and this Citizen watch without a doubt does that. Not only do you get a titanium body, sapphire glass, and date window function but also a solar charging feature with the watch. To top it all of, you get a 5 years warranty with the watch that ensures your investment remains safe for a long time.

The Good
  • Sapphire glass protects the dial of the watch
  • Can be charged using solar and artificial lights
  • 5 years warranty with the watch
  • Japanese quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
  • Suitable for snorkeling and swimming

The Bad
  • No rotating bezels
  • The dial of the watch is dark blue (Check amazon reviews to see the real-life pics)

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4. Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X- Go Diving Without Any Worries

Victorinox Swiss army I.N.O.X watch

When it comes to finding quality watches then Swiss watches are considered best for the job and for all the right reasons. The perfect example of the previous statement is this reasonably priced I.N.O.X titanium dive watch from Victorinox. This watch is rated to be water-resistant up to 200m underwater so it can withstand heavy pressure making it suitable for diving.

Compared to previous watches, this watch comes with a bold and sporty look. And, the 43mm sandblasted titanium case helps the watch in achieving those good looks. Plus, bezels surrounding the dial comes with a jewelry cut which further adds to the stylish looks of the watch.

Besides looks, the watch features a good quality lume on watch hands and hour markings so you can read the time while scuba diving underwater. For better protection against dust and water, the watch also features a screw-down crown that seals the case to protect it from external particles.

One problem that most of us face with watches is that they can be difficult to read under the direct glare of sunlight. Thankfully Victorinox I.N.O.X comes with an anti-reflective coating on the dial glass which makes it less reflective and easy to read.

At the time of writing, this watch is priced at around $350 which is unbelievable considering it is made out of premium titanium material and also meets diving standards. And, I am not even bringing up the fact that this is a Swiss brand with a Swiss quartz movement.

The Good
  • Date window between 4 and 5 o’clock position
  • Anti-reflective coating on the sapphire glass
  • Screw down crown for better protection against dust and water
  • Reasonably priced Swiss titanium dive watch
  • Supports third party straps

The Bad
  • Some users complain that second-hand doesn’t line up with tick second marker
  • No rotating bezel

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5. Tissot Men’s Gentlemen – Perfect For All Of  Your Dresses

Tissot men's gentleman titanium bracelet watch

40mm size watch case is considered to be one of the best watch sizes for men. It is neither very small nor too large, however, I know some folks who will find it to be very large. Nevertheless, a 40mm case seems to strike the perfect balance for some, and if you are on the same boat then the next watch comes with a 40mm titanium case.

Allow me to present to you the Tissot gentlemen’s watch whose body is made completely out of titanium. Whether it’s a case, bezel, or 21mm wide bracelet strap, all of them are made out of the same material.  The looks of the watch are further enhanced by the domed-shaped sapphire glass which gives it a perfect dress watch look.

While wearing the watch you will get the perfect grip as the strap features a butterfly clasp with a push-button enclosure. Not just in meetings or weddings, you can also wear the watch at the beach as it is water-resistant up to 100m. However, unlike the previous watch, it isn’t recommended to go diving wearing the watch.

The watch sports a Swiss quartz movement with 3 jewels that ensure accurate timekeeping on the watch. For your convenience, Tissot has added the EOL(End of life indicator) function on the watch. So whenever this watch would require a battery replacement, the second hand would move 4 seconds at a time. It allows you to never be surprised by a dead battery as the EOL function will kick in few days before the battery dies.

Besides time, you can keep an eye on the date using the date window on the dial. In my opinion, this is one of the best Tissot watches under $500 as you are getting a smart-looking watch that also has smart features like EOL.

The Good
  • EOL function indicates when the watch has a low battery
  • Perfect size of the case
  • Suitable for swimming and other recreational activities
  • Swiss quartz movement of the watch
  • Dress watch for men

The Bad
  • Not suitable for diving and snorkeling
  • No rotating bezel

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6. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Titanium – Adventure Is Calling

smartwatch with titanium strap

Nowadays smartwatches have started outselling traditional watches but one place where smartwatches suck is the battery life. Keeping that in mind, Casio has made this affordable titanium hybrid smartwatch for users like you. This smartwatch is targeted towards users who are looking for tactical smartwatches that can help in their adventure.

For instance, this watch comes with ABC(Altimeter, barometer, and compass) sensors that are very crucial for adventures. An altimeter is very important when hiking as it allows you to keep track of your elevation and descent during trekking. A barometer sensor on the other hand can alert you about sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. It can alert you of a potential storm on mountains and on the seas while fishing.  There is also a compass on the watch that allows you to find the right direction using the watch.

To get the best experience out of the watch you would need to connect your Android or iOS enabled smartwatch using Bluetooth. Once connected you can measure how many steps you have taken and sync to your phone. So you won’t have to carry your phone with you just to track your daily steps. It can be insightful and will be a great watch for avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

You can even set 5 daily alarms on the watch so you can remind yourself about taking medication, gym, jogging, or any other task. However, one thing to note here is that this watch comes with a very big case size of 57.55mm which is made of resin material. Along with that, you get a black 23mm titanium strap with this smartwatch. So it is a suitable watch for bodybuilding or anyone who prefers big watches.

Moreover, there is a dedicated backlight function on the watch that allows you to read time in low light. You also get the typical digital watch features like calendar, hourly chime function, stopwatch, etc.

If you are wondering with so many features how many times will you have to charge this watch in a week then the answer is never. This Casio titanium watch uses a replaceable coin cell battery which will give you at least 1 year worth of juice. However, if Casio’s claim is to be trusted then watch would last at least 2 years before requiring a replacement.

The Good
  • ABC sensors for adventures
  • Activity tracking
  • Mineral glass protects the dial of the watch
  • Users who like watches will love this watch
  • Almost 2 years of battery life on a single coin cell battery

The Bad
  • The case of the watch is made of resin
  • Not suitable for small wrists

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Best Cheap Titanium Watches For Ladies

7. Festina Women’s Titanium Watch – Quartz For Accurate Time Keeping

budget Festina womens titanium watch

Not just for men, you can also find good titanium watches for ladies at reasonable prices, like this Festina titanium watch. This watch features a 32mm case along with a 16mm titanium strap giving it a slim profile. So if you have a slender wrist then this watch will be perfect for you.

Moreover, this watch will be perfect for ladies who get rashes when exposed to nickel or cobalt material as titanium doesn’t have any harmful material. For protecting the dial from external impact, the watch features a hardened mineral glass which is good enough for daily usage. If durability is the priority for you then I would suggest sporty G-Shock watches for ladies.

Festina women’s titanium watch also offers a decent waterproofing capability of 50m so occasional exposure to water won’t be a big deal for it. Along with that, you are getting a 2 years warranty with the watch which ensures that you won’t have to worry about your investment for quite some time.

All in all, this is one of the best cheapest titanium watches for ladies is available under the $200 price category. You are getting a well-built and good-looking watch which is hard to find at this price.

The Good
  • 2 years warranty with the watch
  • Date window at the 3 o’clock position
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Perfect for women who like small watches
  • Reasonably priced

The Bad
  • Mineral glass can get scratched easily compared to silicon glass

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8. Tissot Women’s Swiss Automatic Watch – Powered By You!

affordable automatic titanium watch

If you want something more elegant and premium looking then allow me to interest you in Tissot women’s Swiss automatic watch. As the name suggests it is an automatic watch so it doesn’t run on batteries. Instead, the watch will utilize the movement of your wrist to wind itself and then use it to power the watch.

You can also manually wind the watch using the crown of the watch just like you would do with a toy. Once fully winded it will run up to 80 hours without any interruptions. The case that stores the automatic watch movement is 32mm in diameter so it is neither too big nor too small in my opinion.

The looks of the watch are further amplified by silver watch hands and hour markings on the black dial. To protect the gorgeous dial, this watch comes with sapphire glass which is highly durable and doesn’t get scratched easily. Besides that, this watch also has a date window at the 3 o’clock position to keep track of the date.

What makes it a desirable watch for you ladies is the fact you are getting an affordable automatic titanium watch. And, the design of the watch will ensure that you will look good on all formal as well as informal occasions.

The Good
  • Sapphire glass for protecting the dial
  • Date window at the 3 o’clock position
  • Self-winding titanium watch for ladies
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Gorgeous grey finish of the strap and case

The Bad
  • Automatic watches are not as accurate as quartz watches

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9. Citizen’s Women Eco-Drive Watch – Solar Powered

Citizen women's eco drive titanium dress

When it comes to making good-quality affordable watches, Japanese brands take the cake. And, one of those brands is Citizen which has also got one of the best affordable titanium watches for women available on Amazon.

What sets it apart from the other two watches is the fact that this watch can charge itself under solar as well as fluorescent lighting. So whether you are out for a walk or presenting in an important meeting, this watch will also be working along with you to charge itself. Once fully charged, the watch can run up to 240 days without needing a recharge.

Talking about the dimensions, the watch features a 33mm case along with an 18mm strap. This watch will be ideal for women who are looking for a hypoallergenic titanium watch. If you have skin allergies then I would also suggest checking out watches made of ceramic material.

You can even go to the pool or recreational swimming without worrying about damaging the watch as this one is water-resistant up to 50m. Also, if you are as clumsy as me and often hit your watch to doorknobs, table corner, and furniture then I am happy to inform you that the watch features sapphire glass for protection.

In my opinion at this price range, this is one of the best budget titanium watches for women and is even better than other similarly priced non-titanium watches.

The Good
  • Can be charged through both solar and artificial light
  • A fully charged watch can work for 240 days
  • Can easily do recreational swimming with the watch
  • Suitable titanium watch for women with metal allergies
  • Sapphire glass protects the glass from scratches

The Bad
  • Some ladies find the watch to be a little big for them

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What To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Titanium Watch?

While it may sound like titanium watches are perfect but that’s not 100% true as they also have a major shortcoming. Titanium is a soft metal compared to stainless steel and that’s why it is more susceptible to scratches. Therefore, you will have to pay extra attention to maintain the good looks of the watch you have selected. So keep that in mind while selecting the titanium watch for yourself.


Are Watches Made Of Titanium?

Yes, there are several watch manufacturers like Casio, Citizen, Victorinox, and more who make several of their watches out of titanium.

What Is The Advantage Of Titanium Watch?

There are several benefits of using titanium watches. First and foremost, they are highly corrosion resistant and don't rust easily. Secondly, titanium is also hypoallergenic making them perfect for sensitive skin. The last and biggest benefit of titanium watches is that they are 40% lighter than stainless steel.

Are Titanium Watches More Expensive?

Yes, titanium watches tend to be more expensive than watches made out of stainless steel, nylon, or resin material. It's because titanium is more expensive to process and also a rare metal.

Is Titanium Easy To Scratch?

Yes, titanium is more prone to scratches when compared to stainless steel as it is softer than stainless steel.

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