Most Popular Watch Brands In The World

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Watches are an integral part of our fashion style, I cannot even imagine myself not wearing one 24*7. Your mileage may vary but the point is that they are important and we often consider them just a small part of our attire. However, that’s simply not the case as each brand has a unique story, personality, and traits that everyone must know. It would help you select the best watch brand for yourself.

That’s why I have made this list of the most popular watch brands in the world so that you can select the best watch for yourself.

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List Of Most Popular Watch Brands

1. Casio

Casio watch

Headquartered in: Tokyo, Japan

Founded in: April 1946


Casio is one of the names that shouldn’t surprise anyone seeing on this list. The first digital watch made by Casio came out in 1974 and revolutionized the watch industry as we know it. Casio is today known for affordable and good-quality digital watches available at reasonable prices. However, Casio of today isn’t comparable with the Casio of the past as it has also launched a premium watch and smartwatch lineup of Protrek for adventures. You can also buy analog watches from them but it is considered the best popular watch brand for digital watches.

Casio should be a preferred brand for those who want feature-rich digital and good quality watch at a reasonable price. They are easy to read and fairly simple to operate. And, if you are feeling a little geeky then you can even get their iconic calculator watch for yourself.

2. G-Shock

Best affordable watch brand

Headquartered in: Tokyo, Japan

Founded in: April 1983


Not a lot of people know this but G-Shock is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Casio. So if we are talking about Casio then we also need to talk about G-Shock watches as well.

If any brand can come close to Casio when it comes to making digital watches then it will be G-Shock. However, one thing you should know is the fact that the G-Shock brand is also owned by Casio.

An engineer named Kikuo lbe accidentally broke a sentimental pocket watch given to him by his father. After that, G-Shock was created to make a watch that can withstand fall, offers water resistance up to 100m, and long battery backup.

Fast forward to today, you can find several G-Shock watches at reasonable prices. And, these watches are popular among both men and women, so much so that G-Shock has sold more than 100 million of them. If you are an athlete or just a fan of durable and rugged watches then G-Shock should be your go-to watch.

Similar to Casio, G-Shock is also not the same watch brand as that of the past. It also has a premium watch lineup of MUDMASTER, gravity master, and frogman. You can even find a smartwatch with fitness tracking from G-Shock but it still finds its most success with reasonably priced G-Shock watches.

3. Baby-G


Headquartered in: Japan

Founded in:1994


Baby-G is one of the most popular watch brands in the world for women. This brand was created because G-Shock watches were too big for women. So they are G-Shock watches but in the smaller body, you will get the same high-quality build, waterproofing, features like a stopwatch and alarm that you find on G-Shock.

However, Baby-G watches are available in more colors and are a little more expensive than regular G-Shock watches. You can read this Baby-G vs G-Shock comparison for an in-depth analysis of both brands.

4. Seiko


Headquartered in: Tokyo Japan

Founded in: 1881


Seiko brand has a unique place in history as it is known for creating the first quartz watch. Yes, the watches that shook the entire watch industry and caused the quartz crisis in the late 70s and 80s. Before quartz watches were invented, the industry was dominated by Swiss mechanical watches. After the invention of quartz watches, the industry changed overnight as the market was flooded with high-quality yet affordable quartz watches.

Not only that but Seiko also created kinetic watches that are similar to automatic mechanical watches but instead have a battery that charges by wrist movement. Today Seiko watches are about style, performance, reliability, and it has a unique place in the watchmaking history. And, that’s why it is one of the most popular watch brands among watch aficionados.

5. Timex


Headquartered in: Middlebury, Connecticut

Founded in: 1854


If there are any brands that are as reliable and affordable as Japanese brands then Timex is definitely one of them. It offers one of the best prices to performance ratios and over the years its Ironman watch lineup has made lots of fans for itself. Moreover, Timex makes various types of watches so whether you want a dress watch, fitness watch, rugged watch, or NATO watch, Timex makes them all.

6. Swatch


Headquartered in: Biel, Switzerland

Founded in: 1983


When quartz watches entered the market Swiss watchmakers were unable to compete. And, the reason for that was quartz watches were inexpensive, didn’t require any maintenance, and were very affordable.

On the other hand, Swiss mechanical watches were hand-made, couldn’t be mass-produced, required servicing, and were expensive. During that period many Swiss watchmakers went out of business as they simply couldn’t compete.

To counter the quartz watches, Swatch Group that owns brands like Tissot, Omega, Hamilton, and more created the Swatch brand. Swatch watches are affordable and comparable to other quartz watches. However, what makes Swatch stand out is that its watches are available in various cool, colorful, and trendy designs. If you are looking for a watch then chances are that Swatch will have a design that you will like.

Over the years, Swatch has also started producing automatic watches that are reasonably priced and aren’t exclusively making quartz watches any longer.

7. Skagen


Headquartered in: Albertslund, Denmark

Founded in: 1989


If you love minimalistic-looking watches then you are gonna love this Danish watch brand, Skagen. Founded by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst in 1989 is for those who like simple-looking watches and don’t like blinged-out watches. For a reasonable price, you will get a watch that is good-looking and clean to read. Don’t worry about the quality as the company got acquired by Fossil on 2nd April 2012, it is a well-known name in the industry.

Besides traditional watches, Skagen has also started making smartwatches and hybrid watches so your options aren’t limited.

8. Fossil

Fossil Gen 5E

Headquartered in: Richardson, Texas

Founded in: 1984


Whenever we are talking about the most popular watch brands, it’s not possible to avoid talking about Fossil. And, there are not one but many reasons for that. First and foremost, Fossil is known for its cool and retro-looking watch designs and is aimed at consumers who want good quality watches at a reasonable price.

Beyond that, Fossil also makes high-end watches for brands like Zodiac, Burberry watches, Michael Kors, Relic, Michelle Watches, WSI, and more. Not only that, but Fossil has also diversified into making smartwatches and hybrid watches as well. In fact, Fossil makes them so well that they also make smartwatches for Skagen and Michael Kors.

Moreover, the brand has diversified into wallets, bags, handbags and no longer exclusively makes watches. That’s why it is one of the most recognizable watch brands of our time.

9. Nixon

Nixon Regulus

Headquartered in: Carlsbad, California, United States

Founded in: 1997


Nixon is relatively a new brand compared to all the watches that we have mentioned in the list. However, it has quickly made a name for itself in the market especially when it comes to watches that are made for surfing. Its tide watches help surfers in determining on which day they will get the ideal waves based on moon phase, tide, and sun data.

Besides surfer-oriented watches, you can also find traditional as well as stylish analog and digital watches from them. So no matter the kind of watches you like, Nixon will have a watch for you.

Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands

10. Rolex

Most popular watch brand in the world

Headquartered in: Geneva, Switzerland

Founded in: 1905


I don’t think there is a more popular watch brand in the world than Rolex. According to various research firms like Morgan Stanley, Rolex is the best-selling Swiss watch brand in the world. Whether it’s movies like the wolf of wall street or in real life, you can find that Rolex watches everywhere.

However, there is also a widespread misconception that Rolex is all about flexing your money. And, that just can’t be further away from the truth as one thing that watch enthusiasts love about Rolex is performance. They have been credited for creating the first waterproof and dustproof watch named Rolex Oyster. Moreover, Rolex was the first wristwatch that was awarded chronometer certification, before that no other wristwatch received this accolade.

So if you want to own a watch that gives you the best performance, is hand-made, and uses high-quality material like 18k white gold then Rolex is the watch to go with.

11. Omega

Omega Seamaster diver 300

Headquartered in: Beil/Bienne, Switzerland

Founded in: 1848


The next watch brand on our list is Omega and it is a very well-known brand among the watch enthusiast community. And, for all the good reasons as it is the very brand whose watch is approved by NASA to be worn in space. Also, Omega watches are best known for their diving capabilities and their Seamaster watch lineup is an absolute beast. Not only can they withstand high pressure underwater but also come with a helium escape valve.

Moreover, their watches are COSC certified so you can be 100% sure that their watch can keep accurate time. Fact that Omega is the official timekeeper of the Tokyo Olympics is also a testament to its accuracy. That’s why it’s one of the most popular watch brands of our time and 2nd most sold Swiss watch brand in the world.

12. Hublot

Hublot Classic green 45mm

Headquartered in: Nyon, Switzerland

Founded in: 1980


Hublot brand was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980 and watches from them take inspiration from portholes for designs. And, Hublot watches were the first to use natural rubber to make watch straps. Hublot Classic Fusion and Big Bang Chronograph are their most recognizable and successful watches.

In 2008 Hublot was acquired by French luxury brand LVMH(Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) and is operating under them since then. It also has major sponsorship with major sports all over the world such as English Premier League, Club Olimpia, and more.

13. Cartier

Most recognizable watch design

Headquartered in: Paris, France

Founded in: 1847


Cartier Tank watches are without a doubt one of the most recognizable watch designs of our time. Their watches are almost jewelry like are made of premium quality materials like cabochon stone, sapphire, gold, etc. They are a popular luxury watch brand and their watches are the perfect dress watches.

14. Namos Glashuette

Popular brand in germany

Headquartered in: Glashuetter, Germany

Founded in: 1990


Glashuette is a town in Germany famous for German watches just like Swizterland is for Swiss watches. And, Namos is a brand based out of the very same town. Not everyone can add this name to their watches, to add the name you need to make 50% watch movement in the city itself.

Namos watches are very beautiful looking and come with their own in-house watch movements. If you want to check out a watch from German watch brands then a watch from them will be perfect.

15. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Headquartered in: Switzerland

Founded in: 1860


Tag Heuer is one of the most well-known Swiss watch brands and has more than a hundred years of watchmaking experience. Their watches are quite famous among professional and amateur racers. That’s why they have sponsored various Formula 1 F1 teams throughout its history. And, also their watches aren’t any slouch either as they come with quality movement and chronograph function to keep accurate time.

So if you are looking for a high-end sports watch then Tag Heuer is the popular brand to go with.


Which Is The Most Affordable Popular Watch Brand?

Timex, G-Shock, and Casio make watches that come with an alarm, calendar, date, light, and stopwatch function. Not only that but you also get a good build quality to go along with it and that's why they are the most affordable popular watch brand in the world.

Which Is The Most Popular Luxury Watch Brand?

Rolex is one of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world. They make some of the best watches that money can buy in terms of looks, performance, and build quality.

Which Is The Most Popular Watch Brand For Women?

Baby-G, Fossil, and Swatch make some of the most beautiful and praise-worthy watches for women. These three brands have their own unique traits that set them apart from each other. Fossil watches are more fashionable, Baby-G more durable and Swatch watches are affordable.

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