15 Most Unique Watches In The World

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The first-ever wristwatch was invented in 1868 and that was about 150 years ago. However, in these many years, the wristwatch has not changed much especially in terms of looks as it still looks the same as it looked 150 years ago. But there are some creative watchmakers who always come up with some unique designs. In this article, we are going to show you the most unique watches with creative designs that are fun and cool to have. If you like any one of these watches you can also buy them from Amazon. So without wasting time let’s get started!

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Most Unique Watches Comparison Table





Most Unique Watch Under $200

most unique watch under 200 dollars

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Analog Watch

  • Dual dials

  • Minimalistic design

  • Durable and lightweight

Most Unique Watch Under $500

most unique watch under 500 dollars

Eone Bradley Classic Watch

  • Tells time by touch

  • Durable desgin

  • Stylish watch

Most Unique Luxury Watch

most unique luxury watch

Most Unique Watch Under $2000

Rado Swiss Automatic Watch

  • Facetted crystal

  • Day date window

  • Premium design

most unique watch under $1000

Tonino Lamborghini Chronograph Watch

  • Swiss Made Watch

  • Chronograph function

  • Unique design

Most Unique Affordable Watch

digital unique affordable watch

Binary Matrix Blue LED Digital Watch

  • Faceless design

  • Binary time mode

  • Japanese quartz movement

The Most Unique Watches You Can Buy On Amazon

1. Diesel Men’s Mr. Daddy 2.0

unique watch under $200

The first unique watch on the list is a chronograph watch from a brand called Diesel. Now what’s unique about this watch is its dial size which is 57 mm large. It’s probably one of the biggest wristwatches you can own. The watch has 4 subdials and a date window which occupies the large space on the dial pretty well.  The 4 subdials include a chronograph subdial which is further divided into three small subdials that record time in seconds, minutes, and hours.

Due to its large size, the watch grabs attention almost instantly and makes you the center of attraction. Moreover, it’s available in over a dozen eye-catchy color combinations which give you plenty of options to choose from. In terms of build, the watch is big and heavy but at the same time more durable as well. However, it’s not the most comfortable watch you will ever wear. So you should only go for this watch if you are a watch collector who collects all types of watches or if you have giant hands. You can buy this unique watch for under $300 from Amazon.

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2. SKMEI Men’s Digital Sports Watch

rectangular watch

From a large watch with a circular dial, let’s move towards a large watch with a square dial. The watch is great to look at and unlike the previous watch, this one is comfortable to wear all thanks to its durable and comfortable leather strap. So apart from a collectors watch it can also prove to be a good watch for daily use.

Besides its cool design, what makes this watch a unique timepiece is its triple time display dials. The dials consist of two analog dials and one digital display dial. So you can read the time on this watch in both analog and digital forms. Also, it always shows the accurate time as it runs on high-quality quartz movement which is known for precise timekeeping. Moreover, the watch is quite affordable and you won’t have to spend over $40 to get it for yourself.

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3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Analog Watch

Comfortable unique watch

The next unique watch for men on our list is this Tommy Hilfiger Analog Watch. It comes in a minimalistic design and has 2 separate dials on the watch face that makes it look different from regular wristwatches. Both the dials have separate crowns so you can set them independently from each other.

The dual dials on the watch come in handy in times when you are traveling to other countries. You can adjust one dial to show your own country time and another one to the time of your visiting country. Besides that, it is also durable and lightweight so it’s quite a comfortable wristwatch to own.

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4. Casio Men’s Vintage Calculator Watch

calculator watch

At the fourth position on our list, we have a cool watch from Casio which not just shows you time but also lets you do complex calculations in no time. The watch supports calculation up to 8 digits and you can perform all basic functions on it such as division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

The watch has a rectangular dial on which most part is covered by the buttons and there is a small digital display where you can read the time and do the calculations. Also, the watch is durable, thin, and lightweight so you will be comfortable wearing it on your wrist all the time.  Also, it’s one of the most unique affordable watches you can buy as it only costs around $30. So you can definitely go with this watch if you find it tough to do calculations in your day-to-day life.

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5. Vavna Math Formula Equation Watch

equation watch

While the calculator watch is for someone who is weak at maths, the Vavna equation watch is for the math geeks. Unlike a regular watch that has numbers (1 to 12) as indices, this watch uses equations to indicate the time. So you need to have basic math knowledge to solve the equations in order to read the time on this watch.

Besides that, the watch is pretty basic and looks similar to other watches. It features a leather band that is very comfortable on the wrist and it’s also lightweight and thin so you won’t even feel you are wearing a watch. Moreover, the design of the watch is such that it matches well with all your dresses so you can flaunt it on different occasions like weddings, parties, dates, etc. Overall, it’s the most unique dress watch you can opt for.

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6. BOBO BIRD Men’s Bamboo Wooden Watch

unique wooden watch

The next unique watch on the list is a wooden watch that is made out of bamboo. Also, the fact that it is totally handcrafted adds more value to its uniqueness. Not just that, but instead of numbers the watch has 12 holes that are used to show the time which makes it different from other watches. There are two color dots of black and orange color which are used to indicate hours and minutes on the watch dial. Suppose if the black dot is in the 12th hole and the orange dot is in the 6th hole then the time is half-past twelve.

Also since the watch is made out of natural bamboo fabric it is hypoallergic in nature and is perfect for someone with sensitive skin. Moreover, the genuine leather band on this watch makes it even more desirable for men who love leather watches.

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7. Unique Men’s Skull Watch

skull watch

Now we bring to you a skull watch which is one of the most unique watches in terms of looks you would ever come across. The design of the watch is such that it can instantly catch all the eyes around you. If you love trendy and fancy stuff then this watch is definitely for you.

Apart from its looks what makes this watch a good buy is that it is powered by the Japanese quartz movement which is known for precise timekeeping. Moreover, the watch has illumination so it’s easy to read the time on it in the day as well as at night. The price of the watch is also very reasonable so you can buy it without spending a lot of money.

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8. Binary Matrix Blue LED Digital Watch

digital unique watch

You must have seen a lot of digital watches in your life but have you seen anything like this? The Binary Matrix LED Digital Watch is one of a kind faceless watch that uses creative binary time modes to show the time. Moreover, it uses bright blue color LED for battery visibility, and hence the watch is easier to read even in low light scenarios.

Built out of glossy stainless steel the watch is quite durable and looks fashionable. And since it is powered by Japanese quartz movement it always shows the accurate time. Another highlight of this watch is its price which is under $20 so it’s an affordable unique watch that you can buy for yourself or as a gift for your friend and family.

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9. Mastop Men’s Digital Bracelet Watch

unique digital bracelet watch

Bracelet watches are unique in themselves but this watch takes it one step further with its faceless digital display. The watch looks like a regular bracelet in standby mode but when you press the upper button on the watch, the display brightens up in lava red color to show you time. Besides time, the watch can also show you other information like month, year, and date.

Since it stays in standby mode for most of the time it consumes a lot less battery than other digital watches. However, its downside is that it’s not waterproof so you got to keep good care of it. But at the price it comes, you can’t complain much about its durability and water resistance.

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10. Digital Cigarette Lighter Watch

lighter watch

If you smoke cigarettes then you are going to love this unique electronic cigarette lighter watch which not just show you time but also lets you light cigarette in style. With this watch on your list, you need not carry a lighter or matchbox anymore. Also, the benefit of this electronic lighter is that it can light cigarettes in windy as well rainy conditions.

The watch has a high-performance rechargeable battery that powers both the watch and the lighter. It has a USB port through which you can charge its battery without any hassles. Overall, it’s the coolest watch to gift someone you know who smokes.

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11. Eone Bradley Classic Watch

watch for blind

Do you know someone with visual impairment? You can gift them this watch and they will definitely love it. The next unique watch on the list is the Eone Bradley Classic watch for the blind. Even if you are not visually impaired this watch can help you read the time when you can’t use your sight like in a cinema hall or in a meeting. The watch is designed in a way that you can touch it to tell the time. There are raised markers and two magnetic ball bearings on the watch which gives you the sense of time when you touch the watch.

You will find one magnetic ball bearing on the face of the watch and the other one on the edge. Both the ball bearings keep revolving in the clockwise direction. By touching the ball bearing on the face you can tell the minutes and you can guess the hours by touching the ball bearing on the edge. You also get a 2-year warranty with the watch so if anything goes wrong you can reach out to customer support for help.

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12. Unique Ladies Watch

women's unique watch

Next, we have a simple yet unique watch for women. There are no time indices on the watch face so you have to guess the time by looking at the watch hand’s directions. However, there is a funny quote printed on a watch face in a funky font that reads ”I am late whatever‘. Also, there are some numbers printed on the dial in random order to remind you that time doesn’t always need to be so structured.

Moreover, it is one of the cheapest unique watches you can buy for under $5. Although it is termed as a women’s watch, men with small wrists can also wear it and flaunt their choice. Overall, if you want a funny and cool watch to show the world your humourous side then this small watch is a perfect choice.

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13. Avaner Mens Big Face Watch

unique military watch

Now we have a military watch on our list which comes with tactical features like dual time zones, compass, and thermometer that can prove useful in military operations and outdoor adventures. In total the watch has 4 dials, 2 for displaying different time zones and one each for thermometer and compass. The 4 dials give the watch a unique look that makes it an eye-catcher.  Also, the dials are big enough so that you can easily read them at a quick glance.

And since it is operated by the Japanese quartz movement it keeps accurate and precise time which is important for a watch if you want to use it for military purposes. Although it’s a big and heavy watch, due to its leather band the watch feels comfortable on the wrist.  So if you have been looking for a unique military watch for a long time then your search ends here.

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14. Tonino Lamborghini Men’s Chronograph Watch

unique luxury watch

Next, on the list, we have a swiss made watch for you from the brand called Tonino Lamborghini. It is a unique and luxurious watch that you can buy if you have a good budget. It is a chronograph quartz watch that shows accurate time and allows you to measure time intervals as a stopwatch. However, the uniqueness of the watch lies in its design and the shape of the dial which makes it different from the regular round, rectangular and square watches. Moreover, the Cote De Genève finish on the dial makes it look even more attractive.

The watch is expensive but is also durable as it is totally made out of stainless steel and has sapphire glass protection so it will definitely last long. Moreover, it’s waterproof up to 100 meters so you can also take it with you on your water adventures. If you are still in doubt then they also provide a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product so you’re totally covered.

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15. Rado DiaStar Original Swiss Automatic Watch

luxury men watch

The automatic mechanical watches are special on their own as they don’t operate on batteries and rely on your hand movements to generate power for their movement. However, this watch is even more special because unlike regular automatic watches it has facetted crystal in place of index numbers on the dial. This provides the watch a luxurious and premium look that everyone will fall for.

Also, there is a day-date window on the watch which makes it a rare timepiece because you don’t get to see it on most watches out there. Moreover, the watch is made of ceramic hence it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and adapts to skin temperature which makes it a comfortable watch to wear. In terms of durability also the watch is quite rugged and scratch-resistant so it won’t break that easily. All in all, it is one of the best unique luxury watches you can buy from Amazon.

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Final Verdict

So these were the most unique watches that you will definitely love if you have a different sense of taste in fashion. These watches are not just a showpiece but practical watches that you can buy on Amazon and flaunt on your wrist. Do tell us in the comments which watch do you like the most and planning to buy, you can also recommend to us any other unique watch that we should add to our list.


What Makes A Watch unique?

A watch can be unique due to its looks or features that make it different from regular watches.

Are Unique Watches Worth it?

Yes if you want to look different from the crowd then the unique watches are definitely worth it.

Are Unique Watches Expensive?

No, unique watches need not be expensive and you can easily find a unique watch under budget for yourself.

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