7 Best Nautica Watches For Men & Women

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Nautica is an American apparel brand that makes fashion accessories for both men and women. It makes all kinds of accessories including, clothes, shoes, perfumes, and watches. The best part about this brand is that it makes fashion affordable for all.

Talking of Nautica watches they are inexpensive and are of superior build quality made with high attention to detail. So if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy expensive luxury watches then you can settle with Nautica watches and still get the luxury experience. In this article, we have shortlisted¬†the 7 best Nautica watches for men and women so that you don’t have to look out for them yourself.

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Nautica Watches Comparison Table





Best For Men

best nautica watch for men

Nautica Men’s Quartz Resin Silicone Watch

  • Durable watch

  • Chronograph timer

  • Waterproof up to 100 meters

Best For Women

nautica dress watch

Nautica Women’s Dress Watch

  • Sporty watch

  • Durable

  • Waterproof up to 100 meters


beach nautica watch for men

Nautica N83 Men's Cocoa Beach Solar Watch

  • Rugged

  • Accurate quartz movement

  • Waterproof to 50 meters

Divers Watch

Diving nautica watch

Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 Tarpoon

  • Japanese quartz movement

  • Illuminated hands

  • Waterproof up to 200 meters

Best Nautica Watches

Best Men’s Nautica Watches

1. Nautica N83 Men’s Cocoa Beach Solar Watch

beach nautica watch for men

The first watch that we would like to recommend to you is the Nautica N83 Men’s Cocoa Beach Solar Watch. It is a stylish, rugged, and dependable watch that will last you years to come. As you may have guessed by its name it is a beach watch which means it’s perfect for men who love going to the seaside quite often.

Moreover, the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters so you can also do some recreational swimming for short times with it but don’t get carried away, this watch won’t survive too long in the waters. Besides that, it’s also a solar-powered watch for under 100 dollars, so it will get charged up by itself when you are having a sunbath on the beach.

Also, since it is a quartz movement watch it is quite accurate when it comes to keeping time. Besides time, it also shows you date as it has a small date window at 3’o clock. Moreover, it’s quite easy to read the time and date on this watch as it has a large dial size and even glows at night time. Overall, it is a great inexpensive attractive watch from Nautica for all men out there.

The Good
  • Durable watch
  • Solar-powered
  • Easy to read time and date
  • Affordable watch
  • Looks good on men
The Bad
  • Cannot handle water for long time
  • A little big for small wrist

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2. Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 Tarpoon Dive Watch

Diving nautica watch

If you didn’t go with the first watch on this list because it allows limited time in the water then this Nautica diver’s watch is for you. It is waterproof up to 200 meters which means you can keep it in water as long as you want and indulge in your favorite marine activities like snorkeling, surfing, and diving.

The watch features a large 45.5 mm case with a blue color dial that provides it a great look. Also, the watch is made of stainless steel so apart from just looking good this watch is also durable and can stand the test of time.

Moreover, it always shows the accurate time as it runs on the Japanese quartz movement. Also, since it has a fairly large dial you can read time out of it in a quick glance. Moreover, the watch hands are illuminated so you can even read the time deep underwater where there is no source of light.

Overall, if you are looking for a Nautica watch especially for diving purposes then this watch won’t disappoint you at all.

The Good
  • Can go for diving with it
  • Durable watch
  • Easy to read at night and day
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Looks great
The Bad
  • No date window
  • Too large for small wrist

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3. Nautica Men’s Quartz Resin Silicone Watch

best nautica watch for men

On the third position of our list, we have a sporty watch from Nautica for all the active men out there. The watch features a large 47 mm multifunction dial that has separate subdials for the chronograph timer. You also get a date window on the watch so you never have to ask anyone again what date is today.

The watch is large and heavy so it kind of gives it a rugged and manly look. However, if you are a man with a small wrist then this watch is not for you.

In terms of build quality, the watch is quite durable as it is made out of stainless steel and comes with the protection of mineral glass on the dial. Also, it is waterproof up to 100 meters so it can withstand water and prevent the watch from damage due to rain, sweat, and accidental spills.

All in all, if you are looking for a chronograph watch that can help you in your sports activities then this Nautica Men’s Quartz watch is definitely for you.

The Good
  • Chronograph timer
  • Has a date window
  • Large and manly looking watch
  • Impressive build quality
  • Waterproof
The Bad
  • Expensive than other Nautica watches
  • Heavy watch

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4. Nautica Men’s Quartz Integrated Resin Strap Watch

G-shock alternative

Are you a fan of watches that look like G-Shock? If yes, then you are also going to love this watch from Nautica. Also, it didn’t just borrow the look from G-Shock but it is equally tough as well. With a resin case and mineral glass protection, this watch can definitely take some hits and bumps.

The dial of the watch is its highlight and gives it a unique look. You can find cardinal points on the watch’s top ring that help you determine the direction. Also, the blue clour dial and green color second hand and all other details are equally effective at enhancing the overall looks of the watch.

Also, like most G-Shock watches the watch glows at night making it easier for you to read the time when it’s dark. Moreover, you can swim with this watch as it is waterproof up to 100 meters. Overall, if you are looking for a rugged Nautica watch under budget then this one right here could be the right choice for you.

The Good
  • Highly durable watch
  • Can swim with it
  • Glows at night
  • Looks good
  • Very affordable
The Bad
  • A bit on the thicker side
  • Solar charging not available like most G-Shock watches

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Best Nautica Watches For Women

5. Nautica N83 Ladies’ Polignano Watch

affordable women watch

The first watch that we would like to recommend for women is this Polignano watch from Nautica. It is called a Polignano watch as it features pentagonal shape markings on the dial that are represented as Nautica-style flags. This makes the watch look funky and colorful. Also, the yellow color silicon wristband enhances the overall look of the watch.

You also get a small date window at 4’0 clock that reminds you which date is today. Moreover, the watch hands on this timepiece are luminous i.e. they glow in the dark allowing you to read the time when the sun has set and there are no artificial lights around.

Besides that, the watch is also capable of handling a bit of water as it is water-resistant to 50 meters which means you can wear it for short swimming sessions. Overall, it’s the best affordable Nautica watch for women that you can get without paying a hefty sum of money.

The Good
  • Funky and cool looking watch
  • Adjustable band for a comfortable fit
  • Shows date along with time
  • Water-resistant
  • Budget-friendly
The Bad
  • Not for women who have large wrists
  • Not everyone may like the color combination of the watch

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6. Nautica Women’s Dress Watch

nautica dress watch

Next, we have a dress watch for women that look good with all your dresses so you don’t have to buy different watches for different attires of yours. It has a silver color dial with a whitish band that goes well with any color dress.

Besides parties and functions, you can also wear this watch at the gym or while doing fitness activities like running, cycling, and swimming. The watch is built with the best materials out there and is quite durable so don’t worry about it breaking down while you are working out. Also, the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters so you can swim with it and indulge in other water activities.

However, the watch is a bit on the bigger side and may not fit women with the tiniest of hands. Nonetheless, it is still a great women’s dress watch that you can buy.

The Good
  • Looks good with all dresses
  • Quite durable
  • Can do water activities with it
  • A great gift option
The Bad
  • No date function
  • Not for smallest wrists

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7. Nautica N83 Women’s Wakeland Watch

nautica ladies watch

To end the list, we have the Nautica N83 Women’s Wakeland Watch that comes in dual-tone colors which are Beige and Navy. This color combination provides the watch a premium look that goes well with all dresses.

Moreover, the watch features a 40 mm large dial size with luminous hands that make the watch easy to read in the day and at night. Also, the dial of the watch is painted in three colors: navy, beige, and white. The colors merge into each other very well and are a delight to look at.

Also, the band on this watch is made from fabric so it is durable and easy to keep clean as you can wash it whenever it gets dirty. And since the watch is water-resistant to 50 meters you won’t mind washing it for maintenance. Overall, if you want to get a watch that looks expensive but isn’t really then you can definitely go for this Nautica watch for ladies.

The Good
  • Great looking watch
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Affordable
  • Luminous hands that glow in the dark
The Bad
  • No date window
  • You don’t get batteries with the watch, you have to buy them seperatly

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Final Verdict

Nautica brand is doing a great job by providing affordable fashion accessories for men and women who could not afford them till now. You can buy a Nautica watch to add elegance to your look without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on watches from Swiss brands like Rolex and Rado. Also, when you buy a Nautica watch you are not just buying a watch that looks good but also a watch that is durable and is built to last long.


Are Nautica Watches Good?

Yes, Nautica watches are good as they come under budget and offer good build quality.

Is Nautica A Luxury Brand?

No, Nautica is not a luxury brand as it makes affordable fashion accessories. However, in terms of look and feel their products look no less than luxurious.

Who Manufactures Nautica Watches?

TMX Limited N.V makes the Nautica watches.

How Do You Adjust A Nautica Watch?

All Nautica watches come with a crown that can be used to adjust them.

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