Does Oura Ring Have Alarm Clock?

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Are you wondering if Oura Ring has an alarm clock or not?

Well, in this article, I am going to answer this question of yours. I will tell you if Oura Ring can wake you up or not. So keep reading!

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Oura Ring does not have an alarm clock, let alone a smart alarm. Therefore your Oura Ring cannot wake you up in the morning.

Does Oura Ring Have Alarm Clock?

Oura Ring Alarm Clock

No, Oura Ring does not have a wake-up alarm clock.

Smart rings like Oura are direct competitors to smartwatches. People prefer these rings to track their health and fitness over smartwatches because they do not come with a lot of distractions like smartwatches.

And when it comes to tracking one’s health and fitness, tracking sleep is very important. This, by the way, an Oura Ring does perfectly. But it is also important to wake up at the right time to feel fresh and energized in the morning.

This is where a smart alarm or alarm for that matter comes into play. Smartwatches these days come with this feature and they wake you up at the right time so that you wake up feeling fresh.

You are probably wondering, how they do it right? Let me explain briefly. They keep tracking your sleep and wake you up when you are not in deep sleep around your alarm time in the morning.

For eg., you have set an alarm for 6 AM in the morning. So what smart alarms of smartwatches do is they wake you up when you are in light sleep around 6 AM. This can be 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes before 6 AM. This way you wake up feeling fresh and energized.

But sadly, Oura Ring does not come with an alarm feature, let alone a smart alarm.

Why Oura Ring Does Not Have A Wake-Up Alarm?

Oura Ring Gen 3

Now the question that you must be wondering is why Oura Ring does not have any alarm clock function despite being a smart ring, right?

Well, it is because of the same reason why it is existing in the first place. There are plenty of smartwatches available in the market which offer a host of features. But there are also people in the world who do not like wearing big smartwatches and don’t like to get distracted by constant notifications. However, they like to track their health and fitness levels.

These kinds of people prefer a smart ring over smartwatches. And this is the reason why smart rings like Oura were invented in the first place. Oura Ring is very small in size and does what it is meant to do without distracting you. But this is its advantage as well as disadvantage.

Because of its small size, there is limited space available to put things. And this limited space is occupied majorly by the sensors that are used to track your health and fitness.

Putting an alarm feature in the ring will require the company to put in a haptic motor or speaker to make it vibrate or make a sound for the alarm. And there is simply no space to do so. I think this is probably the main reason why Oura Ring does not have any Alarm function.

Will Oura Ring Feature An Alarm Clock In The Future?

Well, there hasn’t been any update from the company regarding the same. So at this time, it is hard to say whether you will get the alarm clock feature in Oura Rings or not.

As discussed, it is very difficult to put in an extra motor or speaker in the small space available on Oura Ring. But I think there can be another way which the company can consider.

Oura Ring can track your sleep but it can’t vibrate or make a sound to wake you up, right? Your smartphone can make sounds and can vibrate too but it does not actually know when is the right time to wake you up. Because it simply can’t track your sleep, right?

But your Oura Ring can connect to your smartphone, so why not make use of this connection? Oura Ring can keep tracking your sleep and once it is time to wake you up then it can communicate with your cell phone and make it ring and vibrate. Problem solved.

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Does Oura Ring Have Alarm?

No, Oura Ring does not have alarm feature.

Does Oura Ring Have Alerts?

No, Oura Ring does not have any alert feature.

Can You Set Alarm On Oura?

No, you cannot set alarm on Oura.

Can Oura Ring Vibrate?

No, Oura Ring cannot vibrate.

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