Here’s The Ultimate Oura Ring Size Guide For Your Finger

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Are you looking for the right Oura Ring size that rests comfortably on your finger? I understand that this may be overwhelming for you. That’s why I want to share my experience of coming to grips with the right fit for myself with this guide so that you can learn a thing or two. Let’s move ahead, shall we?

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Quick Takeaway
When you rotate your ring, and the skin of your finger base also rotates with it, this implies that you have achieved the best Oura Ring size. Moreover, it is recommended to wear it for a day, let the sensor bumps rest on the pad of your finger, and test its snugness.

What Is The Oura Ring Sizing Kit And Why Do You Need One?

Oura Ring offers a sizing kit that has different plastic molds that replicate the ring. The sole purpose of the kit is to help you figure out which size is the most appropriate for your finger.

Please keep in mind that Oura’s sizing system is slightly different than the standard US ring size scale. In addition, they don’t offer half sizes.

How Do I Get An Oura Sizing Kit?

While looking for the right Oura Ring for me, I also got to know that one cannot order the sizing kit separately. This means that Oura will only ship the kit if you’re buying the ring.

However, if you’re impatient like me and have a 3D printer at hand then you can download the ZIP file for the Oura ring sizes. Do note that there’s a separate file for each ring size.

Oura recommends the following guidelines to print them:

  • Choosing a high-quality material, since a coarse material may cause discomfort in your finger’s base area.
  • Printing 2-3 ring sizes at first, then trying them.
  • If the sizes don’t fit then print the remaining sizes and try them.

Let’s Dive Into The Oura Ring Size Guide

The Oura Ring size kit comes with ring sizers of eight different sizes, with size 6 being the smallest, and 13 being the largest. After getting it from the brand, I measured the inner diameter myself. I’ll tell you why.

The inner diameter is what will matter the most to you because you’ll be considering this for the right fit and feel. Here’s a table to make things easier:

table showing oura ring sizes

You should only use this table as a guide, but I would not recommend this chart to decide on an Oura Ring size. It is still advisable to get the size kit and wear the sizers one by one to make a wise decision.

Now that you have this guide, I want to offer some personal advice to help you choose the most approximate fit for yourself.

Best Practices To Choose The Right Ring Size

After experimenting with the ring sizers, I want to share my experience that will come in handy to pick the right Oura Ring size.

Ring Orientation

This is the real deal since this will ensure that the ring functions well.

The sensor bumps on the interior of a ring sizer should be on the palm side of the hand, while the notch should be on the top side.

Material Difference

The Oura Ring and its sizers differ in material, i.e. the former is made of titanium, whereas the latter is made of plastic. Due to this, I felt more comfortable with the ring than the duplicate.

You’ll notice this as well, so don’t worry – the ring will be much more easy on your finger.

Selecting The Right Finger

I tried the mold with my index finger, and it seemed to work fine, and this is what Oura recommends too. However, if you prefer wearing a ring on your middle or ring fingers, no worries!

Also, you should preferably go with the finger whose knuckles are smaller than the base width.

Comfortable Fit

A tight and secure fit around the base of your finger with no compromise on comfort is the key.

One more thing – try twisting the ring once you wear it, and with that, your skin should move along. This means that you have achieved the right fit.

The ring should also not rotate during your usual day routine.

The Snug Test

To ensure the right fit, here’s another experiment to do.

After wearing the ring sizer, make a fist. Now check whether there’s a gap between the top of your finger and the inside of the sizer. If you see one, try a smaller size and check if there’s still a gap.

Once there’s no gap, you should get a snug fit for yourself.

Wear For A Day

Fingers tend to expand and contract throughout different parts of the day. This is why I’d suggest you wear a ring sizer on your preferred finger for at least 24 hours to confirm the best one.

Also, I’ve witnessed that my fingers are a bit larger in the morning, and yours might be too. So to begin with, the best bet would be to wear it overnight.

Knuckle Size

I’m sure that you have that one finger whose knuckles (finger joints) are the smallest. You should wear the ring sizer on that finger since it is going to be a hard job taking the ring out of a finger with knuckles larger than the ring’s inner diameter.

As I just mentioned, the index, middle, and ring finger are good to go, but not the pinky finger – here’s why.

Now, the final step is obvious Рvisit the sizing link, scroll down, and click on Confirm Your Size to update your order.

The Oura team will then send an email, and ask you to log in to your My Account portal. From the portal, you can select and confirm the finalized size. Lastly, you’ll get an email upon your order leaving the warehouses.

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So, Have You Found Your Ideal Ring Size?

After experimenting with 4-5 ring sizers I figured out ways to achieve the right size for myself. I hope this Oura Ring size guide will come in handy if you plan to buy the ring sooner or later.


How do I know my Oura Ring size?

Get an Oura Ring size kit, and follow the tips mentioned in the article to find your right fit.

Can I return my Oura Ring if it doesn't fit?

Yes, Oura policies allow an individual to return the ring once for a refund or if you want to get a different color or size.

Which finger is best for Oura Ring?

The best finger to wear an Oura Ring is the index finger.

Are Oura Rings true to size?

When you wear the ring, you may notice a slight but negligible mismatch due to different inner diameter of the ring and the size of your finger.

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