Perlon Vs Nato Strap: Which Band Is Better?

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Are you tired of always wearing a watch or smartwatch with a metallic strap or a leather band? Do you want to try some other alternatives to set your mood? Well, if yes, then you have arrived at the right place.

As a watch lover, you would unquestionably have a considerable watch collection. Some of which might have luxurious metallic bracelets. On the other hand, some would be having attractive leather straps. Well, not every time you would be in a mood to carry these straps. There might be times when you are in a mood to explore some more options, be it in terms of colors or material. So, in this article, I will discuss Perlon and Nato straps that can be two of the best-suitable options you might like.

Now, let’s jump into the post without wasting any further time.

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What Is A Perlon Watch Strap?

A Perlon watch strap is made up of nylon-6, a durable material that is crisscrossed as braids. This improves the strength and flexibility of the strap. Athletes and military personnel primarily select these straps due to their durability. Also, what makes the watch handy is that the nylon material makes it easy to dry after your high-intensity workout sessions.

perlon or nato strap

Furthermore, in summer, unlike the leather or metal straps, it will not make your wrist feel heavy when you are sweating. In addition, the lightweight Perlon strap makes the watch comfortable to wear for several hours.

If you are allergic to metallic straps or don’t like sweat-drenched leather or rubber straps, then Perlon straps can come to your rescue. Also, the braided texture can make it more of a dressy watch that comes in many color options, which can be overwhelming for you.


  1. Comfortable.
  2. Perlon straps have elasticity in them.
  3. These can be dried easily which means you can wear them during your high-intensity workout sessions.
  4. Braided patterns of the strap make it look attractive.


  1. If compared to other straps, Perlon straps can be a bit flimsy.

What Is A Nato Strap?

A Nato watch strap was first introduced in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defense. If compared to Perlon straps, the nato straps are believed to be the complicated ones. These straps are made of nylon fabric or leather that is attached to a watch in a complex way. Meaning, the strap passes through the lugs and then doubles itself at the back of the watch, making it more secure and letting it firmly sit on your wrist. This also makes the watches with Nato Strap sit a little high on your wrist, preventing you from getting irritated by the metal case.

Nato strap meaning

Moreover, Nato straps can be replaced quickly. Hence, if a watch has a detachable strap then you can switch the strap easily with the Nato strap and make it more fashionable or you can even get a Nato strap that matches your outfit and give the watch a cool makeover.


  1. The strap’s dual flap under the watch’s back lets it stay centered at the position.
  2. A Nato strap can be easily interchangeable.
  3. Tough and durable.
  4. The Nato straps made up of nylon are water-friendly.
  5. Comfortable.
  6. The rugged built makes it suitable for military personnel.


  1.  Not an ideal choice for a sophisticated design or a dress watch.
  2. If you have a watch whose Nato strap is made up of leather, then it will not have water-suitability.

Perlon Vs Nato Strap

Even though the Nato and Perlon straps look similar in regards to their usage and appearance, I will be discussing the factors that make them different from each other.

As you might be aware that several weaves are looped together to make a Perlon strap. So, in between those loops, there are tiny slots that make it breathable and when you are in a humid place or are doing any exercises, then these straps can easily absorb the sweat. In comparison, the Nato straps are made up of single-piece material, which does not make them a good choice in terms of being breathable.

Perlon watch strap
Perlon watch strap

Secondly, the make of the Perlon strap gives it a sleek and slim look, whereas the Nato strap’s double-layered built makes it a bit bulky. Moreover, the weaves on the Perlon strap provide it more elasticity than a typical Nato strap. Also, the Perlon straps are much easier to adjust as per your fit due to the weaves.

nato strap watches
Nato strap watch

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the Nato straps were developed keeping in mind the military standards, so it is undoubtedly more durable than a Perlon strap. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting strap, then I would say that Nato is the one for you.

Perlon Or Nato: Which Watch Strap Should You Buy?

Honestly, both the straps have several characteristics that make them unique in their own way. If you are looking for a rugged and more durable watch strap, then Nato would be an ideal pick for you. And, if you are looking for something simple that can be worn every day, then you can proceed with the Perlon watch strap.


Are Perlon Straps Durable?

Yes, the Perlon straps are durable as they are sweat absorbent and water-resistant. Hence, they are mostly preferred by the athletes.

What Makes Nato Strap More Durable Than A Perlon Strap?

Nato straps were introduced basically keeping in mind the requirements of the military people. So, the strap has to be well-built/rugged and that can be used in the long run. This makes it more durable comparatively.

Are The Nylon Straps Waterproof?

Yes, all the nylon straps such as Perlon, Nato, etc. are definitely water-resistant, making them pertinent for diving and swimming.

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