What Is A Rolex Buckley Dial?

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Do you want to know what exactly is a Rolex Buckley dial? And why is it called a Buckley dial?

If collecting vintage watches is a game then finding a vintage Rolex watch would probably earn the maximum points. And one such watch that aficionados look for is the Rolex Datejust Buckley Dial. But wait what is a Rolex Buckley dial? And why no such watch is available on the official Rolex website?

If you are wondering about the same questions then you are at the right place, my friend. I have done some digging and have finally found the answers to these questions. In this article, I am going to share these answers with you. So keep reading!

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What Is A Rolex Buckley Dial?

What Is A Rolex Buckley Dial

Rolex Buckley Dial as the name suggests is a kind of dial found in Rolex Watches. Numbers in this dial are represented by roman numbers. And what makes this dial stand apart from other dials with roman numbers is that, unlike other watches, these roman numbers are not engraved on the dial but are rather printed on it. And also these roman numbers are stretched horizontally to make them look longer.

One more thing to note here is that to make the time readability more feasible and easy, the numbers from 5 to 8 are also reverse printed on the dial.

Why The Numbers Are Printed And Not Engraved?

Rolex has always focused on providing the utmost value to its customers. And has always taken steps to make the watches more readable to visually impaired people. Buckley dial was one such step of the brand. Rolex printed the roman numbers rather than engraving because the brand wanted to make the watches more readable for visually impaired persons. That is why the roman numbers are also stretched to look a little longer.

Why Is It Called A Buckley Dial?

Why It Is Called A Buckley Dial

So now that you know what exactly a Buckly dial is. The next question that must be arising in your mind is: Why it is called a Buckley dial?

Rolex is well known to come up with its own unique names for its watches and their watch parts, however, this is not the case with Buckley dial. In fact, Rolex never officially named its watches’ dial as Buckley dial. That is why you will never find anything on the Rolex website if you try to search for Buckley dial.

So who gave Rolex watches Buckley dial name?

Buckley dial was actually named after a man called John Buckley. He was New York’s very famous vintage watch dealer. John Buckley liked these dials with imprinted roman numbers but these dials were not that popular among people. So he really pushed and supported these dials among various vintage watch communities. John Buckley’s active participation to promote these dials eventually led people to call these dials Buckley dials.

Can You Buy A Rolex Buckley Watch Today?

Rolex has stopped making these watches. However, if you want to, you can find these watches listed on some eCommerce sites at a premium amount and you can also approach vintage watch dealers to get your hands on one.

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Why Buckley Dials Are Called Buckley Dials?

Buckley dials were named after a renowned vintage watch retailer named John Buckley.

Is Buckley Dial An Official Name Of These Dials?

No Buckley dial is not an official name given by Rolex to its dials.

Is It Possible To Buy Rolex Buckley Dial Watches Today?

Yes, you can buy Rolex Buckley Dial watches from some eCommerce sites or from vintage watch dealers.

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