Samsung Galaxy Watch Exercise List

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What all workouts does a Samsung Galaxy Watch track? Are you wondering about the same question?

More and more people are buying smartwatches these days because people are getting more health-conscious. If you are one of them and are considering buying a Samsung Galaxy Watch then the first question that you must want the answer for is: What all exercises are there on the Samsung Galaxy Watch exercise list? And the second question that must be arising in your mind is: Which workouts do Samsung Galaxy Watch auto detect?

Do not worry, you will find answers to these questions in this article. And it does not matter whether you are considering buying Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Active 2, you will find the exercise list for both in this article.

So without further ado, let’s look at the list.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Exercise List

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can track more than 90 exercises which are mentioned below. Out of these exercises, the first 41 exercises will be tracked by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 as well.

  1. Running
  2. Cycling
  3. Swimming(Pool)
  4. Running Coach
  5. Other Workout
  6. Walking
  7. Hiking
  8. Swimming(Outdoor)
  9. Treadmill
  10. Exercise Bike
  11. Elliptical TrainerList Part 7
  12. Circuit Training
  13. Weight Machine
  14. Arm Curls
  15. Arm Extensions
  16. Back Extensions
  17. Bench Press
  18. Burpee Test
  19. Crunches
  20. Deadlifts
  21. Front RaisesList Part 3
  22. Lat Pulldowns
  23. Lateral Raises
  24. Leg Curls
  25. Leg Extensions
  26. Leg Presses
  27. Leg raises
  28. Lunges
  29. Mountain Climbers
  30. Pilates
  31. Plank
  32. Pull-Ups
  33. Push-UpsList Part 4
  34. Rowing Machine
  35. Shoulder Presses
  36. Sit-Ups
  37. Squats
  38. Star Jumps
  39. Step Machine
  40. Stretching
  41. Yoga
  42. AerobicsSamsing Galaxy Watch Exercise List
  43. Alpine Skiing
  44. American Football
  45. Aqua Aerobics
  46. Archery
  47. Backpacking
  48. Badminton
  49. Ballet
  50. Ballroom Dancing
  51. Baseball
  52. Basketball
  53. Beach Volleyball
  54. Bowling
  55. Boxing
  56. Canoeing
  57. CricketList Part 2
  58. Cross-Country Skiing
  59. Dancing
  60. Flying Disc
  61. Football
  62. Golf
  63. Handball
  64. Hang Gliding
  65. Hockey
  66. Horse Riding
  67. Hula-Hooping
  68. Ice Dancing
  69. Ice Hockey
  70. Ice Skating
  71. Inline Skating
  72. Kayaking
  73. Kitesurfing
  74. Lat Pull-Downs
  75. Martial Arts
  76. Mountain Biking
  77. Orienteering
  78. RacquetballList Part 5
  79. Rafting
  80. Rock Climbing
  81. Roller Skating
  82. Rope Skipping
  83. Rowing
  84. Rugby
  85. Sailing
  86. Scuba Diving
  87. Skiing
  88. Snorkeling
  89. Snowboarding
  90. SnowshoeingList Part 6
  91. Softball
  92. Squash
  93. Table Tennis
  94. Tennis
  95. Volleyball
  96. Water Skiing
  97. Windsurfing
  98. Yachting

So these are all the workouts that a Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to track. However, by default, all these workouts will not show on your watch and a very limited amount of workouts will be there. You will have to add more workouts to your Galaxy Watch to be able to use all of them.

Which Workouts Do Samsung Galaxy Watch Auto Detect?

A Samsung Galaxy Watch can auto-detect the following workouts but remember that you will have to turn on the auto-detect workouts option on your Galaxy Watch.

  1. Walking/Running
  2. Cycling
  3. Elliptical Trainer
  4. Rowing Machine
  5. Swimming
  6. Dynamic Workout

Should You Choose A Galaxy Watch 4 For Tracking Workouts?

Yes, you should definitely choose a Galaxy Watch 4 if your main focus is to track your workouts. The Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to track more than 90 workout modes and it can also track some of them automatically. Its accuracy of tracking these workouts is also good and in fact, it is one of the best smartwatches for Android devices.


What Workout Does Samsung Watch Track?

Samsung Watch tracks more than 90 workouts and these include walking, running, cycling, skiing, swimming, aerobics, etc.

What Exercises Does The Samsung Active 2 Track?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can track a total of 41 workouts. It can even track some of these exercises automatically.

Does Samsung Watch Have A Fitness App?

Yes, Samsung has a fitness app for its smartwatches and its name is Samsung Health.

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