How To Set Or Change Time On Freestyle Shark Watch?

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I’ve been dabbling between my Shark Classic Clip and Tide XL 600 for 8 years now, and although this is the era of smartwatches, digital watches always hit my nostalgic core. Whenever I’m at a new beach, the latter is my constant, and for casual surfing in my hometown, I wear the Clip.

As I was on my Bali trip with my laptop, I randomly decided to curate a piece on how to change or set the time on a Freestyle Shark watch. So, get ready if you have been bothered with this issue.

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As the button placements and names vary by a bit on the Classic and Tide series, the procedures to change time on Shark Watch vary too. In order to set time on Freestyle Shark Watch on both series, you have to press the MODE button to go to the NORMAL TIME mode, then hold the RESET or SET button for approximately 4 seconds, and toggle to seconds, hours, and minutes with the MODE button.  The value for seconds, hours, and minutes can be changed using the ST/STOP button on Classic watches while you can make use of Tide and Reset buttons on Tide watches. Finally, you can save the changes using the RESET OR SET button.

Can You Set Time On A Freestyle Shark Watch?

Yes, you can easily set the correct time on any model of a Shark watch. As Shark watches are your favorite old digital watches that are operated through buttons, time can be changed in some simple steps.

How To Set Time On Freestyle Shark Watch?

Under the Shark lineup (digital watches) of the Freestyle brand, there are two sub-categories – Classic and Tide.

What differentiates Tide from the Classic series is that the former has an extra button, that is, the TIDE button.

There are seven display modes in a Shark Tide watch. The Tide button will let you toggle between display formats in the NORMAL TIME mode, which are DATE/TIME, TIDE/TIME, and BIG TIME.

Coming back to your main concern, that is, changing the time on a Shark Classic or Tide watch, here’s how you can do that.

Change Time On Shark Classic Watches

Set the time on a Shark Classic Watch model using the following steps.

  • Press the MODE button on the bottom left until you arrive in TIME mode.

select time mode on shark watch

  • Hold the RESET button on the bottom right for approximately 4 seconds until you see the text “SET” on the screen.
  • The part of the display where you see the seconds will start to blink. If you want to reset it to zero, then press the ST/STOP button once, and that’s it.

how to set time on shark watch

  • Now, press the MODE button to toggle to minutes.
  • Press the ST/STOP button multiple times to change the minute value.

how to change the time on your freestyle shark watch

  • Then press the MODE button to toggle to hours.
  • Again, press the ST/STOP button to change its value.

Note: If you don’t see any text on the right side of the hour value then this means that the time is in AM. You will see an indicator for PM after crossing the 11 AM mark, that is, for 12 PM and onwards.

  • Finally, press the RESET button to finish setting up the time on your Shark Classic watch.

Tip: To change the minutes and hours quickly, hold the ST/STOP button when in the respective section.

Change Time On Shark Tide Watches

Before I go ahead, I want you to look at this image carefully to understand the buttons in case you own a Shark Tide watch. This is important because the button placements vary when compared to Classic models.

buttons on a shark tide model

Now here are the quick steps to set time on a Shark Tide watch:

  • Press the MODE button on the bottom left until you reach to NORMAL TIME mode.

normal time mode on shark tide

  • Then hold the SET button for approximately 4 seconds until you see the message “SET TIME-1” on the screen.

setting time on shark tide watch

  • Press the MODE button until the hour starts blinking.
  • Use the TIDE and RESET buttons to increase or decrease the value respectively.
  • Now press the MODE button, and the minutes will blink.
  • Again, use the TIDE and RESET buttons to increase or decrease the value.
  • Press the MODE button to set the seconds.
  • Press the TIDE or RESET button once to reset the second value to zero.
  • Finally, press the SET button at the top left to confirm the set values.

This is how you can change time on a Shark Tide watch.

Can You Set Military Time On A Shark Watch?

Yes. The 24-hour time format, also known as military time, is a feature that is available on Shark Watches. Hence, it can also be converted to a 24-hour watch.

Military personnel prefer this time format as they’re generally on duty for the whole day, and the 12-hour time format will be confusing for them.

How To Set Military Time On A Shark Watch?

If you want to set military time on a Shark watch then implement the following steps:

  • Press the MODE button until you see the NORMAL TIME display.
  • Now hold the RESET button until you see
    • SET on the display on Classic watches.
    • SET TIME-1 on Tide watches.
  • Toggle to time format by pressing the MODE button multiple times.
  • Press the following buttons on each variant to bring the time format to 24-hour or military time:
    • ST/STOP button on Classic watches.
    • TIDE and RESET buttons to toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour formats on Tide watches.
  • Finally, to save the changes, press the
    • RESET button on Classic watches.
    • SET button on Tide watches.

These simple steps will allow you to view time on your Shark watch in military time format.

So, does my guide help you to change time on your Shark watch?

Do you know of an alternative method that’s easier than what I’ve jotted down here? Let me know in the comments below.


Do Shark watches have timers?

Yes, all Shark watchers come with the timer feature, which is crucial for surfers.

Do Shark watches have the hourly chime feature?

Yes, you can set a chime to sound as every hour comes by.

Do Shark watches show date?

Yes, all Shark watches have the option to view the current date.

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