Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying & Know How Long Will It Last

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Do you want to know about the signs that can tell you your Fitbit is dying?

Fitbit smartwatch like any other electronic gadget gives you signs before dying out. If you own a Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch and it has been a couple of years then I am sure it must have started giving you signs. And in this article, I am going to tell you how you can tell if your Fitbit is dying or not. So that you can read the signs carefully and do the needful.

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What Happens If Your Fitbit Dies?

Fitbit Versa 3

Once your Fitbit dies then you will not be able to do anything with it, and you will eventually have to buy a new Fitbit.

Before we look at the signs that your Fitbit is dying let me tell you what happens if your Fitbit dies. Well, if your Fitbit is dead then you will not be able to turn it on. As a result, you will neither be able to track your body health nor will you be able to track your fitness. Not only this but you also won’t be able to see time on it.

And since you can’t do anything with it then you will either have to get it repaired or you will have to buy a new one. In any case, you will have to shell out money.

Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying

Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying

Now let me tell you about the signs that will tell you that your Fitbit is dying. So that you can be prepared to spend money in the near future.

1) Battery

The first sign of your Fitbit dying is its battery life. If your Fitbit is at the end of its life then its battery life will start decreasing noticeably. You will get considerably lesser battery life as compared to when your Fitbit was new. There will come a time when your Fitbit’s battery will suddenly drop to 0% from a certain percentage, say 20 or 40%. If this has started happening to you then this means that your Fitbit is about to die.

2) Display

The second sign will be told by the display of your Fitbit smartwatch. It will turn off and on automatically on its own. You will start noticing jittering on the display of your Fitbit. Also, the text and colors displayed by your Fitbit display will not be accurate and crisp as they used to be when your Fitbit was new. Or you will notice that it has started feeling a little dim and dull.

3) Charging

If your Fitbit starts taking a lot of time to charge or it won’t charge to 100% then it is also a sign that your Fitbit is dying.

4) Syncing Issues

Another sign is the syncing issues. As your Fitbit moves to its end of life, you will start noticing the syncing issues between your watch and smartphone. It will start taking time to connect to your cell phone and sometimes it will take a lot of time to sync the data to your cell phone. You will also not be able to receive your phone notification on your smartwatch.

5) Performance

You will start seeing a lag in the performance of your Fitbit. Fitbit keeps releasing software updates for its watches. And there will come a time when the hardware of your Fitbit won’t be able to run the newer software updates. This will result in your Fitbit taking a lot of time in processing certain tasks. This is also a sign that your Fitbit is older and dying.

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last?

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last

On average, Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers last for 2 to 3 years.

Now that you know about the different signs that tell you your Fitbit is dying. Let me now tell you how long Fitbit watches actually last. Or in other words, after how many years of purchasing a Fitbit watch, you will start seeing its dying signs?

It is needless to say that Fitbit watches come with an inbuilt battery, and this battery is not replaceable. So a Fitbit usually lasts as long as its battery lasts. The battery of Fitbit generally lasts for 2 to 3 years. Therefore, you can expect your Fitbit to last for around 2 years before it starts showing signs of its dying.

Having said that there are certain things that you can do to make your Fitbit battery last longer. And you should start following them immediately if you have just purchased your smartwatch.

Should You Buy A New Fitbit Or Replace The Battery?

As discussed, the battery of a Fitbit is not replaceable. However, I think there are chances that it can be replaced. And if you take it to a smartwatch repair center then they will help you out.

Having said that, I will recommend you buy a new Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker. If you change the battery of your Fitbit even then it will not last much longer. And since its hardware is outdated therefore you will face many problems using it in your everyday life.

The new-age Fitbit smartwatches come with the latest and modern features which you will enjoy using. Not only this but you will also have peace of mind for at least 2-3 years after purchasing a new Fitbit. Therefore I think you should buy a new Fitbit instead of replacing the battery of the older one.

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How Long Does A Fitbit Last Before It Dies?

A Fitbit generally lasts for around 2 to 3 years before it dies.

Do Fitbits Stop Working?

Yes, Fitbits stop working once they are certain years old.

Can You Replace The Battery Of Fitbit?

No, you can’t replace the battery Of Fitbit.

What Is The Life Span Of Fitbit Watches?

The life span of Fitbit watches is generally around 3 years.

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