Benefits Of Smart Glasses You Didn’t Know About

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I just get the cabin fever watching people bragging about their pricey and branded glasses. And all their glasses have are the UV protected lenses, that’s all.

I mean, what’s the point in paying such an extended price, especially when your glasses are not even smart?

And you know what’s more shocking? Some of these glasses are even more expensive than highly advanced smart glasses. Doesn’t it sound like complete insanity to you guys as well?

If yes, then I hope that the next time you’re up for shopping, you choose smart glasses over the casual ones, keeping their benefits in mind.

And if you still think that smart glasses are not for you then you’re definitely unaware of their benefits. That’s why here in this article we are providing the list of advantages that smart glasses provide to their users.

Smart Glasses Benefits

1. Smart Glasses For Entertainment

smart glasses for entertainment

Sunday means Funday, especially for outdoorsy’s. They are always ready with the plan beforehand that what to do and where to go on their weekend.

But homebodies are completely opposite. They neither go outside and nor do they have a plan as to how they are gonna spend their weekend.

So, just for those homebodies, there are some special type of smart glasses which are built for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Depending on the smart glasses, you can use their special features to kill your extra time in the best way possible.

If music means everything to you and listening to your favorite melodies is the only thing you wanna do on your weekend, then smart glasses like Bose Frames and Inventiv can be the best choice.

Similarly, for those people who get enthralled by movies, and web series, there are some special types of glasses in the market for them.

One such pair of high tech smart glasses is Vuzix Blade which supports streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to give you the best quality content right inside your glasses.

The special support of these glasses for DJI Drones is what makes them more fascinating.

Similarly, there are other smart glasses that are truly dedicated to gaming as well.

Overall, the smart glasses are enough to provide all day long entertainment to you. All that needs to be done is, making the right choice of glasses for the right purpose.

2. Ease In Industrial Use

smart glasses for industrial use

The industries and manufacturing units are getting more mechanized these days by replacing humans with machines.

But for those areas of production where you still need humans to perform, you need quality work along with the complete safety of the employees.

And there are smart glasses designed for the logistic use which keep the work in quality while keeping the employees safe.

These smart glasses for industrial use are so futuristically designed that they can handle multiple works at one go.

There are inbuilt mics and speakers in the industrial use smart glasses for the proper communication and interaction with the other colleagues.

Inbuilt video recorder further adds feasibility to work.

Such amazing futuristic smart glasses are not only beneficial to the company but personally to the employees as well.

They are a great tool for increasing job learning and enhancement of personal skills.

So there are a bajillion of features that industrial use smart glasses has to offers and the benefits from those features are also countless.

3. Smart Glasses For Health Benefits

benefits of smart glasses in health sector

A large share of contribution is given by the smart glasses to the health industry as well.

Though your casual sunglasses are also providing some health benefits by protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays. But smart glasses technology has a more deep contribution.

The contribution to an extent where surgeons use medially built smart glasses wearables for performing successful surgeries.

These specially built glasses for doctors also take care of the hygiene as the doctors don’t need to touch the equipment unnecessarily. Most of the information directly appear on the glasses.

Not getting much involved in the glasses for doctors and surgeons, there are glasses available for normal people as well.

These glasses come with an inbuilt heart rate monitor, and detector for calories you are burning daily. They keep a track of distance traveled by you as well.

Smart Glasses like PEGASI 2 and Luminette 2 are perfect for people suffering from insomnia, jet lag, and other sleep-related problems.

By fixing the disturbed circadian cycle, these glasses help you get better sleep and boost up your mood and low energy level.

This is just a slight explanation of the contribution of smart glasses in revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The actual contribution is far more than this.

4. Hand Free Activities And Going Wireless

wireless and handsfree smart glasses

Today, going hands-free is no more an option but a necessity, especially after the world got hit by the COVID – 19 pandemic.

The less we touch, the more safety we ensure for ourselves as well as for the others.

And all the leading smart glasses developers keep this thinking in mind and deliver the products that require a minimal amount of touching.

That’s the reason why most of the smart glasses are supported by voice command.

Most of the information that you require daily and frequently are accessible with the glasses, right inside the lens.

And you don’t need to grab your phone every time you feel the need to access that information.

Hand free and wireless goes hand in hand. If a product supports hand-free activities, it will definitely be going to be wireless as well.

Smart glasses wearable are supported by Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. So you can easily connect your wearable glasses to your smartphone while averting any use of cables and wires.

Once you own a nice pair of smart glasses, you won’t even feel the need for earphones for listening to your favorite music.

Most smart glasses come with an inbuilt open-air speaker for wireless access to music.

5. A Helping Hand In Daily Chores

glasses for daily work

Wouldn’t it be great to relieve yourself from some responsibilities and handing them over to the smart glasses?

Well, this is what smart glasses are made for, making your life easy anyhow possible.

Some of these smart wearables have built-in Alexa which further helps you book Uber and set timers with the glasses.

Create shopping lists, and set daily routines with the glasses, and make sure you never skip anything important.

With support from Alexa, it becomes possible to keep a control on the smart home appliances with smart glasses.

Always remain updated with the latest news and what’s going around in the world. The same goes for the weather reports and the temperature in your city.

Capture every moment that pleases your mind with an inbuilt HD camera of the smart glasses. You don’t need to access your phone every time you want to capture a scene, let your smartglasses do that for you.

Never skip your calls, important emails, and notifications from different apps even while your smartphone is not by your side. Smart glasses are enough to take care of that.

With Google backing up some of the smart wearables, it’s easy to get access to the location as well. Just set your destination and let your glasses help you reach the locations safe and sound.

6. Exercise And Smart Glasses

sports smart glasses

Training with smart glasses is the perfect way to make your training sessions more of enjoyment rather than misery.

Smart glasses fill your ears with your favorite music for as long as your training session continues.

The smart glasses for training and exercise are the true substitute for gigantic and heavy headphones that we often use.

And their wireless nature makes them better than our normal earphones.

Besides that, the casual wireless earphones that some of you might use have a huge risk of popping out from the ears while training and getting damaged.

But this case doesn’t stand a chance when you are enjoying your music with inbuilt speakers of smart glasses.

As discussed above, some glasses also let you keep a track of distance covered, calories you’re burning, heart rate, and much more.

So you can always keep track of your performance with smart glasses as well.

Different Smart Glasses Different Uses And Different Advantages

So these were some common benefits that smart glasses carry with themselves. But you need to know that these all advantages cannot be extracted from single smart glasses.

There are multiple smart glasses prevailing in the market that are specifically designed for the user to extract specific benefits.

You cannot savor music and movies from the glasses made to solve the sleeping problems. Similarly, it’s not possible to enjoy your workout with the glasses designed for industrial use.

So you need to decide first, for what purpose you need the smart glasses. And once that’s done, look out for the smart glasses that serve that purpose.

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