5 Best Smartwatches With Fast Charging

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We all love using smartwatches as they come with several smart features like contactless payments, health & fitness tracking, notification sync, etc. However, not all smartwatches offer good battery life and most watches take 2 to 2.5 hours to charge. Now either you can go with solar-powered smartwatches that will charge whenever you are outside or get one with fast charging.

If you don’t know then fast charging is a technology that allows you to charge your electronics in almost half the amount of time. And, today you can find several smartwatches that come with fast charging support. However, finding them is not easy, and not every smartwatch has that feature. That’s why we have listed the 5 best smartwatches with fast charging support available on Amazon.

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Fast Charging Smartwatch Comparison Table





Best Smartwatch With Fast Charging

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington

Michael Kors 5 Lexington

  • NFC for contactless payment

  • Gorgeous looks of the watch

  • Built-in GPS

Best Fossil Smartwatch With Fast Charging

Fossil smartwatch with fast charging

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

  • Built-in microphone and speaker for calling

  • 24*7 heart rate tracking

  • Supports Google Pay

Hybrid Smartwatch With Fast Charger

Fossil Hybrid smartwatch fast charging

Fossil Collider Hr

  • Discreet health & fitness tracking

  • 2 weeks battery life

  • Supports notification sync

Best Smartwatches With Fast Charging

1. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

Fossil smartwatch with fast charging

If you like stylish and good-looking watches then Fossil Gen 5 is just the right watch for you. This watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS which offers a good smartwatch experience but has a reputation for giving average battery life. So it’s no surprise to find out that the watches only last 1 -2 days on a single charge.

To remedy this, the Fossil smartwatch offers a fast charger that can charge 80% of the watch within an hour. So just an hour’s worth of charging would give you a sufficient charge for the entire day. Also, the charger provided is a magnetic charger that attaches to the back of the watch and offers a hassle-free charging experience.

Talking about the build, the case of the watch is 44mm in diameter and features a 22mm interchangeable strap. Also, Fossil Gen 5 is water-resistant up to 50m and features a swim-proof design.

Besides that, the smartwatch comes with a microphone and speaker so you can use it as a speakerphone to receive or make calls. To connect the watch you need to download the Wear OS app on your Android and iOS enabled smartphone.

Once connected you can track your sleep, daily steps, and heart rate 24*7 no matter whether you’re exercising or resting. You can also use Google Assistant to get weather updates, open apps, and get sports updates by simply using your voice.

Moreover, the watch features a crown along with two buttons on the right side of the watch. You can use the crown to scroll through text, navigate between menus and press it to open any app without touching the watch.

Likewise, two buttons on the watch are user programmable and can be programmed to open any apps of your choice like Google Assistant, Google Pay, etc. Overall, this is a good-looking smartwatch that comes with a fast charger and also provides various health tracking functionalities.

The Good
  • Sleep and heart rate tracking
  • Contactless payment with Google Pay
  • Supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Swimproof design
  • Powerful Snapdragon 3100 processor

The Bad
  • Average battery life
  • Speaker quality is average

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2. Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington

We recently published an article on the best Michael Kors smartwatches. And, we found Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington to be the best premium Michael Kors smartwatch from them. And for the premium price, the watch offers lots of features in return including support for fast charging.

Lexington 5 is one of the fastest charging smartwatches just like Fossil. Similarly, the charger provided can charge your watch up to 80% within an hour. So you won’t ever need to worry about not having enough juice whenever you are in a hurry.

Apart from that, it also has a slew of smart features including NFC for contactless payments so you can make contactless payments using Google Pay. Also, the operating system running on the watch is Wear OS so you also get access to the Google Play Store and the ability to install apps like Google Maps, Shazam, Spotify, etc.

Along with that, it can also track your health and fitness activities. Since the watch has built-in GPS it can track your run including data like distance covered and speed without depending on your smartphone. And, you can also sync your fitness activities such as steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned to the Google Fit App.

Moreover, the watch can also monitor your blood oxygen level using the VO2 max feature that helps in assessing cardiovascular fitness. Good Vo2 max test results indicate your ability to perform at peak performance for a longer duration of time. It is a very important metric for athletes who wants to find out their cardio fitness.

Talking about the dimensions, the watch features a 44mm case along with a 20mm stainless steel strap making it the perfect smartwatch for big wrists. Overall, this smartwatch is a complete package as it has almost all the features that any user would require in his day-to-day usage and is completely worth the price.

The Good
  • Track Vo2 max
  • Built-in GPS for navigation
  • NFC for contactless payment
  • Access to Google Play Store
  • 8GB onboard storage

The Bad
  • Average battery life
  • Connectivity with iPhone not reliable

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3. Fossil’s Men Collider HR

Fossil Hybrid smartwatch fast charging

If a smartwatch with fast charging support isn’t enough and you also want good battery life to go with it then Fossil’s Collider HR is just the watch for the job. This smartwatch comes with an E-Ink display that consumers very little power compared to LCD, AMOLED, or any other display. On a single charge, the watch would give you a battery life of up to 2 weeks which is way better than what most smartwatches are offering currently.

Along with that, this watch also offers various features including activity tracking functionality. So you can track your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, and the time elapsed using the watch.

Moreover, you can even track your heart rate which is a useful metric to assess your fitness routine. Not just that, it also has sleep tracking functionality to track your sleep without wearing a dedicated wearable sleep tracker. It can help you identify your sleep cycles as well as assist in ensuring that you are well-rested.

Talking about smart features, you will be able to play, pause, and change track on your phone using the buttons on the watch. Along with that, you would also be able to read your notifications on the watch face as it supports notifications sync. You can select and scroll through your notifications using the crown on the watch as it is a read-only display.

Fossil Collider HR supports both iOS and Android devices, simply install Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App on your phone to use the watch. Once installed, the watch would automatically set the correct time to whichever timezone you are in. It can come in handy for everyone who travels a lot and doesn’t want to set time repeatedly.

The Good
  • Discreet fitness tracking
  • Easy to read in any bright environment
  • Notification sync
  • Good battery life of up to 2 weeks on a single charge.
  • Music playback control

The Bad
  • Read-only display
  • E-Ink display has a low refresh rate

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4. Skagen Connected Falster 3 Gen 5

Skagen Smartwatch with fast charging support

The next watch on the list is from the Danish brand, Skagen. They are well known for their simplistic and elegant design and this watch right here is no different. Skagen Connected Falster 3 features a clean minimalistic unisex design which makes it perfect for both men and women.

Talking about its build, this smartwatch from Skagen features a 42 mm watch case along with a 22mm silicon mesh strap. Along with that, it features a swim-proof design as well as water-resistant up to 30m.

Besides that, it can also track your various fitness and health vitals such as heart rate, cardio exercises, and sleep quality, etc. However, if you are a fitness nut then we would recommend going with Suunto, Garmin, or Polar Watches as they offer the best in-depth sports and fitness analysis.

Skagen Falster 3 smartwatch also comes with Google Pay for contactless payments so you can go outside leaving your wallet behind.

Like Michael Kors and Fossil, this watch is also powered by Wear OS so you get all the smart features available on those smartwatches. In fact, Skagen is owned by Fossil Group so it should come as no surprise that the watch has similar specifications and features as Fossil smartwatches.

Likewise, this smartwatch also comes with a fast charger that allows you to charge your watch up to 80% within an hour. And, similar to Fossil smartwatches it also has a magnetic charger that is convenient to use.

The Good
  • Gorgeous minimalistic design
  • 24*7 heart rate tracking
  • Smooth and lag-free experience
  • Google Pay for contactless payments

The Bad
  • Average battery life found in all Wear OS  watches
  • Most users complain Google Assistant is not working properly

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5. Michael Kors MKGO 5E

Michael Women's MKGO GEN 5E

Last but not least smartwatch on our list is MKGO 5E from Michael Kors which is made for ladies who like fancy watches. This watch features a 43mm pink color watch case that is made of aluminum. Along with that, there are several jewels on the face of the watch which adds to the alluring looks of the watch.

Moreover, it also has a gorgeous gray silicone strap with MK branding that will attract some eyeballs on every social occasion. You can also customize the looks of the watch according to your style or preference using third-party watch faces.

Good looks aren’t the only forte of this watch as it offers various smart features. Therefore, using the watch you can sync all your important notifications whether they are work emails or Instagram DMs. You can also receive or make calls using the watch itself as it comes with a microphone and speaker.

Furthermore, the watch comes with fitness tracking so you can track your daily fitness activities such as steps taken and it will sync to your phone. Hence you don’t have to carry your phone on you 24*7 just to keep track of your daily steps, calories burned, and other fitness activities.

Along with all that, the watch can also give you weather updates so you don’t ever miss carrying your umbrella. Also, it would alert you about all the events and reminders you have marked on your calendar. It can be a useful tool for working professionals who sometimes forgets important tasks.

It gets better as this smartwatch also supports fast charging and like all the smartwatch on this list take an hour to charge to 80%. On the final note, we would say this is a great smartwatch for women who want a feature riched watch that doesn’t take hours to charge.

The Good
  • Get weather updates
  • Access to Google Assistant
  • Built-in GPS
  • Access to Play Store

The Bad
  • Cannot reply to text messages on iOS device
  • Average battery life of the watch

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Are Smartwatches With Fast Charging Worth It?

Most smartwatches today offer an average battery life of 1-2 days which can offer a poor overall experience. However, a smartwatch that comes with a fast charger can charge your watch up to 80% in an hour. It can come in extremely handy whenever you are in hurry or charging your watch through a power bank while camping. Therefore, it is fair to say that smartwatches with fast charging are completely worth it as you can use the watch without worrying about the battery.


Which Is The Best Smartwatch With Wireless Charging?

Michael Kors 5 Lexington is the best smartwatch that supports fast charging. It is powered by Snapdragon 31000 processor and runs on Google's Wear OS giving you access to Play Store. You can also make contactless payments, track health and fitness activities, sync notifications and so much more.

Is There Any Smartwatch With Fast Charging?

Skagen Falster 3, Michael Kors Lexington, Fossil Collider Hr are some of the many smartwatches that support fast charging.

Does Fossil Smartwatch Charger Offer Fast Charging?

Yes, the Fossil smartwatches come with a fast charger from the Fossil in the box itself. And, Fossil Collider Hr and Fossil Carlyle both come with fast charging support.

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